Change Your Paradigm, Change Your Life with Lupus

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From an early age, I was fascinated by psychology. I loved day dreaming and imagining my ideal future.  

Little did I know that the power to dream and think is the exact way to manifest those dreams into reality.

My curiosity lead me to explore and study different disciplines.

I enjoyed art and it came naturally to me since I was a young girl. Because of this I wanted to go into fashion design, interior design, or graphic design.

But I come from a practical family.  I was encouraged to choose a career that would pay the bills.  I also came from a culture where female-male roles were clearly defined.

As I grew older, got diagnosed with Lupus, got married, and had kids, I too became realistic and practical.  I began to settle into my life.

I began to limit myself and I became and did what was expected of me as a young mom and wife.

Those of you who have raised children know that it’s a lot to juggle family life with a new baby.  

Then a Lupus flare struck me which threatened my life.  As a new mom with a baby, the struggle became real.

My life with Lupus would never be the same.

I was consumed with fear.  Fear of the unknown because I was asked to place all my immediate plans on hold to be hospitalized.

I didn’t know it at the time but the shock, confusion, and fear changed something inside of me.

I realized just how fleeting our lives are.  Even more importantly, I realized the gravity of my disease.

Lupus is Just a Circumstance

As a young mom, something lit up inside me.  And I became obsessed with healing.  

Fast forward 15 years, I’ve explored Pilates, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Yoga, Meditation, Qi Gong, Energy Medicine, Chinese Medicine, and Functional Medicine.

All this to say, as I looked outside of myself for answers to my health issues, I realized all the modalities were helpful in their own way.

But more importantly, I realized I already had all the answers within. I was the missing ingredient in my own healing journey.

I looked and expected answers outside of me.

But it wasn’t until I took full responsibility for my own health and life that I became truly empowered to handle just about any crisis life threw at me.

We all tend to look outside of ourselves for answers or explanations. 

We blame Lupus, coworkers, parents, friends, or circumstances and choose to give our power away.

Such are all circumstances that we can’t change.  

Then we look to the past to find evidence for the future. 

This is where I realized I stopped dreaming.  When I was young, I used to spend an afternoon just daydreaming about all that I want to accomplish and plan my days, weeks, months and years.

But as an adult, I look to the evidence of my past and without knowing, I sell myself short.

I began to be “reactive” in my life rather than “proactive”.

It wasn’t until I shifted my Paradigm that I was able to think for myself and own my life.

What is the Paradigm?

The Paradigm defines the natural order in life.  Many books out there talk about this in different ways, but it’s basically the following:

1. Circumstances

These are situations in life that you do not have direct control of. Lupus is a circumstance. The way your coworker or parent acts is also a circumstance.

Circumstances are neutral and factual until you perceive them one way or another.  

2. Thoughts

Our thoughts about our circumstances are what give our circumstances meaning. We make them mean something negative or positive. 

But your perception of your circumstances and what you make them mean will determine how they play out in your life.  

3. Feelings 

Our thoughts trigger our feelings or emotions.  Our feelings create vibrations in our bodies.  

At any moment, the feelings you are having are preceded by a thought you are thinking.  

4. Actions

Our feelings are the fuel for our actions. How we feel drives us to take action or inaction.

5. Results

The cumulative effect of your everyday actions creates the results in your life.  

Your results will always validate your thoughts about your circumstances.

Using the Paradigm to Uncover Your Negative Thoughts

Circumstance: I have Lupus

Thoughts: I’ll be living as a sick patient for the rest of my life

Feelings: Depressed

Actions: Stay in bed

Result: Live my life as the sick patient

You can’t change the fact that you have Lupus, but you do have the power to change your thoughts, feelings, and actions regarding Lupus. Here’s another example:

Circumstance: I have Lupus

Thoughts: Lupus is the reason why I have to commit to my health

Feelings: Committed, motivated

Actions: Take massive action that supports my health, such as eating healthy and practicing Yoga

Result: Become the healthiest I’ve ever been

Do you see how you can shift your thoughts to change your outcome?

The key thing to remember is that the results in your life are always the evidence for your thoughts.

If you don’t like the results you’re creating, bring awareness to your thoughts and shift them to better serve you.

Take Power Over Your Health and Your Life, Because You Can

Here’s the truth, most of us don’t know that we have this power.  So I want you to learn to understand that you absolutely can shift your paradigm and live the life of your choice.

Here’s what I want you to do.  Every day, I want you to do a brain dump of all your thoughts.  They can be anything. Write about the thoughts you have and dump them all down on paper.

Then I want you to fill in the paradigm and see if you can become aware of what you’re thinking.  Observe these thoughts and know the results you’re creating are evidence for your thoughts.

Then I want you to think about the way you want to feel.  Adapt that feeling and think about the thoughts that you need to have in order to feel that way.  Then change your thoughts to adapt to this new feeling.

Once you adapt the right feeling, you’ll notice that your actions will line up with your feelings but this time, those actions will feel good because your thoughts, feelings, and actions are in complete alignment.  The new result then will be the evidence for your new thoughts.

So get started and create the best life you can create, which even includes defeating Lupus.  

Click HERE to download the Paradigm worksheet and get started today!

I hope this message inspires you.

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