Lupus Exercise: You Lose What You Don’t Use

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All forms of exercise can be classified into yin or yang based on the tissues that they target.  

Movements that target the muscles and blood are more yang while movements that focus on connective tissue are more yin.  

We need both in life.  

Catabolism vs Anabolism

Lupus is an inflammatory condition. Because of this,  exercise can cause catabolism (break down of muscle tissue) as opposed to anabolism (building up of muscle).

Last, week I wrote about the importance of movement, and why we must not only maintain muscle but always work on building muscle. 

Muscle is the largest endocrine organ in the body.  As we get older, our muscles get smaller and weaker.

With Lupus it’s a double edged sword.  All the medications that are prescribed tend to cause muscle to break down so it’s especially important to keep our bodies strong.

Lupus Exercise is a Fine Balance

Mind body connection is important to enable us to tune in and listen to our bodies.  

We need proper alignment and posture to keep the muscles working without unnecessary strain. It’s important to get help from someone who knows the body.

Too much exercise can cause us to be in break down mode (catabolism).  We need just enough exercise to build muscle (anabolism).

Lupus causes us to have limited muscle resiliency.  Our muscles get tired easier because the energy center in our cells is limited.  

They’re not able to produce enough energy to enable exercise.  Exercising when the body is depleted of energy causes muscles to break down.

Proper Diet for Lupus Exercise

In order to have enough energy to burn during exercise, we need quality nutrients to fuel our body.

When our muscles don’t have enough good fuel to burn, they may do more harm than good.

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