How to Shift Your Limiting Beliefs From Sick to Health

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Hello, everyone. I hope everything is going well for you. Welcome to the blog for the Mind Your Health Show. I’m going to discuss the importance of subconscious reprogramming that we all talk about, as well as How to Shift Your Limiting Beliefs From Sick to Health.

Subconscious vs Conscious

What I’d like you to see is what’s going on beneath the surface. What I talk a lot about in my previous blog is that Context Is Much More Important Than Content. How we focus so much on doing what’s tangible, what looks on the surface, and the superficial reality of everything we do, instead of going deeper into the things that make us do and be who we are is much more important.

I believe that as autoimmune patients, we miss the bigger picture when we overlook our tendency to recognize or not what’s actually driving our behavior. That’s because your subconscious mind controls 90% to 95% of everything you are and do every day. Let’s talk about what the subconscious mind is, because it’s becoming a new fad word, and a lot of people are talking about it.

The term “subconscious” simply refers to the state of being unconscious. It’s subliminal, latent, and suppressed thoughts and sentiments. So it’s either above or below the level of consciousness. It has lain asleep for a long time, hidden from view. It’s the deepest part of nature. It’s the instinctual thing that drives the actions that we don’t always recognize. We are unaware of the secret motivation that drives our actions.

Understand that our sentiments drive our behaviors, and we base a lot of what we do on them. We give in to our emotions. We live at the mercy of our feelings, oblivious to the fact that thoughts are ways of dealing with feelings.

Thoughts On Trying hard

I needed to think about this for quite a while. Even then, I didn’t get it because the whole concept of subliminal or subconscious programming was so intangible for my logical mind. I believe I’ve always been a logical person and that being so analytical is good because I tend to overthink and overanalyze.

And, here’s another thing: I used to believe that the more effort I put into something I want, the more likely I am to succeed. As a result, it wasn’t about intuition.

It wasn’t so much about the underlying nature of who I am being, but it was about how much I could accomplish. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to squeeze in. How much less sleep can I get in order to acquire as much study time as possible in order to receive this A or how much harder can I work in order to hustle my way to success? I’m always thinking that at the end of my objective is success and happiness. But I just have to tell you that whatever I thought was successful, whatever I believed would make me happy, I was wrong.

That aim was never achieved when I attained it. I didn’t feel fulfilled. I was exhausted and became really ill, eventually developing auto-immunity. So that leads me to this route of psychoneuroimmunology, where all of my past traumas, of how I’m showing up to my life every day, that is profoundly conditioned from a place of the inadequacy of never feeling good enough.

Reprogram Your Mind

So the entire framework for my existence is that unless I do these things to improve myself, I will never be worthy of love, success, pleasure, or any of the other things that I already have. I really want you guys to grasp what subconscious programming does to us. it’s actually the tip of the iceberg.

We just consider the tip of the iceberg while deciding what to do, but beneath the tip of the iceberg is the iceberg’s depth. It’s the most serious, life-altering trauma, as well as everything else that influences our behavior.

If we don’t realize the hidden reason that drives our behavior, we’ll always be trapped in a hamster wheel of suffering. This is why it’s so difficult to change what we do. Because even when we try to modify our own behaviors, it’s still our subconscious identity. It is who you are at your core that engages you to behave in a specific manner without thinking about it.

My coach, Jim Forton, taught me something that has helped me in all I do. So, in order to actually make required adjustments, to transform, and eventually heal from autoimmunity, you must learn to reprogram your subconscious mind – your innermost beings – to line with your goals.

They have to be your specific goals, not goals established by others. They have to come from within. We’re not even asked to do the self-work. So I really want you to concentrate on letting go of the external worldly expectations that we think we’re meeting by living our life for everyone else.

Learn To Meditate Properly

But, as you and I both know, there is a void deep within us that is always looking for a greater purpose. And if we don’t discover that fulfillment along the road, we’ll be circling and spinning on this hamster wheel of suffering for the rest of our lives. There’s a lot of discontent and unhappiness. So keep in mind that autoimmunity is an opportunity for me to grow and heal in the manner I see it.

So I really want you to look at your life, your past, what motivates you, and realize that your habits and ideas are both automatic. Your emotions are pre-programmed based on what you learned from what was. The way our brain works, it makes conclusions without really logically refuting anything as proof, but it’s already made up its mind before you even present anything you’re thinking about.

If your brain has already made that decision for you before you even consider it, you’re aware of how quickly automation works in your life. It’s almost as if your brain is engineered to be so efficient. We’ll never be able to transform from the inside out unless we take a closer look at it, coach ourselves through it, and really look at what’s driving our behavior. I’m sure you know, if you’ve been reading my blog, that healing is an inside job multi-layered process.

It’s not just about changing your diet, trying different supplements, hoping for the best, or taking different medications. Unless we change our automated responses, habits, and identities at the context level, no amount of content we deploy or apply in our lives will make a dent in whatever it is that we want.

Take Responsibility For Your Own Health

Today’s blog will be a very short and provocative one. I hope this inspires you to think about what you actually desire. More importantly, I want you to learn to define success for what it is, what it means to you, and how you visualize it. Even being healthy differs from every individual. What it looks like for me is completely different from what it looks like for someone else. Some of you may go a day without experiencing pain.

I’m thinking of doing a handstand inversion and holding it for 10 minutes. Others may be participating in 5k marathons. Some of us want to do an Ironman, run on the beach, or travel without having to worry about our auto-immunity. As a result, the entire concept of health, whatever it is, is unique to each of us. It’s not defined for us. It’s not about being symptom-free, since that doesn’t indicate you’re healthy.

I really want you to dig deep and figure out what it feels like. What you’re thinking, what you’re doing, what you’re achieving in your life, and really be clear about the characteristics of how you will be when you are fully healthy and covered. Unless you can fathom that, you will never be able to really achieve whatever it is. It must originate with you. It’s time for you to go deeper within yourself rather than relying on others to tell you what you need to know.

Understanding Health Literacy

This is what we uncover in my Autoimmune Health Transformation Program. Many of my patients are discovering that their husbands, children, parents, grandparents, friends, and coworkers were dictating exactly what they should do and want. And so much of what they do is held hostage and bound by other people’s expectations, that they’ve forgotten who they are. My patients need to know what’s keeping them from healing, and it’s the work that I encourage them to do. Because it’s one of those things that’s difficult to figure out on your own. 

Thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to read. We have attendees from Ontario, Canada, as well as California. Thank you very much. I’m making some solid points here. That’s great that it’s resonating with you. So, I hope this was helpful to you.

I’d like to challenge you to think and go beyond your autoimmunity and shift the way you think about yourself. Think about who you are in your life in order to potentially contribute to and perpetuate autoimmunity.

Because we won’t be able to make big adjustments in the direction we desire unless you can really comprehend what that looks like. This is based on both my personal experience and the experiences of the patients I treat. Go inward, learn to listen, learn to focus internally, and learn to trust your intuitive sense. Go with your gut instinct, and most important is trust yourself.

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Thank you, everybody. For the time being, I’ll say goodbye.

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