Modeling: The Most Effective Way to Reverse Lupus

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I treat many patients who live their lives in pain and fear of disease.

To most, they look “healthy”, but deep inside they know something is seriously not right with them.  

They get tests after tests done and go from one specialist to another only to be told nothing is wrong with them.

This is seriously devastating for many as they live with a body that’s not quite right, and they’re the only ones who really know how they feel.

So what is considered a true measure of health?

As Lupus patients, we check Lupus serology.  This may include all the antibodies that our Rheumatologist tracks over time to properly “treat” our disease.

But this is not a true measure of health.

Health markers are different than Lupus markers.  Lupus markers are verification of the disease and how our disease is doing.  

So at best, our Rheumatologist routinely checks our sick markers.  This is a clear distinction that I want all of you to make.  

Mindset Shift to Reverse Lupus

Problem is that for many Lupus patients, we assume health is beyond our reach.  It’s as if someone gave us a deadly virus of some sort.

We live defending our disease and remain captive to its temperamental symptoms.

We plan our lives around this devastating and often moody diagnosis.

But what if I told you that you absolutely have the ability to feel as healthy as the healthiest human being?

The only thing that is required of you is to believe that you can.

Do everything that you would to become the healthiest human on earth.  Don’t live like a Lupus patient.

Modeling Healthy Habits

Think about what the healthiest human does everyday to maintain health.  Because no matter how healthy your genes are, in today’s world, everyone needs to work on their health.

So for a healthy person, she would wake up and drink lemon water to start her day because she knows that her liver and kidneys need to be primed for the day ahead. This helps proper detox occur in her body.

Then she would likely get her physical body warmed up with a healthy Yoga routine to ready her mind for meditation.

She then would sit and meditate to clear and reset her mind for the day.

After, she may then spend some time thinking about her vision and mission for the day.  She organizes her calendar and sets off to get those things done in the most efficient manner.

Her meals will be preplanned with healthiness in mind.

She would make sure to set healthy boundaries around her time and personal space from those who may feel “toxic” to her.

Her home would be functionally organized to reduce stress.

Remember, We Become What We Think

Most of you are probably already having negative thoughts such as, “I don’t have enough energy to live like that.” 

Some of you may balk at the impossibility of your situation and feel sorry for yourself.

Many of you may resent me for recommending something like this because there’s so much resistance that stirs up within you that keeps you “justified” in living life as a Lupus patient.

But if you knew you could reverse Lupus, would you consider doing the necessary things to help your body recover?

It’s incredible how many of you argue how incurable Lupus is.  There’s Lupus awareness campaigns that are busy “recognizing” the disease to research medications specific for Lupus.

But have you thought about who benefits from this?  One must assume that Lupus is an incurable disease so the only thing that can help is the medications.

You have the choice to continue perpetuating the disease vs changing your mind about the disease itself.

My platform, Lupus Rebel, is where I live my life challenging the very belief that Lupus is incurable. Wholeheartedly I believe that you can reverse Lupus.

I refuse to succumb to Lupus and give it power.

I want to reclaim my power and do everything I can to help my body heal.

So if you’re still here and reading this, I challenge you to “model” the healthy behaviors it takes to become the healthiest human and reverse Lupus.

It’s worth a shot isn’t it?  

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

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