What Can Lupus Supplements Do For Lupus?

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Lupus Supplements

Today I want to discuss Lupus Supplements and weigh its benefits and risks.

I was a graduate student in Nutrition in the late 90’s.  Back then, we were taught that supplements weren’t necessary, that whatever we needed, we can get from foods.

Well, that stuck with me for a long time.

I got diagnosed with Lupus as a “Vegetarian” for health reasons.  All my friends ate what they wanted and was fine, but me……I had lupus.

Needless to say, it was a slap in the face.  I was frustrated, confused, and angry that my body failed me and that I no longer knew what was true.

Supplements are a Huge Industry

As a young mom starting her family, we didn’t have much disposable income, even if we did, the last place I was going to spend money was on supplements because I didn’t really believe in them.

Then I began my training through the Institute of Functional Medicine.  I began to explore options beyond my scope of knowledge and what began as intrigue lead me to finish my course work through the Institute of Functional Medicine to be a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner.

I learned other Functional Medical Doctors utilizing lifestyle as an intervention, coupled with nutrition and supplements to fill in the gaps.

Then I recognized the prevalence of Leaky Gut  and  the importance of  gut health in healing ALL diseases, especially Lupus.

My first supplement was from Costco, it was probiotics.  At $29 for a 30 day supply, I felt it was a big investment and remember feeling guilty buying something for myself.

I felt that it helped.  I was able to have easier bowel movements and somehow felt better about my  health as I felt I was taking something to heal my gut.

Not All Lupus Supplements are the Same.

My first training in Functional Medicine was in Washington DC.  It was a comprehensive review of Applying Functional Medicine Concepts in Practice and met providers from all over the world.

I found various supplement vendors through the exhibits through these training courses over the years and found that if we’re not careful, we run the risk of over prescribing supplements.

It’s was confusing for lots of my colleagues as well as myself when dealing with various pharmaceutical grade supplements.

The more I learned the more I began to experiment and after a decade of experimentation, I bring you my thoughts.

Lupus Supplements can help to heal Lupus

As cynical as I can be, I know that without my supplement cocktail, I would not be where I am today.  Three bouts of severe stage IV nephritis, it makes more sense to have a compromised kidney function and/or on dialysis.

With so much prednisone, plaquenil, Celcept, Benysta, and Cytoxan, I am able to be as healthy and functional as someone without Lupus thanks to supplements, diet, and exercise.

As a Functional Medicine Practitioner and a Physical Therapist, I treat patients with a full spectrum of dysfunctionas including Lupus and Autoimmune.

Most come in to make sense of a bag full of supplements collected over the years due to information online and the claims that are all over the map.

Here are my thoughts on lupus supplements over the counter:

  1.  Supplements are NOT regulated by the FDA and therefore, it’s free reign on individuals who want to make big money online with potentially toxic substances that contain very little of what they say they contain.
  2. Some may have fillers, additives, and preservatives that are questionable for those of us who are immune compromised.
  3. Fish oil supplements can potentially be full of mercury due to its concentrations if the manufacturere are not stringent on the raw materials and productions.
  4. Potency and bioavailability vary greatly and they need to be heavily researched to ensure its efficacy.
  5. Probiotics that you purchase over the counter may have had “active” microorganisms, however, it may contain “dead” inactive organisms  when it gets in your system.
  6. Storage facilities may not be temperature controlled and you run the risk of denatured ingredients.

Is Your Gut Healthy Enough to Absorb Nutrients?

Most of you have Leaky Gut, which means that you’re not only absorbing the nutrients from your food, but also from the supplements that you take.

So I tell my patients, you end up with expensive Urine.

So I am certain that we Lupus patients need to fill the GAP in our nutrient deficiency with supplements yes.  But more importantly, you need to HEAL your gut first and foremost to be able to absorb the nutrients from foods and to strengthen our defense against toxins and to allow our immune system to rebalance itself.

So where do you start?

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  2. Get your personalized supplement prescription.
  3. Start your Lupus Gut Healing Protocol.
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