How to Eliminate Pain On Demand

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This week’s blog is going to be all about how to eliminate pain on demand. But the first thing I want you to recognize is when the pain strikes it’s part of autoimmunity.

We have antibodies that create a lot of inflammation in the body and that equates to pain in the body. Sometimes we can’t chase it. It’s not the shoulder, it’s not anywhere, but you just feel like a ton of bricks that just kind of got thrown at you. And now your body is fully bruised is the way I explain it sometimes. Or I feel like my body was run over by a semi-truck and now it’s trying to move, but it can’t because there’s so much pain and that’s how it may feel. Despite the pain medications, which makes you doozy, it doesn’t really work, but temporarily. 

Eliminate Pain Through Self-Empowerment

The key thing is for you to be self-empowered to eliminate pain on demand. By eliminating pain, I want you to recognize the fact that you’re in control. You have full control over your body, and I want you to own it and master it. 

When you wake up with pain, first and foremost, what I want you to do is sit up nice and tall. Then, close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose as long as possible. When you inhale, gently feel the rib cage expand and extend your spine. As you exhale, gently feel the rib cage contract and down. As you exhale all the air out of your lungs, inhale the wide array of light, visualize the healing light coming in all the way down the spine. Exhale, pull the black, smoke the inflammation out of your lungs and doing that exaggerating the spinal movement in that way allows you to really tune into your body and you must keep your eyes closed.

Yoga vs. Pain

Keep the focus on what we call in yoga as a third eye, exhale in and move very gently. We’re not trying to create pain, but we want to sort of be tender, loving and patient with our pain. As we allow our body to be primed, to heal itself. It’s almost like we’re eliciting this inner power and back.

Gently open your eyes, place your hands behind your head and maybe take your elbows forward and back. They’re very dangerous because you know how you feel. Sometimes it feels like it hurts to move. But moving slowly is key in how back and  forward help out back, exhale forward and back. 

Imagine you’re waking up from bed. Before you wake up, you want to bring both knees up to your chest and hold it. You’re going to want to move there very slowly. Then, bring your feet down and allow the knees to go apart. Inhale and exhale. Pull the knees back in very gently because the hip joint is going to speak to you. Inhale out and draw the right knee up to your chest. Straighten the left leg, pull the knee up to your chest.

Feel Free to Move

You can feel free to keep that need that leads to your chest. Pull it across the left side, extend the right arm very gently. This twist allows you to really stimulate your sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system connects the breath and just this week did deep breathing. I want you to bring it back here and utilize the breath polit in and relax. Bring the left knee up to your chest. It also laid it side to side.

Allow that hip to sort of open up and grab behind your neck. Draw that I take it to the right, extend the left arm to the left and breathe. No, we’re really activating the descending colon and breathing, closing your eyes and that. And I want you to keep your flat feet flat. Maybe a mat with a part and allow the knees to fall to the right and left. Move them very slowly back and forth and allow lots of time. Allow the breath to connect with the movements back and forth and receive. Then straighten your legs before you get up and out of bed. I want you to place your right hand over your art and your left hand over your belly. Just allow the energy to open from your naval center to the crown of your head and further visualize that healing life and in.

We Are Powerful

Through your inhalation and excelling all the toxic black smoke out of your body, your body is priming itself to heal. You lay here connected with your breath and believe that you do have the ability to heal your body. Getting rid of pain on demand is really recognizing that you do have that faith. It will shift things within your body. And the best thing you can do is to alter your state of consciousness and your deep held beliefs.

Many of you, despite your desire to get well, still hold onto all the negativity.

How can we not? We struggle with so many symptoms and sometimes those symptoms can really debilitate us; it really gets us down. Just recognize that we do have the power of our minds. It’s under our domain, our control and our power.

Forget Pain, Chase Healing

Immediately, we can shift it towards the direction that we want.

We always want to go in the direction of healing. If I can do it, you can do it too. Just know that I am here because I know where you guys are. Sometimes it just feels very impossible, but this is where I really need you to connect with yourself. 

The best thing you can do for yourself is to allow the body to connect and master your mind and body in order to facilitate healing. But that can only happen if you have the faith deep within and the belief that you can do it.

We Are With You

I’m here to tell you that you can not be okay. That’s the only way you’ll have sustainable healing through autoimmunity.

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