Which Lupus Mindset Do You Have?

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We know Lupus to be an incurable, potentially life threatening disease.

Although there is no cure for Lupus, we can HEAL from Lupus.

To heal by definition is “to become sound or healthy again”.

The biggest predictor in thriving with Lupus is our mindset around Lupus.

There are three main mindsets that Lupus patients tend to have:

1. Victim

2. Complacent

3. Rebel

Victim Mindset

This is where the Lupus patient identifies with Lupus so much so that the individual is a “victim” to Lupus. 

Victim by definition is “a person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action.”

A Lupus patient with a victim mindset defends Lupus as the main driving force in her life. 

All her decisions and circumstances are dictated by Lupus and its consequences, without putting forth much effort in making a change for the better.

I realize that Lupus can be detrimental to anyone’s life. 

I too lived through its devastations but I chose to have a REBEL mindset rather than a victim mindset.

This ultimately allowed me to rise above the challenges.

Complacent Mindset 

This is where a patient accepts her new life with Lupus and is very compliant with whatever the Doctor dictates is best.

She doesn’t ask many questions or do due diligence to understand and decide what would be the best course of action for herself.

This mindset involves giving your power away to the authoritative figure (the doctors) and mainly looking to external sources for guidance or validation.  

These patients fully accept their lives the way they are and have no desire to change them in anyway.

This is sometimes because they don’t know any different and or because they are completely ok with the way things are.

Rebel Mindset 

This is where we look to live life on our own terms.  We refuse to give our power away to others.

Rather than looking for external validation or guidance, rebels are constantly learning and applying things in their lives to live a better life on their terms.

They realize the responsibility of health is fully their own. Rebels are committed to doing whatever is required to live healthy and thrive.

They use set backs like Lupus as stepping stones to become the best versions of themselves. Rebels won’t let themselves become prey to their circumstances.

They are constantly seeking to challenge the status quo and remain strong and steadfast in their endeavor to change their situation always in the direction of improvement.  

So which mindset do you have?

We’d love to know your thoughts. Please comment below and see you next week.

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