Is Lupus Incurable? Use Movement to Change Your Mind

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For as long as I remember, I was told Lupus was an incurable disease.   At first I believed this to be the truth, but then I began to change my mind about it.

I questioned the authority figures who were telling me without a shadow of a doubt that I had Lupus.  I realized they too didn’t fully understand Lupus.  

Fast forward 19 years of negotiating my life with Lupus and getting to know how our sick care system works, I now have a very different perspective.  

Nobody really knows how our bodies heal.  They just know what pill to prescribe when a certain pathology is suspected.

How about if you want to heal?  Well, it’s not even an option in our sick care system.

Start to Challenge the System

I began to challenge the very system that kept telling me just how serious my condition was. 

I thought about all the Doctors that treated me over the years.  How much did they really know about my condition?

They all treated from a standpoint of theoretical knowledge.  They didn’t treat me from a place of compassion.

Lupus had a reputation in the hospital and the medical community.  It was the wild card that can take a patient from sickness to death. 

No one really understood this disease because it’s so complex. It affects us all in different ways.

I demanded a better treatment so all my career, I’ve been searching and creating a better healing program with appropriate tools to help Lupus patients reverse their condition.

If you don’t really understand the disease that I have, then how can you tell me it’s incurable?

I believe it’s curable and one can absolutely heal from it.

Using Movement as Medicine

Since I have a Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy, I am biased when it comes to movement.

I believe mobility is something we all should preserve for as long as we’re alive.

Yoga provides the safest form of movement.  It’s powerful because it connects the mind to the body in ways no other exercises can.

Breath with movement heals you and connects you to your truth and the core of who you are.

I used to be weak, but I became strong through the practice of Yoga.  Not just physically strong, but emotionally and spiritually strong too.

I gained clarity in who I am and what I’m supposed to aim to be.  

This too can be true for you.

Join me in this amazing webinar where I share 3 Yogic tools you can use to heal from Lupus everyday. I hope you enjoy it.  

Click here to watch.  

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