Lupus Hair Loss Prevention Tips

by | Jul 15, 2017 | Lupus Blog, Symptoms | 29 comments

Lupus hair loss was by far the worst experience I don’t wish on anyone.  As a 20 something female in her prime, losing hair was the worst thing that can happen, yes, even more so than the health effects of Lupus, the hair loss was the worst.

Boy did I learn how vain I was!  I’ve always prided myself on Pantene shiny, long, healthy locks and to have it fall away put me so deep in depression that I no longer wanted to be seen in public.

lupus hair lossThe desperation of lupus hair loss that came over me when hair was falling out daily, from buying expensive wigs to hair treatments, if it claimed to help, I signed up.

Except, nothing really helps when Lupus decides your hair is the thing to destroy.  Although I tried everything in the books and then some, I can tell you that this too does pass and when it passes, you will get your hair back.

So rather than panic, it’s wiser and smarter to sit back and strategically feed your body with good nutrients to heal your gut so that you can start to absorb all the good nutrients to nourish your hair back to health again.

Lupus Hair Loss Tips

So what practical tips can I offer you?

  1. Cut your hair.  I had long hair and every time I washed my hair or brushed it, it was inevitable, I had a handful of hair in my palm that used to devastate me every time.  Cutting it short helped to lessen the perception of so much hair loss.
  2. No chemicals, please!  No matter what, do not treat your hair with colors or any chemicals during this time.  Your body is reacting to something and your immune system is destroying your own cells, don’t fuel the fire any more than necessary.
  3. Use gentle shampoo and conditioner.  Make sure to use natural shampoo and conditioner free of any chemicals.  I loved It’s A 10 shampoo and conditioner the best, I’ve used them all, trust me.
  4. Don’t wash every day, wash every other day instead.  I find that any longer than 2 days caused more hair to fall out but the sweet spot was the two days to minimize hair loss.
  5. Eat “Whole” foods.  Stop eating processed foods, fast foods, and/or fried foods.  Eat lots of vegetables and have protein at every meal.  Protein serves as the building blocks of building the collagen matrix for your hair.
  6. Take the Lupus Beauty Support we have them available specifically to help your hair grow (my hair is longest it’s ever been thanks to it).

I hope this article puts your mind at ease.  The lowest points of the disease are when I was physically deformed as a result of Lupus, for example, hair loss, rash, and weak nails.  I understand how you feel, but I promise, it too does pass and you will grow back your hair.  Today, I have healthy, long, and lots of hair!

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