How to Think, Act, and BE Healthier Than You Ever Thought Possible

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Today’s topic is called Think, Act, and BE Healthier Than You Ever Thought Possible when you learn to control your mind and your emotions.  If you don’t have health, you have nothing.

I’m going to be sharing with you some important information that’s going to be a significant shift in the way you think about it. It’s not like anything you’ve heard before. So please trust me and make sure you understand that that’s what this is all about. Trust the process and be open to what you can gain. 

My Struggles Living in a Hamster Wheel of Suffering

For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve lived with autoimmunity for 21 years. I didn’t know until probably about five years ago that I was living in this victimhood.

I was always confident in my ability and knowledge to heal. But I realized that the surface-level information that you do over and over again, never truly heals you from the inside. That’s what we’re going to be talking about today.

How many of you can say that there are emotionally taxing things in your life due to or even prior autoimmunity? That there’s been some emotional struggles, mental struggles, and significant mental stress in your life that you probably think might’ve triggered the disease, but the doctors don’t mention it. So you shrug your shoulders and dismiss it as if it’s something that is completely separated from your somatic experience.

Psychosomatic just means that what we think does have an impact on our physiology. Somatic is our physical functioning. So physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health needs to be integrated.

You’re not separated. Most of you reading this blog today have been separated. Your head is overthinking and overanalyzing everything. It’s up here. Then while your body is falling apart, it’s giving you signals but you aren’t paying attention. It’s been giving you signals for years and years of fatigue, pain, aches, digestive issues, hair falling out, rashes, and the likes, but you’ve sort of ignored it until it became a problem.

Then you go to the doctors and what do they do? They give you exogenous medications. Then if that medication works temporarily, good for you. But if it didn’t, then there is secondary medication to offset the side effects from the first medication.

Living in a hamster wheel is never sustainable. And that is what I have to learn the hard way. 

In 21 years of living with auto-immunity, I got really sick many times. I’ve come so close to death as well. Also, I always struggled with being overly analytical. I was in this constant pattern of self-sabotage in the name of health and wellness. 

Health and wellness were all about looking the part, looking fit, being a certain size, and being a certain number. Never really cared about how I really felt on the inside. It’s always all about how I present myself to the outside.

Being an 11-year-old immigrant with no English, I had a lack of confidence. I never felt good enough. In our Asian household, you’re never good enough. You have to try harder, do better, and get straight A’s or else. They have a perfectionist mindset. My parents worked really hard and they believe hard work pays off. As a result, I became a doer. But I didn’t know that all my doing and achievements in school and everywhere else were killing me on the inside. It really burned me out. 

So through a place of not having enough confidence, I made some bad choices. I was chronically pleasing other people in the name of believing that I’m confident. I looked confident, but I never really understood who I was on the inside. Just trying to please everybody else and fit in.

Culturally I was different. I felt like everybody else had way 11 years ahead of me, and I just had so much to catch up on. That was where I was living from. So I want you to really pay attention to what I’m saying. I sprinkle in my personal story, not just to overindulge in myself, but because as I tell my own story, you can reflect back to yourselves to say, “Huh, that might be what it is.”

What I hear the most from my patients is that I’m able to really ask the question that no other doctors or practitioners were able to ask them. I’m the one who puts together truly who you are, all your malalignments, and all your limiting beliefs. I bring everything up to the surface and challenge you with those beliefs, interpretations, and stories that you’re holding onto.

We have to undo a lot of that. The healing process involves a lot of revelation, lots of growth, and awareness. It’s what I call the inner awakening for you to finally come home to you. This is more about changing your perspective at the deepest layer of being so that you can tap into the miraculous healing that lies dormant all these years within you.

You’ll learn all about changing the way you think and how that affects your physiology. It’s about unlocking your powerful healing potential that will transform your life as you knew it. I want to give you things to shift your mindset, concretize as best as you can, and apply it in your health. 

We’ll talk about ways of being the kind of person you need to be in life to achieve the health you want. Being the person you need to be is where it’s at.

Health Improvement at 10% Yearly is a SLOW Boat to China

This is what most of you are doing. You try a little bit of supplement, diet, paleo diet, keto diet, and intermittent fasting. You think it’s helping you, but you’re not quite sure. Most auto-immune patients gain slow healing, but we can’t afford the time to lose. They all try. I was one of them. They all try things only to get marginally better.

If you’re improving your health only 10% every year, your sickness will ultimately catch up with you because it’s like a fire. Auto-immunity is inflammation at the core, especially when you’re going through a flare. You can’t expect to get a step away from the medication. Sometimes you need the medications. 

You have to knock up a fire and then get better. But you have to do both. Nobody really knows how to navigate the two territories because what are we told? “You’ve got auto-immunity.” “You’ve got lupus.” “You have Sjogren’s syndrome.” And “it’s not curable” is what I was told the first day. 

They said, “Forget it. This is the medication you’re going to be on for the rest of your life. It’s a disease. We don’t know where it’s going to go.” There was just a lot of fear in the voice of my doctor. 

So I too was puttering along, doing all the things that experts recommended out of fear. But it was a slow process with no alternative. I was so frustrated. It wasn’t until I was able to realize the internal work. How I was always perpetuating these feelings of sickness. The thoughts that came up over and over again that I had to reset my hardware to change my software, which is my physiology. 

That’s the secret that I want you to recognize and open your eyes because that’s where it’s at. Your health only gets marginally better.

Everyone Focus on Doing Instead Being

If you look at the diagram, the reason why you only get marginally better is that you keep trying to change your behavior. We’re always trying to diet. We’re always trying to take the medications. Yet we don’t ask ourselves who we are being. Instead of transforming your mind, your identity, your habits, look right in front of you and look at everything else to guide what you should do. That’s the conditioning.

The diagram shows you it’s a neuro-linguistic concept founded by Gregory Bateson back in 1957. He was a social scientist and psychologist. He talks about how human beings work from the inside out. We have to work from identity, thoughts, feelings, and actions to create the results in our lives. Yet most of us are looking to external things outside of us to make us feel and define who we are.

I work with many patients and was told that until they went through the transformation process, that they truly knew who they were. Nobody ever asked them who they were. And so with tears in their eyes, they don’t know who they are. So you have this breakdown moment of, “Oh my gosh, whose life was I living? It wasn’t mine.” 

You live your life to satisfy everybody else. Whether it be your mom, your kids, your parents, your peers, or your coworkers. From an early age, we are told to do and be. We all live by other people’s standards. That’s what we’re taught. Look at what’s happening in the world today. Like we are the masses being controlled by all the fear of COVID. This is how we’re conditioned to believe that experts know best, and we just have to wait for the information.

I want you to get into challenging the status quo, asking questions, and tapping into what feels right for you. Intuitively your gut feeling. I know it sounds like a cliche to listen to your gut, but how do you listen to your gut? Well, you have to silence your mind from the distractions to tune into yourself. Because the truth is every day that you wake up, you have feelings of sickness. You’re repeating the same thoughts, same feelings, and doing the same thing. Everything’s on autopilot. 

Remember everything in life is energy. What you learn here is to harness the energy as a channel that you can control to shift into healing. If you don’t shift this, then it doesn’t matter. What you do is why I want to work on the foundation. I want to work on the roots of who you are to define what you need to be. 

The Alkaline Method™ for Autoimmunity

This is the model that I created. It’s called the Alkaline Method™. I worked in functional medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and conventional medicine because I know that if it’s holistic, then it’s going to help me. I’ve also gotten certifications, education, and degrees. But then I realized nobody was putting it all together. I was getting confused. I only had pieces of the puzzle. Nobody really puts together all of you.

What works for me may not work for you. There is no standardization. You need to come into you. And unless you learn to read what your thermostat is telling you, there’s no way that your doctors can know better about what you’re feeling on the inside. It really comes down to who you are. So the work is in the inner awakening with its three pillars. Whatever is going on on the inside is the outer manifestation. So we’re going to learn that today.

Your health is a reflection of what’s going on inside of you. You are ultimately responsible. Not your fault, but you are responsible. You are playing into it without you even knowing. It is why I want to wake you up. 

The third element of the Alkaline Method™ is the modern medicine piece. You’ll know a little bit more about my background and my education, but there is a lot of functional medicine, nutritional interventions, and all of that scientific evidence-based stuff that I employ or deploy. But it’s only 25%. 

Then we go into ancient wisdom which is understanding energy. Quantum healing, meditation, and hypnosis. And then the practice of yoga. Yoga stands for your opportunity for growth in abundance. Abundance to heal. Believing in your ability to heal. Let’s talk about quantifying healing. How do you quantify healing? The premise that we work from is that our bodies are miraculous and are always trying to heal from the inside out.

For many of you, it might take you 10 years to decrease your symptoms, which is time. You just can’t afford to waste that kind of time. You should be healing at 30% to 50% a year. The healing gets way ahead and then the sickness comes. You have to be powerfully healing. That powerful healing is only possible when you’re self-empowered from the inside out and not waiting for directions. Because then you’ll never know you’re at the mercy of the circumstances of whoever provides and you’re taking a passive approach.

That’s not the way I want you to live. It’s not successful. It’s not sustainable. I observed many people who are trying every day and putting in a lot of effort but aren’t receiving the results that they want. They’re doing all the diets and taking all the supplements. They’re scared to eat. They don’t do anything out of the ordinary and live in fear. Then they go back home to a very bad and disruptive marriage. Their relationships are struggling.

There’s that stress, but then they’re like, “I should be healthy because I’m eating healthy.” That’s wrong. The perpetrators of your thoughts, how that’s creating the physiology for sickness is something we need to look at. No doctor asks you that, or at best they might tell you to go to therapy and talk it out. That’s not helpful either. 

We’re talking about this because you’re more concerned with what you’re doing than with who and how you are being. So I really want you to be who you’re meant to be. Step into who you are living from the full alignment of the authentic self.

So who am I? I am Dr. Connie and I was diagnosed with lupus 21 years ago. About four or five years ago I started to have a lot of angst and a trigger where I blew up. I came on done. And I really exploded. With my family, I realized there were just a lot of wounds that didn’t heal. I didn’t know where it came from. It nearly killed me because I was in the hospital bed with not a lupus flare, but some mysterious thing where it really struck my immune system at the core. They thought I had leukemia or aplastic anemia. They told me to get my affairs in order. And that’s when I transitioned and transformed everything in the way I looked at it. I needed that wake-up call.

So for that, I’m eternally grateful. But as I look at my past, something I dismiss. I don’t like to talk about my problems. I don’t like to bring attention to negative things, rather repress them. But I realized I have had a lot of trauma in the past. 

I want you to understand that there was just a lot within all my accomplishments. I have a doctoral degree, a master’s degree, and a bachelor’s degree. Also, I kept studying and getting more certifications. I’m double yoga certified at the 500 level. I’m an experienced yoga teacher and a functional medicine practitioner through the Institute of Functional Medicine. Then all the didactic training through cranial sacral therapy. I went to Loma Linda University for all my doctoral-level studies. Also, I became certified in dry needling acupuncture and all the things that I can’t even begin to mention. 

But these were all the doings. I wanted solutions to provide for the other people. Because it was a large part driven by my need to have the answers for my highly analytical mind. I think I needed something that was logical in my mind when I was driven by completely illogical reasoning. Stemming from “I’m not good enough.” “I’m broken.” “I have to try harder.” “I have to be perfect.”

Your Healing Mindset

I know as an autoimmune patient what is required to regain your health and it’s not what you think at all. It’s not another diet. It’s not anything else that you think. It involves your healing mindset and you tapping into it ultimately. If your health is declining, you have a sick mindset.

It’s completely subconscious. You’re unconsciously perpetuating the sickness without even knowing it. That’s what I’m hoping through the energy that I put forth through this blog, that you really understand that. 

Psychology, physiology, and immunology are all linked, just like the mind, emotions, physical, and spiritual. We can’t separate them. In the field of conventional medicine and holistic medicine, integration is what’s lacking for autoimmune patients. When we seek options to feel better, we don’t know what we’re looking for exactly. 

All I wanted to do was feel better, but I didn’t know what my future meant. When my doctor told me it would be incurable, I would have to rethink having kids, getting married, and all the things. I read 20 years ago when there was no internet that the lifespan for a lupus patient was 10 years. What that meant was that I was going to die in 10 years. I didn’t know what that meant. So I didn’t even know what I was looking for. And I know many of you are here not knowing what you’re looking for. 

So ask yourself, do you really believe you can reverse your autoimmunity? That’s the number one question. Chances are deeply seated and you have a lot of doubt. When you have doubts,  you’re not in alignment. You might do all the things to help your body, but then internally, if you’re not aligned, that’s never going to stick. That’s the premise that I want to talk about because how can we? We are told by doctors that we have an incurable disease or that they don’t know what the diagnosis is. 

When you become sick and struggling with physical symptoms, it will spiral you downward. This is when we must stop looking outside of ourselves and look within ourselves. Finally take responsibility for our own health. After 21 years of studying with the best of the best, I realized they don’t know. They don’t know what they don’t know. So this requires your discernment. It requires you to be wise and tap into your inner guidance, something we were never taught. 

Your Health is 100% Reflection of You

Whatever mental limitations you have, you take with you to create or sabotage your health. If you don’t uncover these hidden tendencies that you have, you’ll never get well.

Most people believe that their health is all about medications, diet, supplements, treatments, exercise, medication, and everything else. We identify with health. But what I want you to understand is that your health is a direct reflection of who you are as a person. It refers to how you think, how you feel, how you act, and create the results in your life. The results you achieve in your health and life are a direct reflection of you as a person. 

Most autoimmune patients think they’re sick, broken, and need to do all the things. What they don’t realize is that whatever mental limits they have, they bring them to their approach in life.

They go searching for solutions from the experts and doctors thinking the solution is outside. That is the victim mindset. “I need help” versus “I can help myself.” That’s empowered versus disempowered. I’m not saying don’t ask for help. That just shows that strength and vulnerability,  and victimhood and vulnerability are two very different things. I personally think vulnerability is overused too.

You need discernment, wisdom, and inner guidance. You need to be able to tap into it because we no longer live in a world where we can be superficial. It’s not about what I say. You’re going to be more interested in what I do and how I show up.

That puts forth the energy by which it decides whether you can trust me or not. That’s the difference. 

You’re what you are identified with. When somebody asks you who you are, do you say you’re an autoimmune patient? Because that’s an identification you’re already identified with. Just say your name and what you do. Remember, the diagnosis is separate from you. You’re not the disease, rather you’re the thinker of the disease. Stop identifying yourself as a sick victim and start to identify yourself as a self-empowered healer. We must change the perspective because from that place of being self-empowered all the things that you do suddenly gains momentum. Then you start to improve from 30% to 100% cured. 

As opposed to one foot in and one foot out. Constantly in doubt, self-sabotage over and over again. You would take a few steps forward then take many steps back. That’s when you tell yourself, “Doctors are right. It’s incurable.”

That’s how I live my life for the first decade of my lupus journey. That didn’t really work. Think about how you’re showing up every day in your life. What are the obstacles to your health and wellness? There’s a lot of reasons why you believe you can’t do something. We have all the reasons as to why we can’t do something. It’s the limiting beliefs that you hold about yourself that are keeping you back and small.

My program is all about unleashing all that for you to come out, to be fully confident, and aligned with who you are no matter what so that your body can start to heal itself.

I want you to know the connection between the brain, mind, and thoughts. Your thoughts about you are the characteristics. What characteristics and ways of being involved for optimal health? As I shared with you, I grew up in a strict Asian family. There are some cultural norms and conditioning that I didn’t agree with, but were forced to accept as my own truth. For example, my mom never went to college. Women didn’t have the same rights as men in Korea after the war. She was forced into an arranged marriage with my dad. She was unhappy and lived her life vicariously through her kids. And she always pushed me to do better, to try harder, and always make an effort. Do or die. That was the mentality that I live by. 

The interpretation I made as a young girl was that I’m not good enough. I’m not worthy. So I’m constantly overworking and overthinking perfectionism. Because I have to be. There’s no other way. In conclusion, that drove me to my sickness. Living from that place of perfectionism and control was how I lived my life to mask my insecurities. I had everything planned out until lupus sent me off the rails. It wasn’t until I learned that I have deep-seated, self-loathing, self-betrayal, and self disregard. I began to pay attention to the conversations I was having with myself. It was the meanest thing ever. I didn’t want me as a friend. 

I wanted to reveal that for you so that you understand that self-love is the ultimate path to your inner awakening. It’s absolutely necessary because if you don’t have self-love, you’re not gonna want to take care of yourself.

Let’s talk a little bit about the science of the brain. In a study conducted in 2008 at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, they found out that we all operate on brain autopilot. The brain is physiology, it’s not the mind. It’s not the psychology, not your thoughts, but it’s your brain. You think you’re making decisions, but you’re not. They discovered that 95% of your decisions are ready for you. We’re all literally working from an unconscious brain autopilot. 

When you’re on your autopilot, most of what you make is not based on conscious reasoning. You’re not logical, but you’re illogical. We do things without knowing why. Your brain has you operating on autopilot. It’s how we’ve evolved to make things more efficient. You don’t consciously make decisions. We don’t even know why we do what we do. 

You Don’t Consciously Make Your Decisions

Dr. Alex Pouget from the University of Rochester proves that most of your decisions aren’t based on conscious reasoning. When people reason why we do what we do, we assume we know. We refute our decisions after the fact. 

I want you to understand the three levels of your brain. Right at the base, it’s the reptilian brain. It’s the oldest part of the brain. Then there’s the mammalian brain, which is the emotional part of the brain. Last is the prefrontal cortex, which is the analytical part. The neocortex is the newest part of the brain. 

But in truth, we don’t even realize what we are rationalizing when we make these decisions. The bottom line is that your brain has you functioning on autopilot. It’s automatic when it comes to your habits and your habits create results in your life. Habits are controlled by a small part of the brain. And that little part of the brain is called the reptilian. It is all about keeping you safe. It thinks as long as it’s convenient, easy, and familiar, even if it’s slowly killing you. Your reptilian brain wants to do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. It’s not very smart.

The mammalian part of the brain is where it’s highly emotionally charged. Then there’s the prefrontal cortex, which is the executive thinking part of the brain. We want to learn to use a little bit more for discernment to connect the analytical mind with our heart and let that be in alignment. Most of us think that we can logically think our way through life and health. You think you know, but all your decisions are already made for you. That’s something that I want you to wake up to. The reptilian brain is the oldest portion of the brain that is what’s running your life right now.

You Operate on “Brain AutoPilot”

 I want you to understand how your brain works so that you can hack your way into it. The more you can understand the way we are wired to think, the more it helps you to elevate your thinking in a way that starts to serve you. It’s like your brain is on autopilot. You respond without thinking.

How many of you have seen a traffic light? When it’s red, you immediately stop. It’s pretty automatic. We learned at once that synaptic pathways happen so fast. It happens the same way for green and yellow traffic lights. Stoplights, like your thoughts, will occur on their own. You’ll have these analytical notions about things you want to produce. But all you’re doing is turning up and your brain is doing the work for you. You can do that same thing every single day, too. 

Your health is also a reflection of you. Your health is also on autopilot. That’s why diets are so hard. A lot of people go on diets, but they can’t change their behavior. They might do it for a week, but then they revert back to the same pattern. The habits are so hard to break. So whatever unconscious habits that you have, they happen for you automatically. You’re not even aware that they’re happening. 

And because your health is a reflection of you, it’s what you learned. Whatever unconscious habits you have is not really obvious to you. You don’t think about them. They happen automatically for you, and you’re not even aware of it. How can you fix something that you’re not even aware of? That’s why you need all the help.

Behavior Vs. Thoughts and Habits

Let’s talk about behavior versus thoughts and habits. How does this play out in our health? Well, you can have habits of thought, commitment, self-integrity, interpretations, et cetera. A lot of people have difficulty with a commitment to whatever it is. Observing their behavior, they don’t have committed thoughts about what they want to be. Their beliefs about commitment do not play out in their lives. 

I hear a lot of autoimmune patients say, “I really want to get well.” But there is a difference between wanting something and being committed to something. Wanting is a very passive thing. So when we go further, they give me all the reasons like “I don’t have enough money.” or “I don’t have enough time.” All the reasons why they don’t want to change are because that’s all they know.

What does commitment mean? Most people don’t really understand commitment at the subconscious level. Your unconscious paradigms are different. They already learned habits about commitment. How you do anything is how you do everything. If you are the type of person who doesn’t necessarily commit to something, you’re probably repeating the same thing. You justify that decision that you made based on your conditioning. Then you have a lot of excuses for it. It’s not until you are able to look in the mirror and be honest with yourself that you’re able to do the things so that you can shift and change. 

You don’t wake up and think about commitments. We just get up and do what we do every day. Our habits repeat themselves.

There was a marathon runner who broke the Guinness World Records. He broke the four-minute mile. Ever since he did that, there’ve been so many other people who took the chance to break the record. It is because the ceiling’s lifted and the jail cell is open in their limited mindset that everybody’s doing it. It’s the same thing with Tiger Woods. He brought new athleticism and came into golf. Now, look at all the golfers. It’s miraculous what happens when we open the doors. I want to do the same thing for autoimmunity. The blockages that we have to hold us down by the medical establishment telling us what we can’t do, can’t see the sun, can’t do this.

I want to challenge them. How do they know? Ultimately they don’t know I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I want everyone to understand that whatever you have right now in life or in your health, you have it because you’re accustomed to having it. There’s more on habits here. But what you need to really understand is that habits aren’t the only behavioral patterns you observe, like writing down your goals to be healthy every day, or doing whatever thing that people tell you. That’s not a habit. Habits are automatic subconscious. 

You are in “the Habit” of Everything You Do, BE, and Have

Health success comes down to training yourself and your habits. Creating or destroying your health is about being in the habit of doing it. So whatever habits you have in your health, you’ve learned to have many years ago. You trained yourself those habits and trained them through socialization – your parents and everything else.

So you think about your autoimmunity, what went wrong? Autoimmunity really is an intolerance to yourself. It’s yourself rejecting you. It’s your body telling you something’s up. So unless you look at the psychology behind the somatic or the physical symptoms, you’ll never be in alignment. Yet we focus on the physiology waiting and hoping for it to change for the doctors to figure it out.  They take no responsibility. Many people get triggered by my messaging because they’re like, “Well, it’s incurable,” “You’re a quack,” “I can’t heal,” “This is the medication. It’s the only thing that works.” But guess what? For those people, this program is not for you. And that’s okay.

People choose and make decisions. But again, your health is a reflection of who you are. It goes back to that. 

I want you to believe that you can heal because you can. Doing your habits. Forced execution versus mental habits to support the behavior is what I’m talking about. If I told you, you have to get on an elimination diet, you have to take these supplements. You have to do this and you have to do that, but you’re already self-loathing and you’re already unworthy.

We can’t do who we are not. So if you hate yourself, you don’t even know what you’re hating yourself for. Then you’re going to always not really hope for yourself. You’re going to just kind of dismiss it. Thinking you’re helping yourself, but subconsciously you’re totally sabotaging your health, and blowing the concept of health and habits becomes self-sabotage.

Remember the reptilian brain is automatic and the thinking part of the brain stops working. I want you to understand your attitude. What is your attitude every day? Do you wake up sick, sad, or hopeless? Try to force it and change the behavior. Knowing that that’s what you have to do. I must do it right. I have to do that right without the programming change. You have to change the hardware before you can change the software. 

Most of you are living from fear of everything about the world. Today’s all about fear-mongering and you tend to, when you’re in a state of fear, we protect our limitations. Like I told you from a number of people making declarations about auto-immunity, they want to fight with me and tell me it’s incurable. Think about their disposition about their condition. 

I have an oncologist friend who says the mindset of the patient is the most important in their prognosis. So whatever dispositions, attitudes, emotions, thoughts, and inclinations you have, these things ultimately become habits of thinking. You work with them every day to create health or to sabotage your health. Looking at it is imperative if you really want to get well. 

So what is truly your identity? Not the identity that’s given to you by the world, but who you really are. Are you working from a disempowered victim or a self-empowered healer?

It’s two drastically different reasons to live. You don’t wake up and say, “Oh, I’m a disempowered victim.” It’s the thought that can’t heal. But you don’t tell yourself, cause it’s subconscious. It’s the belief you hold. You might do all the things, but you don’t believe you’re going to heal. So therefore your body produces evidence that you won’t heal and you just get sicker and sicker. The body heals itself is the shift that we want to make.

Your Identity is Your Self-Image

At the conscious level, if you have good paradigms about health, you’ll be healthy. If you don’t have good paradigms about your health, then you will always struggle. It doesn’t have to be hard. We never operate outside of our self-image. If our identity is always negative and thinking that we’re worthless, well, guess what, you’ve declared that’s who you are. 

A strong identity is upheld by the capacity to realize your life’s purpose and live. It is the ultimate goal. Those who stay from their purpose, lose their own identity. And later strive to assign meaning to their life. In fact, many of you, including myself, were given the purpose to live. I live to make my mom happy. That became a constant pattern because I, myself was unworthy unless I made other people happy.

People in intimate relationships have similar feelings of losing their identity. These examples highlight the cause of attaching one’s identity to the action. Being, doing, and having does not define identity. Your ego adds a layer to the form self to keep it safe while safeguarding its position in the world. What if you fail to realize your purpose, or if your relationship dissolved? What is your identity? 

Your Identity Controls Your Success in Health and Life

This is a common experience for those who endure autoimmunity. Most of you have created a jail cell, which is completely open, but you’re too scared to explore outside of the cell. You have rationalized it by saying, “Oh well, but I have kids. I have to do it for the kids. It’s a sacrifice.” Self-betrayal is more like it. It’s not a sacrifice. Your kids don’t need a sacrificial mom. They need a role model to adapt to. If your mom or dad is not happy, that’s not good parenting. That’s the misconstrued information. 

Your health is your responsibility, and I’m trying to trigger you to step into your power.

For example, I’m a parent and I’ve dieted before. I’m a career woman and built my business. I’ve gone to school and done the work, but do I look to you to do the parenting for me? Do I look to you to diet for me? Do I look to you to create success in my business? To finish my schoolwork? Can’t do that. But yet we do it for our health. If you’re not being, how can you do the things you need to do?

Being sick is not your natural state, health is your natural state. So ask yourself what identity would I need to have to create optimal health? Successful people’s identity versus unsuccessful people’s only differences in their beliefs and self-image. It’s self-confidence. Your identity drives your life and health. 

Health is scarce. 80% of those reading this are experiencing health challenges. I used to be a health bunny in the name of self-sabotage and self-loathing because I wanted to change my body. So I punished my body in the name of health. And I mistakenly did that, believing that I was helping me. Out and do stuff all day long, not realizing that they’re hurting themselves. So ask yourself what attitude, dispositions, emotions, thinking, or inclination do you have every single day? Because the chances are, you never think about it.

Your sense of self refers to your perception of the cumulative characteristics that define you up to this point in time. When you know who you are and you live in this alignment, you no longer get swayed by what you think or what other people say you should do. This is the work we do in our program. Fully step into your authentic self and generate the power from within so that you can become a self-empowered healer. 

You have to understand that you have problems. Not because of what you think, but because of how you think. A problem can never be solved at the level that it was created. So you have to change. No matter what you think, you’re at the capacity of being right now. You’re the best you could be. You’re probably living at 10% of your potential. There’s so much more than you can be coming forth.

The Hierarchy of Being

The hierarchy of being has three levels. There’s the thought, which is the lowest level. And then there is the consciousness. Then we have the mind we function in. We exist in three ways. We existed at the level of the mind, level of consciousness, and level of thoughts. Mind is like God, cosmic force, universal energy, or the whole universe is the mind. It’s the highest level of consciousness. 

Then there’s the consciousness. For example, you get a heart attack, and they shock you. Why shock you with the electricity? It’s because we’re bioelectrical, and consciousness is electrical. We have some synaptic connections and exchanges happening electrically all throughout our body, through our central nervous system. This is all to do with physiology. 

Then the lowest level is our thoughts. We wake up in the morning, we talk, we worry about our past, present, and future. Waste our energy on the things that we don’t want. We don’t want what happens with our kids, their grades, the mortgage payments, the health, the labs, or the hospital bills. This is the lowest level of thought. It cycles like a hamster wheel. That’s what we do every single day. 

So I want you to understand that most of us aren’t even conscious that we’re alive. We wake up and get the cell and all the to-do things on the hamster wheel of stress. This cycle happens over and over every single day. But remember, at the level of the mind we experience that we’re alive. At the level of consciousness, we are aware of our tendencies. At the level of the thoughts, it’s like overthinking and overanalyzing. Just being dense and small.

You are the Thinker of Your Thoughts

I learned this from my mentoring coach, Jim Fortin, and he says, “You’re not your thoughts, you’re the thinker of your thoughts.” This changed everything for me. You’re not sick, you’re a human being having sick thoughts. You’re not overwhelmed, you’re just a human being, having that experience. So change your thoughts. It’s as simple as that. 

We tend to get caught in a thought storm. This is called horizontal thinking. And this is what most people do. One thought leads to another hundred other thoughts. And it’s usually negative. “If I don’t have the money, I can’t pay the mortgage, then my kids get out of school.” You have these scenarios over and over hundreds of other thoughts, creating this negative thinking. This is the high level of thinking that allows for solutions. Shift your consciousness, be aware of it. And at the level of the mind, you’re able to look for the solutions.

 How many of you have ever been to New York City? On the street, most practitioners and most patients focus on what they see immediately. They don’t even know where they’re going. They hope they’ll find the solution as they walk down the streets. But higher-level thinking is looking at it from a top view. High allows you to see the big picture. What I mean is that what’s lacking in our field is integrating psychology, neuroscience, physiology, and ancient wisdom to finally be able to connect the puzzle pieces together.

Your Self Healing Journey

This is what I share in the self-healing journey. And this is what I take my patients through. Our bodies are like a tree. We have to look at the bottom root level, what is covering the soil and what’s at the root of that inner awakening so that you can manifest whatever it is. Remember you are who you are on the inside. You can’t be who you’re not. The work is in transforming into the Alkaline Shift.

This is the work we do together in our amazing program. Changing the lives of the patients that we serve. I really hone in on the mind mastery formula, understanding that your thoughts are an illusion. What’s real is your ability to think about your thoughts. You are the thinker of your thoughts and you move your attention to whatever else. This is the vertical highest level of thought because you’re able to transition.

Health is a Matter of Character

Remember you want to focus on the characteristics of being one who has self-love, self-respect, self-confidence, focus, strength, resilience, choice, compassion, and commitment towards the thing that you want to create. You want to focus on these characteristics so that you can move through to really be, do, and have

This is the success model. You have to first be healthy right now and think about the characteristics of utilizing the mind mastery method so that you can step into that power. From that place of being a self-empowered healer, then you start to go to work. Things happen much faster to have health in your life. You can’t have doubt

This is a great myth of doing, “If I do more, I’ll have more.” I live like this for too long to know it doesn’t work. Remember when you change your mind, it’s then possible to become who you want to be. That’s ultimately what I want for you. For most, wanting more equals doing more. Everything is an uphill battle. Doing more is not sustainable. Trust me, it’s going to be short-term and your mind and your brain will work against you every step of the way. 

Being really is the Genesis of creating. If you’re not getting what you want in your life right now, especially in light of your health, it’s because you’re not being the person and possessing the qualities that you require. I want you to be who you need to be. Here’s the master question that I want to leave you with. What am I committed to and who do I need to be to make it happen? Think about the characteristics. 

10 Big thoughts that I will leave you with:

  1. The brain decides for you.
  2. Subconscious and unconscious habits rule your life. 
  3. Mindset is super important. Are you in victimhood or are you empowered? 
  4. What’s the subconscious identity that you’ve been programmed with? 
  5. Stories and interpretations you tell yourself on the daily become aware of them. 
  6. What’s your level of thinking? Is it at the thought level? Is it at the consciousness level or is it level at the mind or level of the mind?
  7. The most common reason why most people are stuck and plateaued in their health is that they don’t know where they’re going. They have no vision for what they want. They live from what other people want for them. And they work from their past instead of the possibility of the future. 
  1. They lack self integrity, self-trust, self-love, and self-responsibility. They’re full of resentment, blame, and victimhood, without even knowing that they’d lack an understanding of commitment and values that they uphold. They have limiting beliefs about self and self betrayal. And they have little to no understanding of mind-body connection. 
  2. They have destructive unconscious habits. They tend to self-sabotage every day.
  3. Congruent, unconscious identity. You’re going at it from multiple directions being swayed by the world of how they want you to be.

So ask yourself, what do you want in 2021? The skills that got you up to this point won’t get you to the next level. Here’s another very expensive question. What is the price you have paid up until now and are still paying for not knowing what you learned today and not mastering it in the future?

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