How to Improve You Diet When Living With Autoimmunity

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This week’s blog will be about something that even I have trouble understanding. It’s all about food misunderstanding. Therefore, I am going to help you know how to improve your diet when living with autoimmunity.

Many scientists and well-known researchers are releasing diets, and you can’t ignore the medical media, who seem to know everything there is to know about food. I’m learning these things because I’m very curious about everything, but I try very hard not to get dogmatically governed by a particular style of thinking or perspective.

Take The Challenge

Today, I just want to challenge you to lean into who you are and understand what your body needs, rather than what the rest of the world believes you should need and want to eat, because the more you seek the next best thing based on other people’s expertise, the more lost you will become.

I’ve been studying nutrition since 1995, so science is still quite fresh. It’s been a while, and the pendulum always swings in one direction or the other. The more I learnt, the more I realized you have no idea how to eat. Furthermore, the truth is that there are so many more modern products on the market today. And, as you may be aware, many people experience gas problems. Many individuals struggle with this and that when it comes to nutrition, to the point that everything is now desiccated and manufactured into supplements.

When people talk about no processed foods, they’re ignoring the fact that there’s an entire business dedicated to telling us what we need and keeping us from eating real foods. How can we consume genuine food, you know? All of these things are up for debate when we have digestive issues, but I’m all about truly strengthening you and your gut and prepping your body to allow you to eat. You should be able to eat, for example. There is no food demonization. We’ve been designed to handle certain degrees of toxins. I also don’t want us to overthink or worry on the meal. Because I’ve been there when that happened.

Improve Your Perspective on Food

You take as much food as possible. Food becomes the center of obsession, and despair follows. It becomes everything in your life where you simply fear eating all of the time and have various physiological ramifications where you just get what you expect and are constantly unwell with no remedy.

Here’s the thing: as sick as I’ve been with autoimmunity, there have been times when I followed the rules for the best practices of specific diets that still didn’t work, and took the best supplements. I’m still not doing anything.

When I’m having a flare, and when you’re having a flare, you’ll require a different set of nutrients. It wasn’t beneficial for me, no matter what the doctors, holistic medical doctors, or anyone else claimed. It was too much for me. What am I going to do if I can’t eat the thing because I’m nauseated? I couldn’t eat anything since I was vomiting. When that happens, it makes no difference what we believe to be true or good.

Don’t Confuse Yourself

If we can’t tolerate it, I’m sure many of you can’t eat because you simply can’t. When you don’t have an appetite, like I did, nausea sets in. And you have no choice; you’re fading away and terrified to death. The doctor then offers you a remedy.

Nutritionists and herbalists provide the remedy, but you’re unsure exactly what you need because you’re afraid that you’re the only one paying for it. Nobody appears to grasp what you require, despite the fact that you have paid a lot of money for these services.

Nonetheless, you read about all these people who are healed by following the medical means. That’s not the case; you can’t stick to that diet. And you start to choke the moment you mention or even think about salary juice. Other individuals are trying autoimmune paleo, and you can see testimonies after testimonials about how well it’s working for them. And you’re perplexed as to why it’s not working for you.

Then you read about all the advantages of eating a plant-based diet. And then you wonder why it’s making you so sick that whenever you follow the plant-based diet, you’re at a loss for what to do. Intermittent fasting seems really good, except it’s not intermittent, it’s like fasting all the time because you’d much rather not eat because all the gas it produces and the fatigue and all the things you read about actually manifest as symptoms.

Prepare Your Bodies and Be Ready To Receive Whatever Nourishment You Can

I’m not sure why the phrase “what you anticipate is what you get” exists. I try to keep my patients from reading about all the things that make them overthink, since that is exactly what it will do to them.

It will be healing the moment you believe plant-based foods are good for you. It might work for a while until your biochemistry and physiological response tell you that it’s not working. Something more suitable is required.

You might stick with autoimmune, paleo, and good for as long as it’s been working for you until you hit a wall and it no longer works. You’re at a loss as to what to do and you’re looking for all the solutions. This is because you haven’t completely understood the fundamentals and haven’t tuned in intuitively to what your body requires.

That’s what I’d like to discuss with you. I’m not going to put you on another diet. I’m here to tell you that your problem isn’t with eating. It’s all about you. As a result, we want to prepare our bodies to be primed and ready to receive whatever nourishment we can.

The Best Food to Consume

We want to be able to eat whatever we want and to truly learn to eat those foods. But, rather than getting overwhelmed, we must first comprehend what food is and what it does.

Food science is, after all, about food. There are broken sections and fragments of micronutrients because science is still immature. When we talk about supplements, focusing on simply B12 or vitamin D three or the many, all of those things are beneficial. Please don’t misunderstand me. But only in the context of a healthy ecosystem and healthy people; for those of us who are autoimmune challenged, we can try to build that, but we won’t be able to do it.

If we believe we require substrates, we will take supplements, supplements, supplements, and not understand food or what our bodies require.

We forget everything if we don’t manage this mind-body link. You know, all the diets and everything you mindlessly follow will only work until they stop working. And I don’t want you to find yourself in that situation because I’ve been there before.

So I’d like to go over a few essential points. I’d like you to think about it. You may wish to write this down, but we’ll type it up in a spreadsheet so you can refer to it whenever you need to.

Improve in Knowing the Signs of Hunger

First, hunger cues should be embraced. What are the signs of hunger? It’s not your hunger. It’s not a carrot cake hankering. I’d like you to understand what a hunger signal is.

It occurs when your stomach grumbles. You’ve been hungry for several hours and your stomach is growling. You’re a touch tired, light-headed, and low on energy. There’s a semblance of shakiness here. You’ve got to get some food in there. I want you to fully comprehend what I’m talking about. Not that I don’t want you to be aware of your hunger. When your body begins to signal you, I want you to eat just before that kind of understanding.

Improve in Differentiating Hunger Signals and Craving

The second thing is to distinguish between hunger signals and cravings. We all have uncontrollable cravings for specific foods at times, especially when we’re stressed. So we’re going to lean in to find out what they are. It’s critical to understand what you’re craving at the time, whether it’s ice cream or, I don’t know, carrot cake or chocolate cake, or whatever it is.

I’d like you to consider how I’m feeling right now. What just occurred. Instead of truly submitting to numbing that feeling. I want you to feel whatever it is you’re feeling and to be fully aware of what it’s doing to your physiology.

Improve on Figuring Out How You Are Feeling

Third, don’t consume when you’re experiencing those emotions. I want you to feel super sad, super joyful, super depressed, or super anxious if you’re experiencing a polarizing emotion. It’s extremely negative. I don’t want you to consume any food. I want you to simply tune in and be silent with your mind while you lean into and be into that experience. And that’s how you’ll figure out what your answer is, since you’re not actually responding to that signal. It’s you reacting to it in order to avoid feeling it. And that’s when we get ourselves into difficulty, and it becomes a habit. That pattern must be broken. It will be the most powerful tool available.

Improve on How You Eat

Number four, when you do eat, chew your meal thoroughly. Remember how when you see food and you’re hungry, you start eating it? We just shove the food into our mouths and hope for the best, but I want you to chew your meal thoroughly and relish the flavors, smells, and textures. So let me explain the flavor profile for you. And, when we have a craving for a certain type of food, I want you to listen to your body and lean into it.

What is Umami?

When you crave salty, it implies you may need to drink more water or adjust your electrolyte levels. Remember, and try to listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

Umami is a culinary term. It’s quickly becoming one of the five fundamental tastes. A Japanese scientist discovered it in 1907. And while relishing a bowl of cooked tofu in kombu dashi, a broth prepared from a type of kelp, like a C C vegetable while savoring that Dr. Key, new way he caught up became so aware of this taste. As a result, it became something. It’s like all the stuff you get with, but it’s not, it’s more like a savory bite. It reminds me of a flavor called NAMI, which is an Asian-flavored soup. It appears to be of the MSG variety.

If you get what I’m saying. It tastes like FA soup with vegetables and Chinese cuisine. The third flavor you might consider is bitter, and bitter taste buds are designed in humans to prevent hazardous things from entering the body. So when you taste bitterness in your meal, it’s not something you’ll crave on a regular basis, but when you do, you’ll wonder, “Ooh, what is this?” It could also be the ripeness of the fruit.

That bitterness and taste might sometimes be the outcome of unrighteousness. When you crave sugar sweetness, it’s possible that your body is looking for energy, and it requires carbohydrates for a quick energy boost. Then, when you seek sourness in your taste buds, it could be to avoid ingesting toxic things or to remind yourself of the goodness of the fruits.

Appreciate and Concentrate

As a result, these are all of the taste buds that we created as humans to tune in to and grasp what they imply. So the more you comprehend this, the more you’ll be able to be one with this body, which is constantly sending signals to your brain.

I just want you to understand that, returning to the umami flavor, it’s a combination of sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and even spicy flavors. And that’s how MSG tastes.

The scent of your food is the complex flavor in the 12 things that I truly want you to think about. You obtain that feeling of pure satisfaction and enjoyment when you savor the chewing of the food, the taste in your mouth, and finally the scent of the food.

I want you to concentrate on eating properly when you’re eating. You’re chewing, tasting, and savoring the moment, but you’re merely eating. Don’t work at your desk, and don’t eat while standing. I want you to take your time chewing and savoring your food, and to appreciate the experience for what it is.

Love What You Have

The other principle that I want you to really stand for is to eat what’s in your local area.

I live in Georgia. When you belong to an or a CSA, right communities, sustainable agriculture, or you go to the farmer’s market, they have through fresh produce there, and you eat what’s in season and really lean into what’s in season and cook with those things and learn to really learn what those vegetables are, you eat what’s in season and really lean into what’s in season and cook with those things and learn to really learn what those vegetables are. This is a good indicator. That’s unprocessed stuff you can eat right now, according to your season. Because your body is naturally one with nature and desires and requires food. That is correct at this time.

A Privilege

Don’t condemn meals, don’t be afraid to eat, and don’t say things like, “Oh my my, McDonald’s happy meal is the worst thing ever.” And I just finished it. And it’s the absolute worst for you.

But what do you think will happen if you eat something that you believe will be the worst thing for you? Because I can tell you that when I’m on a tight schedule, or if I’m in a hurry, or if I need to get from point A to point B with kids, all I have is fast, fast food. So you’ll have to make a quick, wise decision to give in to your hunger and eat something. You don’t have any other choices but to eat fast food.

It is a privilege for which we must be grateful. This provides protein, carbs, and lipids. And your body may perform exceptionally effectively at such time. Not that I want to promote it as my preferred dish, but it’s not always a bad thing. We want to strike a good balance. We also want to have a clear understanding of the meals we consume.

What Will Ruin You and Your Health

I want you to be open to new ideas rather than being set in your ways. That’s not a way to live your life if you stand plant-based and judge everyone else who does it, or if you eat keto and judge everyone else, or if you eat autoimmune, paleo, and that’s all you believe and judge everyone else. It’s essentially vilifying everyone else.

Anything polarizing, anything that uproots your ideas and, you know, makes judgments on other people, all of these things will ruin you and your health.

It’s not something I’d like you to believe in. I truly want you to figure out what’s best for you. And that’s basically what our, you know, autoimmune movement is all about. For me, trends are everything, and trans signifies more than just formation. We want to do more than just fill out the form.

The Lupus Rebel Logo

The Lupus Rebel logo depicts a butterfly emerging from a caterpillar, a separate entity, yet we are transformed and may use food as medicine only when we, as individuals, own our bodies and prime them to absorb what they require. I hope this has struck a chord with you.

This is the knowledge we hope to impart through our programs.

Join Us

We have a No Nonsense Nutrition Program that covers all of these. There, I teach you about food in a different way, from a different perspective. I’m not interested in offering you a fish, so it’s a principle-oriented food. I want you to be the expert in your own body, knowing exactly what to eat and having fun cooking and eating every time you know and I am standing there as the expert. That is what this no-nonsense auto-immunity nutrition is all about. So if you want to experience that, CLICK HERE to Sign Up today!

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