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Lupus to me is more than a disease to cure or heal.  

For me, it’s become the reason to evolve as a human being in ways I never even thought possible but now necessary.

To come to this realization, I’ve explored the tactics on how to get well.

In desperation, I tried everything holistic to help my body heal.  I was scared and this feeling drove my actions to avoid being in danger, the very danger that was within me.

I now know that all the things that I can “do” to help my body heal are just tactics. While such tactics were helpful, the most important thing was my mindset.

Healing Requires You to Seek Discomfort

Most of us live our lives completely unaware of our unconscious system that drives our behavior.

Authors Lisle and Goldhammer developed the concept of the motivation triad .

It explains that human behavior is driven by the motivation to seek pleasure, avoid pain, and do what’s easiest and most efficient.

This explains why so many of us get stuck living our lives by default.  For many, even with the Lupus diagnosis, we go on living exactly the same way while adding the medical interventions.

We don’t question anything because it’s easier and much more convenient to let the Doctors figure out what to do.

In order to get well, we must do the exact opposite of what the motivation triad tells us. 

Lupus Rebel embraces seeking discomfort.

Go towards pain by learning to “feel” rather than avoid, and do the hard work of going against our own programming by deliberately changing our behavior.  

Nothing about Lupus Rebel healing is convenient, pleasurable, or easy.  So I’m met with a lot of resistance from most of you.

Mindset is Key 

We have the most amazing computer system at our disposal called the brain. Problem is that most of us don’t know how to use it to its full capacity.  

It was programmed from birth and it knows how to be efficient so much so that it follows habitual pathways for just about everything that you do.  

It knows to seek pleasure, avoid pain, and be efficient.

It’s the limbic brain, or the lower brain, that can operate without much thought.  For example, it knows how to get us to walk without thinking about walking.

It knows the route to get to work everyday so much so that when you drive, you don’t have to look at the navigation everyday to figure out how to get there.  It is programmed.

The foods you eat are also programmed in your brain. 

For breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks, if you write down all the foods you eat each day, you’ll find that most of the foods you eat are the same, day in and day out.

The urges, desires, and feelings around food are also habitual.

I’m asking you for a thought disruption so you can rewire and reprogram yourself to produce a different result.

I am confident that I can help you to transform your life with Lupus.  But I know that you’ve got to want it bad enough to go through the discomfort.

I’ll be there every step of the way and go through it with you.

But it requires you to think, feel, and act differently to drastically change the outcome of your disease.

It’s that simple.  I’m living it everyday and while it was hard, it was worth it to empower myself and live my life on my terms.

I know this path is not for everyone.

But only a few that can handle the hard work.

Success Strategy for Healing

I want to share a success strategy I learned from Dan Sullivan.  In order to succeed at anything, four things are required.

1. Commitment: commitment to see through whatever you seek to accomplish.  

2. Courage: you’ve got to muster up courage to show up, willing to do the work.

3. Capability:  as you show up to do the work, you begin to learn the skillset required.  

4. Confidence:  confidence is not an innate thing that you’re born with. It’s developed through continued action and showing up everyday.

So to have confidence in your ability to handle Lupus, no matter how bad it gets, is what we are aiming to accomplish.  

I am asking that you evolve beyond your current state of being.

This requires having a different operating system, which requires you to change your beliefs about yourself and Lupus.

Hierarchy of Needs

According to Abraham Maslow, a renowned psychologist, humans have a hierarchy of needs that dictates our behavior.

At the base, we’ve got physical needs, then safety needs, love and belonging needs, esteem needs, and self actualization needs at the top.

He theorized that we have basic needs like physical and safety needs such as food, water, rest, security, and safety. 

Then we have psychological needs of love/belonging, for example the need for intimate relationships and esteem needs like accomplishment and prestige.  

At the highest level, we have self actualization which is achieving one’s highest potential including creative endeavors.

I’m asking that we seek to evolve into self actualization.

You’ll have resistance and push back because your limbic brain, which has learned pleasure, fear, and efficiency, wants to keep you exactly where you are, even if that place is not serving you.

Your brain thinks keeping you where you are is the safest thing to do.  It will box you in and keep you from progressing because it doesn’t know where it will lead.

This is the natural way it’s designed to think.

But in order to understand youself and your tendencies, you’ll need guidance from me to push through the psychological barriers to get to the other side.

Lupus Health Revolution

Because I too struggled with this and was able to push through to create my life on my terms, I want to help you to get through such barriers.

All the other tactics such as Functional Medicine, Acupuncture, Nutrition Therapy, and Supplements then become just tactics.  

But unless you change your operating system to commit, have courage, create capability, and increase confidence as a normal part of your life, nothing will change.

That’s why I’ve created the Lupus Health Revolution to help you through the mental barriers first and foremost in changing your mindset.  

It’ll require willingness to study yourself, ask hard questions, learn to defeat fear, and push beyond what you thought possible.

We are about to change what you thought was impossible to “I’m possible”.

Are you in?  

We are launching the program at the start of 2020 and taking enrollment soon.  

Want to learn more?  Sign up for our webinar where I’ll teach you “ 3 Secrets to Successfully Living with Lupus”

Register now! Click here to commit and make 2020 the year you live your best life ever.

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