Take Control Over Your Lupus Biomarkers

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Lupus presents differently for each one of us.

Doctors tend to follow the biomarkers such as antibody levels and AVISE test biomarkers to determine your flare status.

While such biomarkers are super important, it’s also important to realize that you have control over how they fluctuate.

The medications offered for Lupus do keep the markers in remission, or “normal” state.

However, I’ve always felt that achieving the remission state with medications alone is a dangerous way to keep Lupus under control.

This is because medications tend to temporarily “force” things into a normal state, causing unintended secondary consequences that may ultimately cause greater damage over time.

Most common medication for Lupus is for immune supression.

There are many systems in the body and when our immune system is suppressed, other systems need to compensate for our suppressed immune system.  

Our immune system is a highly complex orchestration of various biochemical pathways. It is highly sensitive, especially for those of us with autoimmune issues.

The Effects of Stress

Because our immune system is highly sensitive to stress levels, both physical and mental, it’s important to realize the impact our stress has on our health and Lupus biomarkers.

Stress comes in many forms, it can be relationships, finances, toxic foods, chemicals, viruses, bacteria, career, accidents, etc.

The goal to living successfully with Lupus is to take OUR role in reversing this condition seriously.  

There are things that you can do EVERYDAY to help your body heal, not only from the disease itself, but from the effects of flares and the medications.

I believe that we have to work harder than those without Lupus to maintain our baseline health.  

What’s Your Baseline Health?

It’s important to define what you consider your baseline health to be.   If you think back to the many years prior to your diagnosis, you’d likely agree that you’ve had symptoms for years that gave you clues.

Then think back to your lifestyle factors. Were you overly stressed, did you exercise, have healthy habits, and make healthy choices in the foods you ate?

My personal experience, as well as the experiences of the patients’ that I’ve served in my 19 years as a clinician, reveal that the symptoms were present many years leading up to the diagnosis.

Health is something we don’t think about until it’s taken from us.

For me, health was freedom.  

Freedom to go out in the sun, eat anything I wanted without worrying about symptoms, being free from pain, rashes, hair loss, fatigue, and having the ability to plan my future.

Everyday I live, I am always working toward recreating freedom from Lupus.  

So I wanted to share 3 things you can focus on everyday to create this freedom for yourself.

1. Movement

Movement is super important for our health.  Our metabolism and our bodies’ ability to detoxify plays a big role in our health. 

It’s when the two systems become lagged and backed up that our body becomes progressively inflamed.

Movement allows our biggest organ, our muscles, to contract and relax.

This has an effect on all our systems and allows them to boost up to a level that powers up all our organs,  including our gut, heart, liver, kidneys, and lungs.  

As you know my favorite form of movement is Yoga as it helps to “connect” our body to our brain. 

Our Alkaline Method Yoga helps to supercharge our health by positively affecting all aspects of our bodies. 

We have plenty of Yoga videos for you to enjoy today!  Subscribe to our YouTube channel, as we add new sequences on a weekly basis.

2. Nutrition

As we move, we need nourishment.  Not just any nourishment but nutrient dense foods to provide proper fuel for our cells. 

More importantly, we can choose the right foods to have an anti-inflammatory effect while creating a healthy microbiome in our gut. 

Leaky gut is linked to Lupus. I encourage you to learn more about it by clicking here.

We’ve got help if you need it. Check out information about Nutrition Therapy and our Alkaline Method app.

3. Mindfulness

Our mindset is by far the most important aspect regarding the outcome of our health. 

Did you know that our feelings create a biochemical response in our bodies that can either create health or sickness? Therefore, our mind can truly have an effect on our Lupus biomarkers.

Feelings have vibrations that trigger various systems in our bodies, including our adrenals. 

And it’s so important to remember that we have complete control over our feelings, we just need to change our mindset.  Read about mindset here.

No matter where you are in your journey with Lupus, you can help yourself by choosing to support your own body to begin healing.  

This willingness requires the belief that your choices do have an effect on your Lupus prognosis.  We have some guided meditations here if you need help shifting your mindset.

This just about sums up our Alkaline Method, a method that I’ve created to help you thrive despite Lupus.  

You can absolutely do this. Subscribe to our Reverse Lupus Boot Camp on our home page and check out various programs that we offer by clicking here.

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