How to Set Priorities

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Confusion and overwhelm is a common theme for those living with autoimmunity. But it doesn’t have  to be this way. Confusion comes mostly from an inability to set priorities for yourself. Setting priorities requires clarity and focus. While there’s so much contradictory information that tends to have you spinning in confusion, choosing to set priorities is an option that will help you to FINALLY achieve your health goals.

In this blog, Dr. Connie teaches how you can set priorities so that you can be confident in knowing exactly what to do everyday to feel better. 

“Priority” Defined

PRIORITY by definition is a thing that is regarded as more important than another.

When people say they don’t have the time, it’s because they don’t know how to prioritize their time.  The truth is that we make time for those things that matter.

Autoimmunity makes us “self” centered.  The fatigue and pain makes us focus on the discomfort that we feel in our bodies vs focusing on the things that tend to matter the most.  Ironically, when feeling tired and sick, we don’t prioritize our health, we tend to focus on whatever makes us feel better in the moment whether that is buffering with food, alcohol, medications, etc.  Anything that can potentially take the edge off of the pain and suffering.

What we tend to lack is the focus and clarity about what to do everyday. We need habits and rituals that keep us consistent.  

Imagine doing the things day in and day out over time, they become habits.  Habits make us who we are.  If we are habitually late, that’s just what we do over and over again vs if we are habitually early, then that’s what we tend to do over and over again.

What are Your Priorities in Health?

What is the most important thing to you and are you giving it enough time and attention?

Just because you value one thing over the other it doesn’t mean that you have to give it most time.  

The most important thing to you may be your health. Are you giving it enough time that it needs?

Some of the priorities in health may be getting sleep, losing weight, hydrate, and defecate regularly.

Momentum is Everything

Within each priority, how do you prioritize the activities?

It doesn’t make sense trying to have a balanced life where everything is equal and just enough to be mediocre.

Take certain times and prioritize certain things.  

When going to college the priority was school work and learning. I still love learning for joy but it’s no longer a priority. This phase in my life is all about application by trial and error.  

When I became a mom, my number one priority was being a mom. This meant doing everything with my kids at the top of my priority.

Momentum is everything once you set the priority and priority often involves a goal.  For example, to be healthier is too general, lose weight from corticosteroids is a good specific goal so you set priorities to achieve that goal of losing weight.  

Priorities Shift and Change

Pick a priority and put your attention on it because that will guarantee the results that you want. Priorities shift and change, it can’t be perfectly balanced. 

Call it a priority and set a time limit on it so you can achieve the goals by that date. This is a powerful way to get things done

You could also write your top 5 priorities.

Separate what seems to be important vs what is truly important right now.  It can create resentments if you prioritize something you “should ” vs what you “want” to prioritize right now. Pay attention to what you really want vs what you think it should be.

Urgent and important is also a distinction you make according to Steven Covey.

Most of the time, most people think what is urgent needs to be done before what’s really important.

Phone rings so they answer and it precedes whatever it is they have in front of them.  Phone seems urgent at the moment.  

You have to choose to respond vs react.  Most people respond to what’s urgent vs what’s important.  It’s important to constantly assess the value of your priorities.

When phone rings, first it’s silenced and are careful to put it off until you can get to it. Emails are the same thing, it may seem urgent but not necessarily important.  

It’s the same for family life, career, school work, what’s important vs urgent.

Prioritize Planning

It’s helpful to keep a time journal. 

It is better not to spend time on urgent things because the more urgent things you have in your life the less planning you tend to do.

The more planning you do, you’ll find that you don’t have much urgent things. 

Think about the single most important result you want right now. For now, focus your energy on the thing that you want most so you can prioritize your life.  When you do this consistently, you’ll find that creating health is super doable and easy.

Take Care of Your Mind

You can choose to make it easy vs hard. Don’t take anything that takes away mental sanity. Take care of your mind because your emotional and mental well-being should take precedence over anything else.  

Plan for Yourself

So ask yourself, where in your life do you focus on what’s urgent vs what’s important?

Remember, the planned life is where you can freely focus on what’s truly important. This is a sure way to create the best life of your dreams.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog!

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