Movement is Medicine: Healing Effects of Movement

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Hi. It’s Dr. Connie.


Movement is vital to our wellness and health.  I often see fellow Lupus patients defending their poor state of health and choosing to be a victim of this disease.


My exposure to fellow Lupus patients over the years at the infusion center as well as my Rheumatologist’s office proves how negatively this disease can affect our health.


What was more disturbing to me was the victim mindset many fellow patients had due to their long struggles with the disease.


Young patients would walk in with walkers and needed assistance.


As a newly diagnosed Lupus patient, this was frightening for me.  So I used to avoid making eye contact with any Lupus patients because I didn’t want to think about the negative effects of my own disease.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dismissing the debilitating effects of the disease, as it can affect us in different ways.


But as someone who’s survived the worst of the disease, I know from first hand experience the mindset that is required to get over and win the battle with Lupus.


I am living proof that it is possible and I want to provide you with hope for those of you who want to be empowered.


Movement Heals


Despite the pain, movement truly heals.  As counterintuitive as it may seem, when you are aching and in pain from inflammation due to Lupus, it helps so much to move.


I’m not advocating that you do something strenuous, but gentle, easy, and stabilizing exercises are key to not only maintaining strength and stability, but also helping to flush out the toxins from the meds.


Inflammation causes our body to acidify.


Lactic acid accumulates in our muscle tissue and when we move, everything hurts. But as we move more, the lactic acid gets mobilized and we become metabolically enhanced.


This enhancement is key to long term health despite our Lupus.


As many of you know, I love Yoga.  I began my journey with Pilates but quickly turned to Yoga for the spiritual transformation it provided me.


The practice allowed me to focus within and I was able to unleash my own healing capabilities rather than looking to external inputs to heal me.


As I moved through the poses, I slowly began to heal and learned to honor my body in ways I never have before.


I began to occupy my body and began to take care of every joint, muscle, tendon, and paid attention to my breath.


I cultivated love and understanding and as I healed, I began to have a heart for others like you who are lost, as I once was.


Yoga Teacher Training: Heal Yourself First


I’ve been sharing various Yoga – Pilates – Physical Therapy videos with you for a while now and have a library of videos that you can follow along so that you too can experience the benefit.


But if I could go a step further, I’d love to work with you in person to teach you all I know about movement, anatomy, physiology, challenges, and the importance of self love.


I want to get to know you for a long term, over 6 months of time together, meeting one weekend a month for 6 consecutive months so that you too can be empowered as I have and share your gift with others.


Join me this year for Alkaline Yoga Teacher Training to defy all odds and rise above the challenges.


You can create a career of your dreams while getting healthy and strong.  Before you know it, Lupus will be something you manage.


We are accepting applications, do this for you!


Apply Today!  Click here for more information.


I  sincerely look forward to meeting you and working with you to help you on your health journey.  Let’s create a movement together.


For those who aren’t quite ready for teacher training yet, continue to follow along with the videos on my Youtube channel so that you can build strength and continue to heal.


I hope you all enjoyed this blog. I’ll see you next week.




Dr. Connie

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