Lupus Q&A 18: Will a Hysterectomy Decrease My Lupus Symptoms?

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Elissa Lyons: Would having a hysterectomy help my symptoms since I tend to have severe flares during my monthly cycle? I have abdominal swelling, migraine, severe back and hip pain as well as eye and facial swelling.

First part of the question is about hysterectomy. The ovaries are not the only organs that make our female hormones.

Our hypothalamus and the pituitary also play a role in hormones, as they communicate with our ovaries.

Neurotransmitters are also an element of consideration.

We used to think that mostly it was the function of the ovaries that caused these issues, but today, we know that our inflammation, adrenals, thyroid, insulin levels, gut, liver, brain and they’re interaction with our ovaries all play a significant role.

So to answer your question on removing your ovaries, I would have to say no.

We know that Lupus is worse during the reproductive years and is more common in women, so there’s much speculation that the hormones have a role in Lupus.

The dominance in estrogen is mainly the issue of concern. And we know that with toxic exposure, we have estrogen like compounds that mimic our hormones giving the wrong signals to our body.

To add to this, we also have digestive issues, or gut permeability issues that I refer to as leaky gut, further complicating matters as this also disrupts our body from properly detoxifying such toxins via our kidneys and liver.

Leaky gut also means we have an influx of toxins coming through our gut which in turn over stimulates our immune system causing it to be confused between what’s friend and foe, which causes our body to turn on itself.

So I hope this was clear. There’s so much more to our Lupus than meets the eye. Due to so many layers of issues, we are left with a complex dysfunction that disrupts just about every part of our body.

But again, there’s hope. We offer the elimination diet which aims to restore your gut and decrease inflammation to give your body a chance to rest.

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