Lupus Q and A: Lupus tongue pain, Lupus Exercise, Lupus Flu

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Is it normal for one’s tongue to hurt? I’ve never had this before until the other day. I wasn’t doing anything but watching TV and out of nowhere massive pain. I had some one look at it and they said I had a bump on the side and 3 mark’s like circles on the top of it. Should I be worried if this continues. Sorry for the long post.   –Aimee Million

Not normal but with sjogren’s syndromewhichis another autoimmune condition. I would pay a visit to your doctor to rule out any other potential issues. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Any advice on getting back into exercise? Ultimately, I want to get back into running but I’m worried about causing a flare up. I know I have to take baby steps so any advice is appreciated. Thank you!   Jessica Mangakkat

I’m very much like you and I hear you.  I tend to overdo it in the exercise department but I’ve found that too much is indeed catabolic.  So rather than running, perhaps fast paced walking or light jogging will be a better option.

I’ve also adapted a different exercise regimen, by practicing power Yoga and Pilates to help me to stay in shape and it’s worked phenomenally well and it’s one I recommend to most patients as it’s one that we can grow old with.

Connie Cheung Jeon, thanks for devoting your time as our administrator. Just wanted to let you know that it is appreciated.😊   Elizabeth Ledbette

Thank you Elizabeth, you kind and encouraging words mean a lot to me and fuels me to continue to do the work.  🙂

I”m still recuperating from the flu which took so long. Now, I find myself with the thrush a steroid inhaler that was prescribed to me. Is there another way to help me with my sore throat caused by thrush besides Nystatin wash?   Maria Olsen

For sore throat or to get over a flu or cold fast, I usually dose up on Vitamin C, zinc, and selenium. I like the Airborne.
I also sip ginger root tea, echinacea, or lemon tea with local honey and stay in bed with a good book.

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