Inflammation And How It Affects Your Autoimmunity

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Hey everyone! So today I want to talk about inflammation as being the sole driver of autoimmunity. It’s the sole driver of any type of disease, really. The way I want you to think about it is autoimmunity is titled a certain way. Autoimmunity is autoimmunity, cancer is another inflammatory condition, and cardio-metabolic issues are also inflammatory conditions.

All of the things that we experience in the symptoms that we have through autoimmunity is due to the lessened tolerance we have to the toxins that come in. The toxins we are exposed to all around us are in the air we breathe, the foods we consume, the thoughts we think, the feelings we feel, and the stressors in our relationships. They’re all perceptive stressors that are there.

The question is, why did our immune system wage war against our own body tissue? That’s what I’m going to explain. So, I want you to think about that, because analogy always worked really well. I want you to think about the way our immune system is always defending our body. It’s almost like our military system. They defend our country from all of the outside attacks from the rest of the world.

But, in a war zone, there’s the defenders. As long as we have the defensive mechanisms in place, we don’t get attacked. Even if there is a war zone, we’re able to then clear out all of the remnants of the war zone that come into our body. So, we have this ability to quickly have an acute response to increase our white blood cells. We increase our temperature, get all red, painful, and swollen. All of these things create a demand for white blood cells.

Seeing Inflammation as a Pot of Boiling Water

The immune system activates and then it cleans out and kills the bug. Our immune system has surveillance systems. It’s always awake, always looking for foreign particles. It starts to get confused with our own cells or DNA debris leftover from the war zones. It starts to attack our own DNA.

Let’s say you have a pot of water that’s boiling. You want to get it to a boiling point, but we have it on simmer mode. When it’s simmering, I want you to think about a simmering point. That’s the immune response. As long as we turn it off, we’re completely shut off. Then, all of the contents in the pot stay in the pot. It’s clean and everything is done. It comes back to baseline.

What becomes a problem is when we do have a heightened immune system. Then, the water comes to a boiling point and we’re not able to pull it down to a simmering mechanism. When we can’t lower or dial down the immune response, or the fire, the water spills over. When the water spills over, you can’t put the water back in the pot. The damage is done.

This is how I want you to think about inflammation. Everything that we do in my Autoimmune Health Transformation program is really focused on anti-inflammatory effects for your body. It’s about shutting whatever windows were open through our digestive tract. We were trying to attach a lot of immunoglobulins, microbiome health, and all of the supplements, geared towards getting the leaky gut fixed and closing all of the windows.

What is Inflammation?

Then, once the windows were closed, we wanted to kill the bug inside, by driving the detox pathways in our body, through our liver and kidneys, to clear everything out. We poop and pee everything that is processed out of us, out of the fat cells. We mobilize these toxins out of the cells to get them out of the body. That was the focus.

Then, we want to establish a new baseline. So, that’s what I want to you to think about. That’s why we do what we do. All autoimmunity is inflammatory. It’s pro-inflammatory cytokines that we want to decrease as well, as all disease really is inflammatory and aging itself is inflammatory. So, we want to dial down the inflammation and that’s what we want to focus on.

What exactly is inflammation? Like I said, it’s a protective response by the body to a variety of harmful toxins in our lives. There are toxins in the air we breathe, foods we eat, thoughts we think, feelings we feel, which all comes from the relationships that we have with people that might be stressful. We have a lot of stressful relationships, especially when we’re sick, causing our stress levels to increase. Not to mention, we’ve got a lot of bacteria coming at us as well. Yeast overgrowth is a very common thing, because ecologically within our body, everything’s sort of more acidic in nature.

All Efforts Are to Reduce Inflammation

Everything acidic is more pro-inflammatory and in the driving of the inflammation, it can regulate more of the dormant bad genes to really match up. So, we become whatever was recessive or repressed before when we’re healthy turns up, so everything becomes a flood. When there’s a flood, the damage control is super hard. That’s why we want to make sure that we do the least amount of damage.

We’re like an ecological system within, so it’s in our best to interest to try not to kill the good things. So, we want to preserve the health of ourselves. Unlike the medical treatments, our position is to do it in a way that creates homeostasis within to drive anti-inflammatory pathways to be reestablished. The baseline is really what this is.

So, we have a normal response to any type of virus or bacterial infection. If you’re ever had a bladder infection or some type of flu or cold, you know that you get a fever. These are the sign of inflammation. We get swollen, so we raise our white blood count and everything tries to kill the bug, Then, after a few days of drinking lots of Vitamin C, zinc, selenium, and Vitamin D, immunologically boosting supplements, we start to fight. We fight off the flu or cold and then return to the baseline.

That’s a normal response. It’s serving us in our best interest. The adaptive immune response is when, again, the level of inflammation goes up, and then it’s back to the baseline. But, for us, our baseline is higher because we’ve got some simmering going on all the time. Our body is inflamed. So, we want to keep it dialed down.

Reliance on Medications to Reduce Inflammation

The only way that the medical system knows how to do this is to give us chemotherapeutic agents or corticosteroids, which are, in essence, anti-inflammatory. But, they have side effects. So, we get more and more cells. It drives a whole body into more of an acidic state. This is why sometimes, short term, medications might be effective and powerful. But, at some point, we have to be forward thinking, to make sure we do damage control.

We need to make sure that we move the needle towards more alkalinity and constantly helping our bodies to recover, not be dependent on the medications. It’s just a band-aid that they put on to decrease the symptoms. Medications are never going to cure you. That’s the way we get locked and trapped in the medical system. Their very business model is to keep us sick. So, if one medication doesn’t work, they’ll give you another.

That’s why a lot of autoimmune patients have multiple symptoms and different diseases. They might have cardio-metabolic issues, diabetes, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, hypertension, etc. All of these things are secondary. So, we have to be vigilant about improving our odds at not getting those things and only utilize the medications in the context of what’s in the best interest for our body’s survival.

Taking Responsibility for Your Healing

But, remember, you’re here because you want to thrive, not just survive and get by. So, over time, this pro-inflammatory state of your body can cause damage. It can cause faster aging. That’s why I promote so much of everything that we can possibly do, even though we don’t feel like it is driving anti-inflammatory effects. I want you muscles to be stronger, for you to be more flexible, and for you to have better metabolism. I want to enhance your detoxification and make sure you’re eliminating all the things biochemically.

Elimination by physically moving, eating, and in the way you think about things, as well as the feelings and actions you take. These three central things require you to think differently, because you are not your thoughts, you are the thinker of your thoughts. Our thoughts play a key role in everything that we do and the results that we have around us.

The reason why you’re here is because I want the responsibility. I want you to take personal responsibility in knowing that you’re in charge of your health and healing. It’s when we give that power away that we are subject to all of the other reactive things. When we’re reactive to what’s happening to the world around us, we give our power away, so we’re just subject to whatever comes at us.

Take Life Into Your Own Hands

We live as if live is happening to us, but I don’t want you to be that way. I want you to take life into your own hands. Taking responsibility puts power back in your control so that you start to drive your condition and do everything can you do, no matter what and despite evidence to the contrary. Even when you’re flaring out, you know that this is your responsibility. Health really is your responsibility.

Being sick and needing medications is the very small context by which your doctors operate. Even the spectrum of holistic medical practitioners will usually only give you one little linear approach to whatever it is. If it’s an acupuncturist, it’s acupuncture. If it’s a nutritionist, they’ll give you the nutrition, usually a specific diet. A functional medical doctor will test you and give you a boatload of supplements.

I want you to understand that you’ve got to move to metabolize, detoxify, and eliminate. You’ve got to eat the right things, but it’s not just about the eating. Eating is an act, which is subject to your feelings. Feelings are triggered by the thoughts. That’s why I go deep in this work with you, to understand that you are in control of what you’re thinking and feeling, so that you can do the things necessary to create the results.

Signs of Inflammation

I hope you are seeing the full cycle of what I’m trying to get you to do. It’s a drastically different approach from everything that is out there. I want you in control over your own health. I want you to tune into your body so that you have dominion over it. Then, when you go to see any holistic or conventional medical doctor, you are smart and savvy about what’s right for you. That way, you drive whatever it is that you’re going to do for you with knowledge, confidence, commitment, and courage to speak up, so that you know what’s best for you. This is a unique opportunity for you to really master yourself.

I want to talk about the four cardinal signs of inflammation. Number one is redness. When you get bit, it gets red, it swells, and then there’s heat. It gets hot, we get a fever, and then we have pain. Then, the fifth thing, if you drive that inflammation long enough, is loss of function. In our case, when we drive our immune system so much, it has lost function because we have autoimmunity now. So, that’s how I want you to think about that.

Then, there are two different things. There’s an acute inflammatory response, which is when we’re activity fighting something or we’re in a flare of some sort, with our autoimmunity driving the sickness or the cytokine. So, no matter what autoimmune condition you have, we’re always thinking anti-inflammatory. How can we put the fire out? That’s why these toxic chemotherapeutic agents and biologics that are specific to autoimmunity decrease inflammation, control pain, and all of those things. It’s a matter of classes of these drugs and benefits outweighing the consequences.

Stepping Away From a Reliance on Medications

I want you to step out of that. If you have to resort to that, which I have many times, it needs to be short-term. At some point, you can’t rely on it because they will keep you on those medications for life and they won’t saying anything about it. You’re the one who needs to say that your goal is to get off these things and get out of the flare, to decrease inflammation so that you can do these things and establish a better baseline.

That’s what I’m teaching you to do, so that you’re more aware of this. Chronic inflammation is a longer duration and starts with acute inflammation that subsides, but just drags on. Like I said, it’s not the immune system, but the remnants of the war zone that can never be fully cleaned out. That’s why I think massively into anti-inflammatory detoxification, elimination, and metabolism.

I want to do those things for your body. That’s why we lead with the detoxification, to wipe it clean. Many of you might need to go on it a little bit longer to make sure everything is swept clean. Depending on the time you’ve had it as well as the intensity by which you’ve had this inflammation, we might have to prolong that process. So, that’s the individual difference that we have, but typically this big dive of cleaning up the system, decreasing inflammation, building up your gut, and nourishing yourselves while getting rid of all of the toxins is a number one priority in everything that we do.

Changing Your Feelings

I want you to know that when you have inflammation, think about your blood getting stick. It’s not fluid and doesn’t really flow, but gets sticky. When this happens, you get swollen and start to gain a lot of weight, because it’s not able to clear things out, and these things get slower. You start to have pain in your myofasical tissue, which gets stiffer. We see all of these signs and symptoms of decreasing metabolism, detoxification, and elimination.

Digestive issues, fatigue, and brain fog ensure because of the backed up garbage, if you will, in your body, that’s not able to clear itself for faster and efficient metabolism. That’s the way I want you to think about why you do what you do. Pay really close attention to the thoughts you have every single day. You have the choice, no matter how you wake up, to choose to select better feelings. Choose to think about in the way you think about what clothes you’re going to wear.

Let’s say you woke up this morning feeling overwhelmed with everything that’s happening in the world. You don’t feel good because you’ve got so much ache and pain. I want you to think about not having a bad day because of it, but choosing a better thought that will produce better feelings. If we’re subjecting ourselves to live by our feelings everyday, it’s going to be fluctuant. It’s dependent on so many different things. We have this reptilian mind that’s going to keep us shackle to our feelings and we get enslaved by that.

Feel the Feelings That Serve You

Don’t be that person. Rise above it, transcend it, and decide to transform and mutate the feelings in a way that allows you to take charge over what you’re going to think. It’s almost like you want to think about having many sets of glasses and depending on what shade, it’s all perception. That perception is dependent on the thoughts you have, which dictate the feelings you have.

I want you to think about that power you have to drive the actions or inactions toward the goal that you want to have. You believing that your condition is not curable doesn’t help you, so believe that you can cure yourself. From that place, assume that you are cured right now and be that person that you want to be right now. That’s the key and the transformation

If you are where you are, there’s a gap between where you are sick and where you want to be. In this way, you’ll always be approaching it from a place of lacking. That lack is going to be that bridge that is difficult to cross, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Take Responsibility for Your Health

But, when you assume the position of, okay I want to be well and pain free, you have to assume those thoughts and believe it right now. Change your thoughts around it and choose better feelings. From that place of being in alignment, you can take the actions. I promise you, without a shadow of a doubt, you will get there. This is all prove science. I live through this every single day with you. I’m a living example of what’s possible, as I used to be super sick. I want you to really stay with high hopes and believe in what you can accomplish, never losing focus.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s message. If you did, please subscribe to our Mind Your Health podcast and my YouTube channel. Make sure to join my private Facebook group, the Tribe of Autoimmune Health Rebels, as well. Thank you for joining me, I’ll speak to you all next week.

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