Holistic Treatments for Healing Lupus

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My journey with Lupus was tumultuous at times.

I definitely got my share of harsh medical treatments that had me doubting the effectiveness of such toxic treatments.

I thought to myself, if Lupus doesn’t kill me, the treatments will.

During the times of remission, I spent my time “strengthening” my body.

This included doing Yoga, Pilates, meditation, stress management, diet changes, juicing, and trying various supplements.

This is not something that doctors typically advise because these treatments are holistic compared to their conventional treatments (medications).

Healing Starts with Mindset

In order for your efforts to naturally heal Lupus to be effective, the most important thing is to believe that you can. Read my blog about the healing power of your mind.

Without this faith, you’ll end up doubting your efforts. As a result, your body will be subject to the power of your doubting mindset.

Identifying with Lupus means you own the fact that you have Lupus.

I personally think this is where most of us stumble and get stuck in thinking that we have an “incurable” disease.

We believe the only option is to do what the doctors tell us to do.

For me personally, it’s been more about educating myself on the pathology of Lupus and identifying the “root cause”.

Then I got to work on fixing such dysfunctions, mainly through holistic treatments.

Getting to the Root Cause

We know that having Lupus means we have an immune system malfunction.

While doctors may define it as hyperactive immune system, we should really question what our immune system does and what caused it to be hyperactive.

We know that the immune system is designed to protect us from foreign pathogens and toxins.

If our immune systems is malfunctioning, something in the body is perpetuating our immune system dysfunction.

This can be due to a host of things including:  leaky gut, perpetuating factors like the foods we eat that continue to trigger the immune system, environmental toxins like mold and heavy metals, stress (bad marriage), family issues, etc.

Once we identify those factors, then we can work on “fixing” those issues that are causing our bodies to be further imbalanced.

At the end of the day, we want to make sure we find “balance” in our bodies again.

Medications just act like a bandaid to manage our symptoms. Holistic treatments get to the root cause and help your body heal from the inside out.

Natural and Holistic Treatments for Lupus

1. Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

I wrote about the powerful anti-inflammatory effects of LDN.

With Lupus we tend to be more Th2 (T-helper cell 2) dominant.

If this is the case for you, LDN may or may not help, but it’s certainly worth a try.

At this low dose, if it helps you, it’ll have significant beneficial implications on your health.

2. Supplements

We assume leaky gut for patients with autoimmune disease.  When we have leaky gut, it means we are not properly absorbing the nutrients we need to help our bodies detoxify and metabolize.

This can further cause dysregulation of the immune system.

I strongly advise all our Lupus patients to take a powerful curcumin, fish oil, multivitamin, prebiotics, probiotics, L- glutamine, digestive enzymes, and hydrochloric acid.

You can find many of these supplements at our Lupus Farmacy.

3. Alkaline Detox Protocol

This is a powerful metabolic detox that will cleanse your body to balance your immune system and heal your gut.

It will also nourish your cells with nutrients and help you to identify what foods you’re sensitive to.

You can read more about the Alkaline Detox Protocol with testimonials here.

4. Yoga/Pilates

A strong body is absolutely necessary to fight Lupus.

I’ve found Yoga/Pilates to be the most effective exercise for both the mind and body.

We provide various Yoga/Pilates infused exercises on our YouTube channel.

We also provide Yoga Teacher Training so that you can be the master of your mind and body for life.

5. Physical Therapy

Trigger point dry needling, therapeutic exercises, craniosacral therapy, energy balancing techniques, and manual therapy helps Lupus patients with pain and reenergizing.

6. Yoga Nidra/Meditation

Lupus patients are typically more sympathetic nervous system driven with high stress.

This means that our bodies are subject to some level of stress and stress has biochemical consequences in the body to perpetuate autoimmunity.

Yoga nidra and/or meditation is a powerful, holistic tool to help you rewire your mind to “calm” your nervous system to allow your body to self regulate.

7. CBD/Hemp Oil

This has helped many Lupus patients modulate their immune system in such a way that allowed them to decrease medications.

CBD and hemp oil work on the endocannabinoid system. Read more about this here.

8. Elimination Diet

This is a powerful food plan that gets rid of all potential inflammatory foods from your diet.

You can find the FREE elimination diet download here.

9. Stress Management

Stress is the common denominator for all Lupus patients.

This is a good time to re-evaluate your relationships, work life, finances, and various other circumstances which maybe perpetuating your immune response.

Remember, hyperimmune response = dysregulated immune system.

Want help with strategic ways to heal Lupus?  I would love to work with you.

Visit our clinical website, alkalinewellness.com, where I treat Lupus patients with a Functional Medicine approach using the Alkaline Method to help you to rebalance your body so that you can begin to heal and thrive.

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Thanks so much. See you next time.

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