Lupus Q&A 20: Lupus Labs, Antiphospholipid Syndrome, Vertigo, Stomach Issues, Brain Fog

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Click the video above to listen to this week’s Lupus Q&A! The questions and answers can be found below too if you prefer to read 🙂

Lori Asi: My C3 and C4 are low. White count is low. So now I have a Dx of Neutropenia. My bloodwork shows that I’m anemic, but, ANA is normal. What should be if any, my next step? The only answer I get is “well it’s autoimmune”. And my Rheumi says that it is still Lupus.

C3 and C4 generally are acute phase reactants meaning that they are produced in our bodies due to an acute inflammation. In our case, we have chronic inflammation so those levels like C3, C4, and CH50 are routinely included in Lupus labs to check for disease activity.

Some research points to the fact that lower complements levels can be genetic and lower levels tend to increase the chances of one getting Lupus.

Neutropenia and anemia may indicate an overall disease activity, low levels of inflammation destroying red blood cells. This also can be a result of various medications.

Lori didn’t mention the anti stranded DNA levels, so I’m going to add this to the picture as well, as this is also measured with typical Lupus labs.

All that to say, not all inflammatory markers are black and white. There’s not rules with Lupus is why often physicians quizically say it’s just Lupus because it can skew the baseline and play out differently for every one of us.

In my early days, I used to get lost in each lupus labs value that was abnormal. I’ve been neutropenic, anemic, high to normal ANA, anti stranded DNA positive to negative, C3 and C4 normal and low, the gauge helps us to measure disease activity.

That’s why I’m here telling you guys, there’s no way to chase one biomarker. Our body works collectively as a WHOLE system.

Where do we go from here? Do your part to support natural laws of human physiology which is miraculous by design.

No one knows for sure how your body will react to certain meds, treatments, toxins, or even stress.

What we do know is that we all have this disease. Something within us is a bit out of balance. All that we can do is to try to support it by decreasing the
toxic burden and nourishing it with ample amounts of nutrients. Change your diet, exercise, manage stress, and get busy creating health. Because those meds are buying us time but not creating health. They’re going against the natural order as they will cause another problem.

Krissy Angelo: If I am on Coumadin for antiphospholipid syndrome is it safe to take turmeric? And do you know if MSM is helpful for join and muscle pain?

If you’re on Coumadin, I would have to tell you to steer away from turmeric. Also I would talk to your doctor to see if that’s the only option for you. There are other less potent options for vasodilation like therapeutic dose of fish oil. But again clear it out with your doctor.

As for MSM (Methylsulfonylmethate), if you have sulfur allergies, not a good option for you. It’s generally safe and can be effective for some, but if you’re on Coumadin, this is also contraindicated.

The reason being is that both turmeric and MSM can cause excessive thinning of your blood which can be dangerous.

Cynthia Hildreth: What else can a person do with Vertigo cause I struggle constantly with it. I stay feeling dizzy all the time, could it be something else?

Vertigo is that whirling, dizzy sensation that’s not very comfortable. It can sometimes feel like light headedness.

The most common causes of vertigo are inner ear infections or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, or Meniere’s disease. BPPV can occur when calcium builds up in the canal’s of the inner ear so I’d advise checking in with your ENT doc.

Robyn Beaza: I am having so many stomach issues.I can’t afford to go to an integrative medicine dr. How can I start the process of elimination to find out what I am consuming to make me so sick all the time?

First thing is to go under files of our Facebook group and download the elimination diet guide and follow it along. We also have it in a simplified downloadable PDF for sale for just $7 or if you wanted to break it down and we have a course that guides you through a 5 week period for a small fee. All that is available at

We also have the Reverse Lupus membership we just relaunched this week and prices are due to go up by the end of the month. Right now you can become a member for just $9.99 per month.

Again we have so much of our information free for you so please take advantage of it.

Roselyn Lindsay: Hi Dr. Connie, would you give some insight into improving brain fog?

Brain fog for us Lupus patients is due to the underlying chronic inflammation and gut permeability.

We’re not getting the nutrients into our cells effectively and efficiently so we struggle all around, particularly with brain fog.

I would tell you to start with changing your diet, get on a good therapeutic dose of probiotics, and I have a brain support formula that’s been so effective for me. It contains L-tyrosine, an essential amino acid that helps to convert neurotransmitter dopamine to epinephrine and norepinephrine which are found to increase our memory, alertness, focus, and preserve our memory.

Robin Moore: What to do if you are positive for autoimmune, but tests to determine the type of autoimmune come back normal? Is the butterfly rash truly a rash, or more like rosacea? I’ve changed my diet and symptoms (brain fog, joint pain and numbness) have gone away. I feel like I’m lost.

Butterfly rash can be rosacea. Most people who have rosacea have butterfly like shape. The rosacea still implies that your skin is still reacting. It’s hard to say exactly what so try the elimination diet for 4 weeks or if you want to go deeper, our full detox will help to get the inflammation down.

Thanks everyone for great questions.

So there’s no magic answer, we must get busy doing our part, get clear on what healthy diet is rather than getting lost in the nuances of plant based, paleo, keto, whole 30, etc.

If finances are an issue, start with the elimination diet under files in our Facebook group, it’s considered the gold standard in diagnosing and treating food sensitivities and gut restoration.

I highly recommend the probiotics and our Reverse Lupus membership as it truly is intended to empower you to be your own expert.

You can find our products at and our membership and courses at

As always please subscribe, like, and join our group. Our mission is to help as many of you be empowered to create health.

Happy Friday!

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