Lupus Q&A 16: Lupus Nephritis and Lupus Weight Loss

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Click the video above to listen to this week’s Lupus Q&A! The questions and answers are found below as well if you prefer to read 🙂

Tabitha Peak: Can anyone tell me why it’s hard for people with Lupus to gain weight? It doesn’t matter what I eat, I can’t gain any. I don’t take Prednisone. I used to but it didn’t help. I have always been over weight until 3 years ago. People are always asking me how I lost my weight and it’s always an uneasy conversation to have.

Hi Tabitha, if you’re losing weight then I can guess that you likely have no appetite.

With Lupus, I too experienced significant weight loss because I didn’t have an appetite.

Many gain weight from the use of Prednisone, which has the opposite effect. It increases appetite.

Even without eating, the weight can come off so fast due to your body being busy at war, and taking up much of your nutrient resources it needs to gain strength. This can happen in two ways, either by breaking down muscle or pulling the nutrients out from your bones.

I felt uncomfortable with this myself, especially because of the curious stares from those around you. And when it’s acknowledged by them, it validates just how sick you are.

But as your course with Lupus settles and your body begins to find balance, you’ll regain the weight, as much as is healthy for you.

Best thing to do is to eat nutrient dense foods and take supplements.

We have shakes and supplement to help you fight this battle with Lupus, which you can find at our Lupus Farmacy here.

Cindy Sakuma: Has anyone had success in managing Lupus Nephritis through diet? We have already cut out processed sugars, carbs, gluten and dairy.

You can help your body by keeping the inflammation down. So what you’re doing is great. I’ve done it, and I’ve taken it a step further to follow the elimination diet. As someone who’s gone through lupus nephritis three times, diet is hard to control during those times. The chemo and the Prednisone effects are so toxic that the diet alone can’t help.

So again, supplements helped me to get enough good probiotics and have a potent anti-inflammatory effect so I was able to save my kidneys all three times.

I recommend Lupus Super Curcumin, Lupus Daily Probiotics, and Lupus Power Omega at the very least with the elimination diet, which you can find under files in our group.

If you need a bit more guidance on the elimination diet, we do have a Gut Restoration Course that you can take to really break down all the components of the elimination diet over a 5 week period.

I hope that this helped.


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