How to Reverse Your Autoimmune Disease

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Hey everyone, hope you are all doing well.  I’ve been immersed in my studies in functional autoimmune disease management and what exactly it means to “manage” or “reverse” your autoimmune disease. As I get deeper into the nitty gritty of autoimmunity, I realize just how variable our diseases can be for each and every one of us. There are the concepts of epigenetic, genetics, stressors, toxins, microbiome, hormones, gut, immune dys-regulations, inflammation, nutrient malabsorption and just about all systems in the body can go wrong.

I have treated many autoimmune patients in my career, and I can tell you the most important thing for you to focus on is what you can control. That is sleep, exercise, relationship management and food.

While autoimmunity can be triggered by a virus or an infection, I believe the state of your health from lack of the above sets us up as the prime target for adaptive immune response.

During this time in our worldwide pandemic, it is so important for us to focus on all the lifestyle factors that can help us to revitalize and restore our health.  I am a true believer in not just focusing on one thing, but doing all the things.  This global approach can set the momentum for us to find the homeostasis faster so that our health within can begin the healing process for an exponential recovery vs incremental shifts.

Today, I want to discuss the big picture clinical management and provide you with the action steps that you can take to enhance the effect of the clinical result.

What We Focus On

As a Functional Medicine Practitioners, we focus on the following:

1.  Identify undiagnosed autoimmunity by focusing on the initial diagnosis to provide a starting place. Then, we assess the other reactive autoimmunity that maybe going on.

2. Identify the stages of autoimmunity. There are three stages:
A. Silent
B. Autoimmune reactivity
C. Autoimmune disease

3. Identify lifestyle triggers for autoimmunity:
A. Sleep
B. Exercise
C. Relationships/Support
D. Stress
E. Diet

4. Identify food sensitivities as perpetuating factors with our Alkaline Protocol. These include an elimination diet, plus a regimented protocol to remove all potential toxins by nourishing the body with nutrients that both heal cells, gut and decrease inflammation.  Then, a strategic reintroduce of foods to identify food proteins triggers.  This will include gluten, night shades, dairy, lectins, cross reactive foods, insulin surges, etc.

5. Identify chemical triggers for autoimmunity:
A. Pollutants
B. Chemical reactivity from foods, air and environment
C. Impaired biotransformation, which involve a complex detoxifying process that requires essential nutrients. This was initiated by the alkaline protocol.

6. Identify “antigen” or antibody triggers for autoimmunity which may include virus, bacteria, parasite, mold, etc.

7. Identify breakdown of the immune system barrier:  
A. Gut
B. Lung
C. Nasopharynx
D. Blood brain

8. Identify Mechanisms to improve immune tolerance:
A. Meditation
B. Self exploration/discovery
C. Downregulate by shifting autonomic nervous system

9. Identify strategies to recover from autoimmune flare ups:
A. Lifestyle
B. Diet
C. Supplements

As a clinician, I believe it’s time to redefine our role in your care.  Our role should be to help identify the dysfunction while helping you to regain homeostasis.

Redefining the Clinician Role to “You”

Most clinicians are busy addressing just one aspect versus taking a step back and assessing the big picture to have greater impact. This is what I call incremental tactics or exponential strategic intervention.

As an autoimmune rebel myself, I wanted a drastic approach rather than a microscopic view of the problem that has too many variables to identify as one cause. I’d much rather get busy doing everything that I can to reverse the progression in order to regain balance within, but here’s the thing.  This can’t be done without you.

Often we assume that the whatever practitioner is going to “heal” us or figure it out.  And yes, we will do so, but you also must do everything you can to move the needle toward regaining control over your health.

How?  First recognize the barriers in your life.  These things include your tendency to overlook your own self-care and doing the same thing but expecting a different result. I’m telling you that can absolutely alter the results in the direction that you want to go, but it requires you to recognize your role.  Your role is the biggest in this self-healing journey.

You’ve got to recognize hidden tendencies within. This means you need to assess your thoughts and feelings that drive your actions day after day. Take inventory of your life. What things must change in your life to improve your diet, relationships, stress levels and exercise?

Taking Responsibility of Your Life

We are complex human beings having a human experience, which means taking a look at our lives with honesty and
curiosity without judgement and becoming aware.  Take responsibility for your life and health.  There’s something in your life such as unresolved feelings that may have kept you spinning in negative thoughts.  

Here’s secret I’ll share with you.  Our thoughts trigger feelings, feelings drive actions, actions or inactions create the results in our lives.

Let’s take our health.  If it’s falling apart, you’ve got to explore your thoughts and feelings.  See the patterns there that you are enslaved by that if you keep perpetuating negative effects in your life.  

If you can become aware of these thoughts and feelings that you have, then you have a choice to choose better thoughts and feelings that will ultimately allow you to take better actions. But if you rely on me or another doctor to tell you what “actions” to do without taking inventory of your thoughts and feelings, the results will be short lived.

Your thoughts create feelings and feelings create vibrations in the body, “energy” that has a real-time effect in your nervous system, immune system, digestive system and all systems, in the body.

Your brain has the power and capacity to create an exact pharmacy that your body needs. But, you must command control and take ownership of this miraculous body we were all gifted. It’s when we don’t occupy our body that we have our mind that is separated from the body that our systems fall apart.

So how can you get started?  

The Uphill Climb

This is the deep work you must do to reverse your autoimmune disease.  Stop relying on the answers from others. You must tune inward to master mind-body connections so that you can be liberated from the perpetual cycle of sickness physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I don’t know every detail of your body, but many of you want to get busy taking action. You are or have been quite successful. And the reason why I believe autoimmunity can be catalyst for drastic healing is because when the self turns on self, we are able to return to self. The only person that can truly have an impact within oneself is the self.

Are you ready to do the work with me and apply this to your life?  You’ll need guidance and help both in strategy and tactics.  Rather than trying everything that is offered to you today focused on one area of healing, how about you take a drastically different approach and reverse your autoimmune disease once and for all?

Do you know that you can work with me?  I have a six-month intensive transformation coaching program called the Autoimmune Health Transformation where I empower you to truly heal by using strategic intervention that allows you to finally gain mind body mastery.

It’s my life’s work that aims to amplify but also focus on strategic intervention using all aspects of healing, including psychology, nutrition, physical therapy and functional medicine vs focusing on the “problem.”  It’s the ultimate yin to yang approach where we focus on the solution so that your root problem can be resolved on its own.  

Our Program

This is truly a different way to approach autoimmunity and to “manage” and “reverse” your autoimmune disease.  So, if you’re tired of trying different holistic and conventional approaches that only provide temporary solution, then you must join me. I want to help you help yourself reverse your autoimmune disease once and for all. Email us at [email protected] today to request your free 15-minute consult to see if we are the right fit.

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