Alkaline Method™ for Autoimmunity Success Story: How Prioritizing Your Relationship With Yourself Leads to Physical Healing

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Ginger struggled with symptoms most of her life, including allergies, rashes, and breathing problems. She found Functional Medicine after her body started to shut down, and her doctors could only provide her with more medications. Ginger found Dr. Connie through Dr. Connie’s autoimmune Yoga, but decided to sign up to work with her after learning about Dr. Connie’s own journey with autoimmunity and realizing she understood exactly what she herself was going through and how is her relationship with herself.

The Alkaline Method™ for Autoimmunity helped Ginger identify the childhood trauma and repressed emotions she had been carrying with her from childhood into her present adult life, and connected the dots between this and the physiological symptoms she had been experiencing. Ginger learned the importance of processing trauma and emotions when it comes to physical healing, but she has also begun to prioritize her relationship with herself, and she’s now the happiest and healthiest she’s ever been.

“Connie” –  Hi Ginger! I hope you are doing good today. I just want to start out by asking you why you personally started to see holistic care. Give us a little background about you and the struggles you had before the program.

“Ginger” – I’ve had symptoms most of my life. I’ve had allergies, I’ve had skin rashes. Back in 2017 and 2018, I went through a couple major medical issues and my symptoms really started to worsen. I was having breathing problems. The doctors were putting me on medication and that’s right around the time I was finally diagnosed as maybe having an auto-immune disease. I want to stress the “maybe” because they were like, “you might have this”, “you might have that.”

It wasn’t really a hundred percent of a diagnosis. But the doctors put me on medication. They put me on methotrexate, they put me on steroids and right around that time, I had a really bad reaction to those medicines. My symptoms began to worsen and I got to the point where my pituitary gland shut down. My cortisol, my hormones, my thyroid, basically everything was shutting down and I almost was dying. I couldn’t walk from one side of the building to the other at work. I was very, very scared.

Fear was a big part of my prior life. I had a lot of fears that I carried with me. I went to the rheumatologists. They took me off the medications and they said, “there’s no cure. You’re going to have to get on other medications that have bad side effects.” And I was crying. This can’t be the only solution. I really pushed my rheumatologists for another solution.

Finally, she said told me there’s another option. She told me I can try functional medicine and try some breathing exercises and some yoga. She gave me other options but she had no any references. I’ve got to do my own research. and I’ve got to figure it out myself.

I did my own research and I found you Dr. Connie.

I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this story, but, and of course during that time I was praying for guidance and wisdom to know what to do. I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. And I did what most people do. I waited until I was at the end of my ropes. I asked God for help, which I should’ve done from the beginning.

Your program and finding you Dr. Connie were an answer to my prayers. Your yoga is what helped me start moving again. I started a little bit each day and then each day I gained more confidence in myself and more strength, and I just kept doing it and doing it, doing it until I could do more. And that’s when I really learned about mind and body connection.

I decided to go this route because I believed in you and because you gave me and you reminded me of hope. You reminded me, you encouraged me that I have the power to control my health journey. No one else had ever talked to me this way. All I heard from the doctors were purely discouragements. “There’s no cure for your autoimmune disease and you got to take this medicine or else..” But with you, there was hope again. I decided to invest in this program because what you’re talking about aligned with my faith.

“Connie” – I remember going through the timeline because you’re super smart woman. There was a lot of an analysis that you wanted. You wanted black and white answers to everything. And, you’re one of the few patients that I meet, who really did the research about autoimmunity and all the things, food sensitivities, to all the testing. You came to me with so much fear around food. You were taking supplements yet you were getting marginal results.

I remember you were very cynical. You were very guarded. There was a wall all around you. Your facial expression is not as soft as it is today. There was a lot of insecurity around your dryness, in your knuckles. I think I asked you a lot about childhood relationships you had, and a lot of the struggles that you had. And then I walked you through the timeline. There was a lot of emotional things that I asked you that I can tell in that meeting nobody’s ever asked you before.

You were doing your best to do the right thing and to do right by the people you love the most, which was your family. It was your parents, but you were strange at the time your sister was set and you were around and constantly trying to please everybody. That’s the state that I found you in. There was a lot of composure, but then underneath that, there was a lot of chaos. And there was Ginger at the core, a little girl, just scared to death about everything.

I remember you left. But you decided to sign up and you decided to go forward.

You made me feel like you are my God’s calling too, because you just prompted me of like all the things that I needed to pull together. It’s almost like I found another me in another human being. I knew what you needed. Because childhood drama, all the hurts, all the guards, all the analysis, the density in our thinking, we were so similar. I was like, I can get. I totally understand you at that level. And I think it wasn’t smooth spoken. I don’t think I tried to convince you to do the program. It was more of a connection at the spiritual level. Like it was deeper than that.

“Ginger” – Yes.  I do remember breaking down and crying in your office and I immediately started apologizing. This is not professional. And you’re the first person who has ever said this to me, “don’t apologize for crying. It’s okay to cry.”

I was really uncomfortable because we’re taught when we’re younger to repress our feelings and things like that. And that’s one of the things that challenges me, what I have been dealing with, is just repressing a lot of emotion. That just always stands out to me that no defining moment.

“Connie” – Ginger, I just want you to say you are this amazing. I can see right through when I met you. There was a lot of censorship. You wouldn’t want to look vulnerable in front of a total stranger, so you don’t want to cry, but like crying is completely natural. We are human BEings, not human DOers.

I wanted to ask you, what are some of the things that you were able to shift in your perspective and your beliefs that really allowed you to somewhat open your heart?

“Ginger” – I will say, there’s so many things — we don’t have enough time to even go through because I’ve learned a lot, as you see, I’ve actually been doing this program for more than a year. But there’s so many things I’ve changed in my life. One thing that really stands out  is when I start to allow myself to express my feelings and emotions. When I was younger, I wasn’t really allowed to express myself emotionally. I almost thought it was like bad to show your emotions and to cry. In our society, there’s a lot of false perceptions.

One of my biggest learnings is that pain has a purpose, but you have to learn. The key is not to ruminate in that pain but to allow your body to be in that moment and feel it and process whatever it is that you need to process, whatever feelings or thoughts that you’re having at the time. When I say pain, it could be anything like spiritual pain, mental, physical, or any kind of pain and just allowing your body to really process what it needs to go through, the trauma, whatever you you’ve had in your life, you really need to detox and process that.

Otherwise, if you’re repressing those feelings and those emotions they’re sitting in your body and it can become disease. I really do believe that now, because what I’ve seen is when I’ve sat with myself and really allow myself to sit in silence, it was just something I never did before, before this program. Just to sit in silence with no distractions, no electronic devices, nothing, and just really journal my thoughts and really process my thoughts and think about how do I feel about this? What am I thinking? Doing this has allowed me to really process and just like cry and like let things out and just really processed my emotions. And I have seen myself – my body start to heal.

“Connie” – If I may ask you, do you remember when you first came to me the functional medicine?

You wanted to heal yourself. Is it fair to say that you believe that your physiology was separated from your psychology and your emotions, too? Like, it wasn’t all related. Like, what does my childhood trauma have anything to do with me fixing myself?

“Ginger” – I will say that, I knew that everything in my body physically was connected and I knew that going to all these different doctors for like the dermatologists, the rheumatologists and the chronologist, I knew in my heart that wasn’t right. They should all be working together. Or at least I should have one doctor where I can go to and they can look at me as a whole person. I knew that everything was connected, but I didn’t know what the underlying connection was.

Your program was the first program that really allowed me to connect the dots between emotional, trauma, thoughts and feelings. I had never really heard about that before. I never did connect those dots previously, but I knew that physically, everything was connected. It had to be all my symptoms were in different parts of my body, but it had to be connected. And, but the doctors didn’t look at me that way. They just kind of tore you apart. Nobody was looking at me holistically like your program does.

“Connie” – But have you realized that even though the program itself was holistic, the number one, the most important ingredient was you, Ginger? And it was the internal or inner awakening is what I call it unless she was willing to go in there. Now, looking at your future, Ginger, how do you feel about your health, your relationships and your future career? Describe to me about what you gained.

Not the, “I feel better now” kind of feeling but I want to know about Ginger’s confidence levels in her relationships in knowing who she is. Like you said, self-care routine comes from truly self-love. I want to know the deeper roots that allow you to take action from being the real person that you are and be fully aligned with the truth of you.

“Ginger” – One of the exercises that we did in your program, Dr. Connie was to come up with, values and what were the most important values for each of us. The two values that I really still focus on now is, the center of my life is Jesus Christ. I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. And then, the second thing is, is self-care.

Self-awareness, self-care, like all those “self” things. Like, self-control, self-respect, it’s all, there’s a common theme here. It’s all SELF. Those are the things that are my core. Once I am everything aligns with that, I just believe that everything else is going to fall in place.

Because if it aligns with my faith and it aligns with me and my self-care, then everything will align. Everything will be fine. And believing in myself, these are all new things to me. These are what I’ve discovered over the past few months.

But I think the most part is mindfulness, which to me is being really just self-aware. And the self-discovery that I’ve done in this program has been deep. , I didn’t know myself very much, very well before this program. During this program, I have now become more self-aware, I’m more aware of who I am, what my goals are and where I want to go in the next one to five years.

And I think being self-aware and having that self-love and self-care for yourself allows you to have more self-confidence because you accept yourself and you accept yourself for who you are. And if no one else doesn’t accept me for who I am, then I don’t care. I don’t need their validation. I’m at a place where I’m comfortable with myself.

“Connie” – How are you physically with your autoimmune symptoms? Where are you mentally, emotionally, and your relationship with your health today?

“Ginger” – Physically, I’m definitely better than I was like a year and a half ago. I started hiking again because a couple of years ago, I stopped running and stopped hiking and I was afraid of everything. I do yoga every day. And I don’t really put any expectations on myself like I used to. Now, I just allow myself to just be, and whatever I feel like doing that day, I’ll do it. But I would say that I actually enjoy doing self-care. I enjoy doing meditation everyday.

It’s like you are healthy enough today to be able to do all those things and live your life in complete freedom.

Connie” – If you were to leave a comment for those who are on the fence about the program, they don’t really know what this program is like a year and a half ago when you enrolled in it, what would you say to them?

“Ginger” – Just go forward and have faith that because without faith, you can’t really heal. The only thing I can do is share of what my perspective was. I know for me, I looked at it as I look at this program as an investment in me. It wasn’t investment in my life. It was an investment in my quality of life.

I’ve also learned this recently is that the only relationship that you’re guaranteed to have your entire life is the one you have on yourself. Everyone else will come and go. Your friends, your parents, your husband, your wife, your children, people come and go, but you will always have a relationship with yourself.

If you don’t love yourself, if you don’t take care of yourself, if you don’t respect yourself, if you don’t spend time with yourself and develop a relationship with yourself, then how do you expect to have a relationship with anyone else?

Connie” –

That is like the best parting words that I couldn’t. It. That is exactly what this journey is all about. Disempowered victim hood is something that is so subconscious for all of us. And I think truly you’ve shifted into being self-empowered healer.

 I have no doubt, Ginger, that you now have all the tools that you need to continue to evolve and grow in your lifetime and heal yourself, despite whatever, with full confidence, knowing that you’ll always be okay because of your commitment to yourself. And that’s where it starts.

Thank you so much for your time, Ginger!

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