How Movement Reduces the Toxins in Our Bodies

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Lupus is an inflammatory disease.

As a result, it can cause aches and pains in those of us who have Lupus.

Not only that, it can weaken connective tissue which means that it can cause instability around our joints.

This is a problem for us because Lupus patients tend to stop moving because of pain. And due to inflammation in our bodies, we slowly gain weight over time.

As our joints get overloaded with the weight increase, they further suffer the consequences of wear and tear, causing more inflammation.

So what seemingly began as a systemic inflammatory disease begins to wreak havoc in the structural systems of our bodies.

It’s often counterintuitive to think exercise can help our bodies recover when we’re in so much pain.

But did you know that when our muscles and joints are not moving, we lose flexibility, mobility, and strength?

And because our muscles are the largest organ in the body, they can carry acidic chemicals that never get flushed out.

Movement boosts our metabolism.  Metabolism helps detoxify acidic chemicals and toxins out of our bodies, ultimately reducing overall inflammation.

Key is to move smart, not hard.

Too much exercise or exercise that is too strenuous can do more damage than good.

This is because without proper awareness to posture and alignment when participating in exercise regimens, exercise can have a catabolic (breaking down) effect in our bodies.

I’ve found Yoga and Pilates to be a good combination of exercises that keep my mind and body strong while promoting optimal alignment and posture.

So I want you to challenge yourselves to move despite the pain.

I’m not asking you to walk a mile. I’m asking you to take baby steps and perhaps start with 5 minutes a day, working up to 30 minutes and beyond.

Because the truth is, if we don’t do something everyday to help our bodies get stronger, we will never be able to fight Lupus.

Lupus tends to hit us hard when we are weak and sick so it’s in our best interest to do something.

Even if it’s just a step or two, resolve to do something to help your body everyday.

By far the practice of Yoga has helped me the most in making the mindset shift from disease to health.

Once I made the shift, I made sure I did something everyday to help myself get stronger and over time, I was able to reach beyond what I thought was possible.

I share Yoga videos weekly and you can subscribe and find them for all levels on our YouTube channel, Dr. Connie Jeon.

So start there, practice with me everyday and let’s commit to getting stronger.

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I’ll see you next week.

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