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I recently realized that I don’t slow down long enough to reflect on my life.

This past year has been a busy period with the new Yoga space, expanding our wellness center, and of course all the programs that we’ve launched.

I’m in my 40’s now and Lupus has been my companion for some time now.

Lupus is Empowering

Last week, I was in our signature Hot Yoga class at Alkaline Wellness. I was flowing through our sequence, dripping sweat, and trying to reach for my foot for our Standing Bow.

It’s a pose that requires you to stand on one foot while keeping the pelvis square, core active, backbend without hyper arching, arm extended, head over shoulders, and shoulders drawn down.

All of this creates tremendous input and circuits to the brain, resulting in this beautifully challenging pose.

I had a flash back to when I was first diagnosed with Lupus.  Overwhelmed with weakness, pain, and fatigue, I felt out of control over my body and life so much so that I felt lost.

But there in front of the mirror, I locked eyes with myself, reflecting my suffering, strength, and love, all of which were converging to come together in this powerful pose.

I realized how in weakness we find strength, in sorrow we find true happiness, and in suffering we find joy.  Life ultimately is about the balance of polarities.

The feelings are so much more “felt” with Lupus.  

Because in sickness I found health, in hard times I found courage, and in pain I found pleasure in the simple things life has to offer.

Such dichotomies make life worth living.

Beauty is Found Within

When losing my hair to a point of having bald spots on my head, I almost lost my mind.  I frantically sought out dermatologists and immunologists in search of a magic pill as a solution to STOP the madness.

That was really the breaking point. 

I saw myself as who I truly was.  A woman who cared so deeply about beauty.

Perhaps possessing beauty was an identity for me.  When faced with no hair, I truly felt lost.

Desperate for a solution, I now have beauty supplements that work to help you get healthy locks. They’ve worked amazingly for me.

I no longer struggle with thin nails that rip like paper and lifeless thin hair that was barely hanging onto the follicles on my head.

Today I enjoy shiny, healthy locks that my own stylist raves about.  

But it wasn’t a simple process to get to where I am today. And it’s not just about the supplements that I take.

It was certain foods that I stopped eating, choosing to balance my life by getting rid of unnecessary stress, committing to getting stronger by practicing Yoga everyday, and realizing that the healing was fully within my control.

I began to cultivate self love toward myself and showed this love by doing everything to help myself heal.  

Mindset Shift

This mindset shift placed me in the drivers seat of my heath and life.

Rather than thinking my Doctors had all the answers, I got busy “doing” whatever it took to get healthy.  

I placed myself on an Elimination Diet plan and figured out what foods I can and can’t eat.

Slowly I began to heal but I had lots of gut issues.

I struggled with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) so in order to heal, I began my Alkaline Detox Protocol which lead me to finally decrease inflammation and get nourished.

Also, I began to practice Yoga in a deep way: tuning inward and applying breath with movement.

All the above collectively helped me to get out of my negative thinking and I began to focus on healing.

The secret is in our intentions.  We can be deliberate about our thoughts, feelings, and actions.  

Once I realized this, my hair began to grow super fast, my body became stronger, and I now know when my body begins to get out of balance.

Honest Reflection

When I reflect on my hair loss and sickness with my close friends who saw me through that time in my life, we talk about how far I’ve come.

I used to be a super Type A person who was very insecure.  Anxiety and stress were the drivers of my life as a graduate student. 

I believe this lead me to get so far away from balance and caused Lupus to manifest.

I’m a believer that Lupus has allowed me to become a better version of myself.   It lead me to become who I am today and provides me with the mission to help heal as many people as possible who have similar diseases.

I’ve discovered that we can turn things around by taking an honest look at where we are and figuring out where we need to go.

So if you are someone who struggles with hair loss, rashes, and symptoms, take a good look at your life and commit to changing some things that don’t serve you anymore.  

Suffering is an inevitable part of life and as long as we understand this, we can also choose to be happy despite our circumstances simply by changing the way we look at our situation.

Then we can have an honest conversation about what is required to heal.

We have the perfect program for you no matter where you are in your journey. Head over to our website here.

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I highly recommend the life changing opportunity of Yoga Teacher Training because it’s so much more than that.  I’ll transform your life.

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See you next week.

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