Lupus Q&A: Borage Oil, Leaky Gut, Foot Surgery, and Sed Rate

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Click on the video above to watch this week’s Lupus Q&A session! The questions and answers are below if you prefer to read 🙂

Andrea R: I’ve read about Borage oil. I’m just wondering if it would be good for us who have lupus?

Borage oil is an anti-inflammatory fatty acid called γ linolenic acid (GLA).  While it’s a good thing to add to your regimen, I would also add the omega 3 fatty acids to have a great balance.
I would also consider CBD hemp oil for a potent anti-inflammatory effect as well.

Lauren G: Has anyone opted not to take pharmaceutical drugs and go the natural route with diet change and vitamin supplements?

I’ve done this, but would highly recommend that you keep your Rheumatologist in the loop.   Lupus is potentially a dangerous disease so it’s wise to be monitored.

My experience was overall positive but you need to make sure you follow the right diet and supplements specifically tailored to you, as what works for you may not hold true for someone else.

We are all genetically, environmentally, and demographically different with different life stages and stressors.

Lauren G: Has anyone had success with Protandim?

I’m afraid I don’t know too much about this other than the fact that it was pulled by the FDA for false claims.

Lauren G: Success after fixing leaky gut?

I’ve been healing my gut for 8 years now and it’s made a world of difference.  My hair, nails, and energy levels have never been better.

I do have issues from time to time as I have very sensitive gut flora and frequently get digestive upset.  Gluten free, low carb, intermittent fasting is key to my health today.

Kimberly L: Hi I have many AutoImmune Issues and Systemic Lupus. I am currently battling joint issues and have fractured a bone in my foot and tears in my Achilles Tendon. The Orthopedic Surgeon has Informed me that I need surgery. A Triple Arthrodesis of the foot to allow fusion of the bones. He said that he treats a lot of Lupus patients for foot joints and bones issues. Has anyone ever had this surgery and what was the aftermath? Thank you

Kimberly, sounds like a extensive surgery.   I am curious to know if you have Ehlers Danlos syndrome as it sounds like extensive connective tissues are involved.  Good luck to your recovery, highly recommend finding a good physical therapist to ensure safe recovery.

Roselyn L: Dr Connie, would taking 1500mg of curcumin daily be enough to lower SED Rate? Also making dietary changes too.

Yes I would take 2 g of good quality curcumin, add a good quality fish oil, and following an elimination diet is what I would recommend.

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