Is Your Current Healthcare System in Alignment With What You Need?

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Hey, everybody! Thank you for joining me today. I want to talk to you about how your alignment means the most in terms of living the most successful life with autoimmunity.

I really want you to understand what I mean by “the medical system is failing.” Here’s the facts. They know disease. Medical doctors are trained to know disease, diagnose, and to treat. That’s all they know and what they can offer is medication. Pharmaceutical companies are what drives the whole medical system. That’s their business model.

Knowing that, I know that the research is really beneficial and it’s in my best interest, especially when I’m experiencing acute flares in my autoimmunity. When I have a motor vehicle accident and some type of an acute fracture in my bones, I want to be able to go to the emergency. I want to know that my doctors are there to treat me.

Living in Alignment with Your Goals

I’m talking about the long-term effects and long-term goals and visions that you should have for your life and be in alignment with, living with a chronic condition like autoimmunity. All doctors learn to tell you that it’s not curable and it’s a liability issue. Even when your labs say otherwise, they’re always scratching their heads and they will tell you that you’re in remission, but they’ll never tell you you’re cured.

You have an ICD-9 code, which is the coding system in the medical system to diagnose. You’re given a code in order to be able to bill services. It’s as if when the practitioner sees you, the code stays with you. Once you get diagnosed, you can’t even get life insurance. All of those things are out the door. It’s hard for you to get healthcare insurance. Thank goodness for Obamacare, which allowed us to get some health insurance, but before that it wasn’t even possible.

Sick Care vs. Healthcare

I really want you to understand what sick care is so that you can have a greater perspective and understanding of what you role is in taking care of you in your healthcare. What is health? We call it healthcare, healthcare practitioners, and doctors care about your health. But, what doctors treat is disease. Most of you don’t even go to a primary physician if you’re not sick. So, when you’re ending up at the doctor’s office, that means there’s something going on with you that you want a medication for. We all expect it. Then, we want to do a colonoscopy. There’s some breast exams and other standard things that we do, like pap smears and everything else.

Those are all preventative measures, hoping for the best that the thing is wrong. Outside of that, it’s really sick care. I want to make sure you all understand this. Your goal in life should be to stay out of the sick care system. I know intimately that the healthcare system is failing. Especially for those of us living with chronic conditions, because I see us get sick so often. We get a flare, so we get on a medication. Then, that medication has side effects, so they place us on another medication. Then, that medication has secondary effects and we need another medication. The list grows and grows.

The System is Broken

I’ve been a clinician for 20 years. When I was a registered dietician in California, I used to pay visits to elderly homes to make sure there were food-drug interactions and drug to drug interactions. I was part of this research. I found that these senior citizens were getting prescribed something from a cardiologist, something from a pulmonologist, from a gynecologist, and even a primary care physician. But, nobody was talking to each other. This was before EMR systems and computer systems. They had tons of medications, but they didn’t even know why they were taking them.

What you must know is that there is a big pharmaceutical industry that benefits from us being sick. There are these business systems in life that benefit from keeping us sick. So, you really have to be in alignment with and vigilant about what it is you’re going to do. Today was one of those days where I had to do a lot of clinical work. I saw a lot of patients and I do work a little bit of PRN for an innovative medical health integrative center.

There, I saw many of the patients, whose ages range from anywhere from 40 to 80. When they’re in pain, especially with musculoskeletal, and become debilitated, they’re chronically being prescribed medications. So much so, that they get dependent on them and they don’t take the edge off. These medications slowly degrade their gastric lining so that they then need something else for the gastric issues. If gastric issues persists, it starts to really become a problem because the gastric lining is the barrier to the outside world.

We Need More Empowered Rebels

I believe right now, in our state, that autoimmunity is on the rise, especially pre-autoimmunity. I can tell you that of the 10 patients I saw, probably eight of them were pre-autoimmune. There was a woman in her forties who was told that she had fibromyalgia after getting the nerve conduction studies, MRIs, EMGs, and all the testing. The testing couldn’t really pinpoint why, but she was in tears.

She was telling me that her life is not her own anymore because she just wants to go to sleep and never wake up, due to the pain she’s in. All of the doctors just keep telling her to take these medications and she’s getting treatments and going to physical therapy over and over again. But, nobody’s addressing her as the person.

These are the scenarios where I feel that you, as the patient, need to start to be empowered. You need to know what you have control over, which is the lack that we have in our medical system. You need to be in alignment with your responsibility to assume control over this. We must involve you, as the patient, to engage in your own care and empower you, rather than continuing to disempower you. If I hold myself as the expert, hide behind the lab coat, and tell you exactly what you need, I’m doing a disservice to you in your care.

Your Health is Your Responsibility

I really want to urge you to really be in alignment to the clear vision of exactly what you want to create in your life. Especially in health, the creation of it is up to you. I know many of you who are going through severe flares and whatnot want to just shut me out. What I say might trigger you in some way, but I really have this disease too. Having gone through the severity of what lupus can do physically, I’ve been really sick before. I’ve been sick because of an autoimmune condition, just like you. I struggled and I know the answer is not in a pill, supplement, or diet.

Those things can marginally help you, but what’s really going to heal you starts from the inside out. You have to change your perception and the lens by which you see the world. More importantly, you have to change the lens by which you see yourself. Unless that changes, nothing else will permanently change. You must be in alignment with the version of yourself and the health that you wish to create.

All of the dogmatic approaches of following this diet, taking this supplement, taking that adaptogen, or running this test are just holding onto the story that the external environment has all the answers. We’re waiting passively as bystanders for them to come up with the research to cure us. That’s never going to happen. It’s always going to be another medication. I’ve been hearing that there’s a lot of groundbreaking research being done with artificial intelligence and STEM cells, but that’s short of a miracle.

You Have the Power

Right now, your responsibility in your healthcare is huge. You have to stand in your power and really muster up the commitment and courage that you need to gain the capability and confidence to know that you’re the one in charge. You’re the one that is charge of this health and this life. Alignment with this responsibility is crucial. You can absolutely do this.

You need a team of professionals that will guide you and support you. Come join our Facebook group, the Tribe of Autoimmune Health Rebels. My role in life, my mission and vision, is to make sure to end all of the unnecessary suffering in the lives of disempowered autoimmune patients, so that you can become empowered rebels in your own right. It’s absolutely possible to start to create the health and life of your dreams. But, it’s a message that’s lacking in our community of autoimmunity.

I’m here to tell you that you can do it. Join me in my group. We just finished a week of training and closed the cart for my program. If interested, get in the group and learn more about it. We’re going to continue to work to refine our work, but I’m hoping that many of you come join me in this movement that I’ve created to create empowered health rebels in our community. We hold space for one another to grow and evolve beyond just surviving.

We want to be thriving in our lives, and that is absolutely possible. Believe me, I believe in you. That’s where it all starts. Don’t underestimate the power of miracles. But, that miracle, is only possible if you enlist in yourself and in your own self care. That’s what’s really missing in the messages on the internet. The power is within you, my friends, to live in alignment with this. With that, I’ll speak to you all next week.

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