How to Navigate the Emotional Rollercoaster of Autoimmunity

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Hi everyone! Today. I want to talk about the topic that nobody really talks about. It’s the emotional rollercoaster you’ll get and experience when you have autoimmunity. Autoimmunity can disrupt every aspect of your life. Yet, we are not taught what to expect and how to navigate this new life with autoimmunity.

It has come to my personal attention when I was going through my struggles in the midst of my flare. I had this mysterious flare that became much more chronic and it has impacted my life much more than I can imagine. It really disrupted every area of my life, including my sole identity. It really forced me to reevaluate my life and what’s truly important. 

Along the way, it also made me clearly see what is missing in our medical system or health and wellness system.

The “Automatic Negative Thoughts”

We’re really missing the boat. Let me tell you that you’re not alone. When you feel alone and when everything seems to be falling away, how are you supposed to muster up enough courage and motivation to keep going? How do you navigate the emotional rollercoaster of autoimmunity when everything is telling you otherwise?

Not only that, you’ve got this internal, sabotaging tendency, which Dr. Amen calls the ANTs, Automatic Negative Thoughts, that’s driving everything that you do. It inadvertently is causing physiological distress, adding to your inflammatory process. It’s the exact thing that causes autoimmunity. I strongly believe in this because here’s our predicament.

The truth is autoimmunity can absolutely disrupt your life. No doubt about it. It can affect your ability to function in your life, affecting your livelihood. It did, for me. This can affect your relationships, your career, your future, education, financial stability, and essentially your quality of your life. Autoimmunity affects your very identity of who you are or who you thought you were.

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Autoimmunity

The problem also is that nobody teaches you what to expect and how to navigate your life with autoimmunity. Experts tell you it’s an incurable disease but it can be managed with medications. There are confusing and contradictory diets that seemed to claim to help you to heal only to leave you overwhelmed and hopeless, because you don’t know what to follow and which to follow.

The question is, how do you start to feel better? Because all you want if you’re going through a flare, all you will want is to just to feel better. You just want to feel better than you did yesterday. You just want to feel better than you do right now without losing hope and courage, when everything implies the dead end. Nothing seems to be getting better.

When you were hopeless and fearful, but you were given a new diet or a supplement or were told to do this or that to help your condition, it does not translate into healing. It’s another stressor in your life that you have to follow.

It only amplifies the gap between where you are to where you want to be, because you don’t want to necessarily follow what somebody is trying to put down your throat. And that becomes very stressful.

The Impact of Autoimmunity in our Lives

When you don’t want to follow it, you know what happens. You have silent talks with yourself, berating yourself about why you’re not doing that thing. You judge yourself, you have opinions and then you start to resent. There’s a lot of shame and there’s defensiveness and all the negative emotions come and they become so amplified and you feel so left alone.

You’re just in a toxic pool of thoughts, feelings, and actions that doesn’t serve you. And you don’t know how to get out of that. How do I know so well, because I’ve been there multiple times and a lot of the times we don’t even know what to, or how to ask for help because we’re so in shame that that’s where we are. There are many times we can’t even eloquently describe how we really truly feel. It’s not something we were taught.

How do you find hope and courage in the midst of this powerlessness? 

It’s the BEING, not the DOING

The solution isn’t another diet or supplements and all the things that the experts want to put down our throat. But yes, I’m not going to lie. Those things do matter. They do.

Food is medicine and all those things, but there’s something that precedes what we do. Following a diet regimen is a behavior. It’s something that we do when we keep focusing on the DOING. We do exercise.

But then, what the mind does is that it doesn’t want to do those things. You are not always motivated to do all what you think you’re supposed to do. When your mind doesn’t want to do those things and you slip and fall, you start to berate yourself. You become the blame for why you’re not getting better.

You berate yourself in that kind of negative cycle of ANTs or what we called the Automatic Negative Thoughts. That is the culprit to our autoimmunity. 

I want you to understand that that’s the underlying theme of your life, no matter how you look at it, that’s how we got here. We can’t undo this monstrous, symptomatic environment within ourselves by doing the same thing and thinking the same way. We really need to switch perspectives and think differently to drive you in another direction. 

The Solution

The Alkaline Method for Autoimmunity Program provides specific life tools to autoimmune patients to give courage and hope. It’s just not something that anybody does on top of all the essential elements of other parts of functional medicine and nutrition.

You can become ultimately self-empowered to heal. I want you to focus on becoming the self-empowered healer that you are, and really step into authentically being who you weren’t meant to be, because the only way to heal is to be self-empowered from within.

We can bring the horse to the water, but to drink the water is up to the horse. In the same way, I can give you a fish or teach you how to fish so that you’re set for life. I’d much rather the latter because in the lowest points of your life, autoimmunity is within you and you have this tendency. That means we have higher risks for everything. You need to be able to navigate the cycles of life and the challenges that it presents, so you can master this mind and body and apply the healing skills and tools that you need in a moment’s notice to get you out of that autoimmune cell. Remember, autoimmunity by definition is all about attacking our own cells. It’s an inner war. It can only be fixed from the inside.

Different Episodes, Different Response

No amount of intellectual knowledge or the research that is being conducted will ever be exact science that your body may respond to. It may respond to you before, but it may not respond now. It may have responded three flares ago, it may not now. I learned that the hard way. It does not work that way for our bodies.

We have a progressive timeline on this body and yes, age is irrelevant. It’s everything you need to be doing at every moment to really go upstream by yourself without a clear cut strategy. You need this, to really save your energy and be smart about it. And take it from somebody who’s been down that– it doesn’t help you to apply theoretical knowledge. Our bodies are not black and white. There is no clear cut answer for your symptoms.

A lot of the doctors are trained in pathology. They think autoimmunity can go every which direction. The way they look at us and treat us is with a lot of fear, because they don’t know themselves. They hope for the best. And this is based on their theoretical understanding.

We are the REAL Experts of our Own Bodies

But you know what, being autoimmune rebel that we are, we’re the only ones who really know we’re the experts of our bodies. We know what’s internally going on. 

All I can tell you is a good practitioner will serve as a mentor for you to guide the way so that you figure it out on your own, empowering you at every step of the way. You don’t give up as opposed to giving you the blueprint for success. It’s not a one size fits all because we’re all unique individuals with unique needs with genetic dispositions or predispositions.

We have individual experiences and exposure to different things. We have different conditioning and beliefs that we have to unbelieve and we all respond differently. Self-awareness requires us to be more self loving at the end of the day. 

I just want to let you know that it begins with self-awareness and willingness to know yourself. 

The Change We’ve All Been Wanting to See

I really bring up topics that nobody is willing to have, because unless you’re a cyclist or therapist, you can’t talk about the mind stuff. You can’t talk about nutrition, unless you’re a dietician or a nutritionist. You can’t talk about physical movement on this. You’re a physical therapist or what have you, right? We’re left to connect the pieces of the puzzle on our own. 

As somebody who’s done that and have experiences and educations and certifications and whatever you need to see in all these fields, I finally made it a career, my lifetime career. My vision and my mission in this life is to create a world that really is conducive to healing because every single one of us needs healing.

Autoimmunity is on the rise for this reason. It’s a lot of confusion and chaos out there. It’s time to just stop with everything and really learn at the end of the day, to listen to our bodies because it’s constantly sending us smart messages of what it needs and what is happening. This is giving us constant alarm signals that we tend to ignore in lieu of somebody else’s recommendations or in lieu of somebody else’s lives. 

It’s Always Within YOU

We’re busy and being externally focused so much that we’ve forgotten that we’ve not taken care of what’s on the inside. Autoimmunity ensues from all these negative feelings that have yet to be metabolized. Healthy metabolism requires healthy detoxification. Detoxification does not just doesn’t happen in the way of foods. It’s all the thoughts, the feelings, that lend itself to the actions and the actions that you take must be aligned with the belief you have.

This do-it-yourself approach to healthy nutrition that you believe works for you, not sure it does, but you absolutely are going to need a coach or mentor somebody who stands by your side to connect the dots for you to really guide you on the right path. The path that is right for you. Not right for me, not what I believe, not what I theoretically or what other experts theoretically, understand it to be true. It’s only a small piece of the bigger puzzle. You are the big miraculous being that needs careful attention. And it needs a heck of a lot more than a diet in a supplement to get well.

So, it’s all about the synergetic effects of all the things coming together and finally deconditioning the things that we don’t need in our lives and conditioning towards the things that we want. With this, we are daringly, courageously stepping into who we were meant to be. 

Connect with Us

With all that being said, I want to just let you know that right now, we’re having a free healing training in my private Facebook group. It’s self-empowered healers. You can look for us on our Facebook or sign up with the link here.

It’s not too late to join us. It’s the seven days of a step-by-step approach of me guiding you every step of the way. If this interests you, please sign up.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, also. If anything resonates with you, it helps you get the message across because more of us need to come together to empower, elevate and evolve together, as opposed to getting beaten down by autoimmunity. 

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