Inside-Out Approach to Health Transformation

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Many of us think of health as an afterthought. But many don’t know that there must be an inside-out approach to health transformation.  Health is a natural state of being for most of us.  We bring attention to our health only when it creates an inconvenience in our lives.  For example, when we are not able to “live” our lives as we normally would.  

This means that our natural state of being is in health.  But too many of today live sub-optimally and marginally and have adapted to the new normal.  

Many people don’t move on the regular. They can’t physically function such as walk or jog a mile without missing a beat.  As we get older, it gets worse unless we make it a habit to move. The only way to mobilize toxins out of our every joint is to move.

What is a Healthy Lifestyle? 

What constitutes health?  If it is a state of being, then it is naturally a state of mind.  Because a healthy body and mind require a healthy lifestyle.  Healthy lifestyle requires healthy behaviors every single day in our food choices, our choice to exercise, manage stress and have a healthy relationships.

All such lifestyles are “actions” that we take.  Without a healthy mind, we can’t take healthy actions.  

Our lives right now are the reflection of our thoughts.  All that you have or do not have is a result of your thoughts. Such thoughts may be so conditioned that they become beliefs that are deeply ingrained in you. 

If that’s the case, it’s hard to change something that you believe to be true. Unless we are completely anchored and aligned in our beliefs, we can’t live out our core values.  Just because we take “actions” to make changes in our lives doesn’t guarantee that we will change long term.

This is why people try many diets and fail at it year after year.  Other things that people keep failing at include getting fit, making money and starting a business. Unless you truly are anchored and aligned with your beliefs and take actions from that place, you’ll always revert back to your old ways without changing.  

This is simply the law of human nature.  We can take actions and get busy doing, but unless we start being the person we want to be right now, we can’t do our way toward our goals.  We must first change who we are and begin to BE that person.

Shifting From Within

This requires an internal shift.  It can’t be something that someone else recommended, prescribed or ordered you to do.  You are the only person who is capable of shifting your own thoughts and feelings.  

We are not our thoughts. We are the thinkers of our thoughts.  Our thoughts are the stories about ourselves that we constantly tell ourselves to feel and behave to create the results in our lives. Thoughts precede feelings and feelings are vibrations and frequencies in our bodies that prompt us to take action or inaction to create the results in our lives that validate our thoughts.

Please hear me.  Most of you have the laws of human nature backward.  You can’t do your way to achieve your goals.  

You must first BE healthy so that you can do whatever to have the healthy body you want.  But too often, we are busy doing what is based on external input from the world, such as your doctor, influencers on social media, authors, experts, etc.    And you think to yourself, if only you can have health, you would then do all the things.

But it doesn’t work that way.  This is proven by the growing diet industry.  The truth is that diets don’t work because diets are “actions” that we take without transforming from the inside. To have success with your diet, you need an inside-out approach to health transformation.

Regaining Control

Remember, we have circumstances in our lives that we have no control over.  However, we do have control over the thoughts that we have about our circumstances that create our feelings. This is a vibration in our body which drives our actions or inactions.  Cumulative actions or inactions are what cause results in our lives.  

And everything that we are offered as autoimmune patients are “actions” we should take, such as a certain diet, supplements, exercise, etc. These are all things that we DO without really changing our thoughts and beliefs about what and why we do what we do.

We are whole beings.  We possess the ability to think, feel, do and create results.  This means that we are powerful in our lives.  We are not our thoughts; we are the thinkers of our thoughts.  You and I can choose to think any thought that we want and choose to BE healthy. From that place, we can take actions that are anchored, aligned and true to our core values. Only then can we begin our healing and transform our health and lives.

This is the universal law that needs to be emphasized in our healthcare system.  So if you’ve been frustrated with marginal effects from all that you do, how about you flip the Do, Be, Have model and turn it upside down to Be, Do, Have.  

I promise this will provide you with a new sense of control and power that you always had.  We are miraculous beings, and it’s important to live and BE healthy right now.

Elevate your thinking to BE your best, so that you can be empowered to do your best, so that you can embody the best version of yourself in all aspects of your life.  I will talk to you all soon.

To learn more about Dr. Connie’s inside-out approach to health transformation, click HERE.

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