Lupus Q&A 11: Kidney Involvement, Vertigo, Types of Lupus, and Esophageal Pain and Spasms

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This week’s questions were ad-libbed by Dr. Connie due to the extensiveness of the answers. Please click on the video above to hear and listen to this week’s Lupus Q&A answers!

Elissa Lyons: Im having issues with swelling. My eyes, eye lids, behind my ears and my stomach swells. I can’t find any link with food, hormones, or medication. My stomach swells to the point I look pregnant. My BMI is normally low however when I swell it jumps well over 30. My eyes literally feel like they are growing in the socket. It’s accompanied with blurry vision, sensitivity to light, and a migraine that is all over my head. My doctors dismiss it and can’t seem to find the cause but it’s extremely painful.


Cynthia Hildreth: Does Vertigo have anything to do with Lupus or Fibro?


Angela Castrovinci: I was diagnosed today with systemic Lupus. Is that any different than normal Lupus? Is there anything that helps with energy?


IAmLove Unity: Hi Dr Connie… I want to know can you please tell me more information about esophageal spasms and raw swollen painful esophagus?

Because Lupus involves multi-systems, especially the GI, there are many things that we need to test for to be sure of what exactly is the root cause.
Esophagitis is a painful inflammation of your throat, typically due to the back up of gastric acid into the esophagus (throat).  What we do know is that a significant percentage of those of us who have Lupus or autoimmune conditions suffer from lack of HCL (not too much) AND we have various other GI disturbances.
So I would recommend the following:
  1.  Comprehensive stool test to rule out H. pylori
  2. Make sure to get enough vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc
  3. SIBO breath test if it is suspected
  4. Food sensitivity testing as it’s so common for those with esophagitis to have such issues
If you feel you get itchy in your throat after eating a certain food, that’s a good indicator that you’re having a sensitivity reaction.
I would recommend the elimination diet protocol, under files or if you want to take it step by step, we’ve created a extensive step by step guide you can purchase.
You might have true food allergies, and if you suspect as such, it’s a good idea to pay a visit to the allergist to get yourself checked to rule that out.
Esophagitis is an irritating issue that can affect your quality of life.


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