Lupus Q&A: Insomnia, Hives, and Benlysta

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Click on the video above to watch’s this week’s Lupus Q&A session. The questions and answers are below if you prefer to read 🙂

Blossom Stappler: Has anyone else found that sometimes insomnia goes with lupus? Any ideas on how to battle it without having to take more medicine to do so?

Yes. Our adrenals can be affected by the “stress” of living with the disease and it can cause our sleep cycle to be disrupted.

Even though melatonin is contraindicated for Lupus, I feel it’s the best one that’s worked for me. I take 5-10 mg of slow release melatonin and it’s helped me a ton.

You can also take various herbals and adaptogens for sleep and if you’re interested, I can share those links so please message us at [email protected]

Victoria Naro Bice: I’ve suffered with extreme hives for over two months. I was just recently diagnosed with lupus & gout. I’m starting treatment with a Naturopath this week. My question is, in the meantime, what can help the pain from the hives? They are driving me crazy! Thank you.

It sounds like a very bad immune reaction to something. It can be an environmental trigger or a food trigger. Benadryl can help to alleviate the hives. This is exactly what I had and at the time and I didn’t know any other option but to take corticosteroids. If I knew what I know now, I would follow the elimination diet to try to decrease the inflammatory load in the body.

Gloria Dowling: What bath gel would you recommend? The itching and rash seem to get worse after showering. I’m using Aveeno Sensitive shower gel and it’s not helping. Also is a sponge, loofah, or washcloths better to use when showering. Thank you!!!

I would recommend that you try Alba brand of shower gels. I like it because it’s gentle, organic, and non irritating. In Asian culture, we like to scrub while washing so I use a loofah so get rid of dead skin.

Gloria Dowling: A few weeks ago a Lupus specific medicine was mentioned, what was it? From what I remembered it has few side effects and was specifically for treating Lupus, unlike other meds which were designed for other illness and used for Lupus treatments. Thank you!!!

The medicine that was mentioned was Benlysta.

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