Not Taking Health for Granted and Thanksgiving

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2021 has literally passed by super passed.  I feel as though I blinked and we are approaching the end of the year and all its festivities.  It’s been a weird and unpredictable year for many of us. I must confess that it’s been the most difficult yet rewarding time of my life. I have so many reflections of how we should not take health for granted. Health is a privilege. We should take care of our health before it is too late.

My Reflections for This Year’s Thanksgiving

Typically, this is the time of the year where I reflect on my achievements and begin to set goals for next year.  But this year has been nothing but surprises and obstacles that felt overwhelming. Somehow in retrospect I realize just how much shedding it allowed me.

All the attachments came to surface. I truly learned just how much “control” I like to have over my life and health. This past year also taught me that I really have NO control over circumstances of my life.  The only thing I can control is myself.

The true journey for me has been from my head to my heart and learning to trust and live in faith that all has always been, is now, and will always be just fine.   

How My Heart Changed Through the Years

After 7 years since the divorce and becoming a single mom, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for those who surround me with love.  This is a start difference from what I was surrounded by in the past.  I used to be around those who took constant advantage, full of resentment, negativity, and lacked the kind of depth that I’ve always wanted in my life.

I am unapologetically truthful about how I feel. Also, I know what I need, and what I prefer, and have no problems saying NO and I confidently set healthy boundaries around myself. I’m learning to love myself in the way I’ve always wanted without the guilt.

My happiness is my responsibility just as my health is my responsibility. 

One of My Life’s Biggest Lessons

On that note, I experienced the most debilitating  pain and fatigue this year affecting my ability to perform at the level I was used to.  My health forced me to reassess my life, lean into my intentions, and gain clarity about my life and its purpose.

I realized just how much I took for granted.  I learned that Health was an entitlement for me.  It was something I expected to support my ambitions and allow for achievement.  But I learned that in the process of achieving my goals, I was in essence neglecting and punishing my body.  And when it did spiral out of control, I was completely discouraged about my life and fell into a deep depression.

I’ve always believed that health was a result of a healthy life.  But despite my efforts I fell ill this past year.  We won’t get into my hypothesis about what caused my sickness. What’s important was the lesson I was taught from the experience to better understand each and every one of you who may be going through pain. Those who may suffering, fatigue, despair, and all things that autoimmunity or life challenges may present you with.

Know Our Self Worth

Life is messy.  Our life experiences stir up emotions within us that can sometimes be overwhelming.  What we tend to do is to resist, react, and distract ourselves from feeling those feelings.  I am learning that most autoimmune patients all struggle with self worth at the deepest level. This is because of some physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual traumas of their past.

We Are Not Meant to Live in the Past

The problem is when we keep relieving ourselves from the past as a reference for the future.  When we live stuck in our past, all we can create is more of the same……

More struggle, more suffering, more hardship, negative feelings like shame, guilt, and fear.   Such feelings dominate and end up perpetuating our dis ease process that ultimately leads to physical symptoms such as autoimmunity.

Our world today remains chaotic and uncertain.  Unless we can find a way to stay true to our vision and goals in life, it’s easy to get swayed by the ways of the world.  Everyone is trying to bombard us with information that doesn’t necessarily pertain to our own wellness and health goals.

As we approach the holidays, we’ve got big plans for the coming year.  

Enduring the Same Healthcare System

Because of so many mysterious symptoms that I’ve had to endure this year, I’ve had so much exposure and experience once again with the medical system.  I’ve been hospitalized, gone through various tests, met with various doctors, had to make multiple visits to the ER.

I’ve experienced nausea, fatigue, pain, digestive issues, depression, vomiting, and unrelenting headaches that caused me to miss my son’s high school graduation.

While my health is in recovery, I am left with so much gratitude for the miraculous ability of my body to endure such imbalance and its desperate effort to find homeostasis again.  Through the process, my physicians were amazing but could not afford any concrete answers to my symptoms other than guessing on prescription medications that “may” help.  

I was left to take matters into my own hands and desperately apply all the knowledge and understanding I have on functional medicine, nutrition, physical therapy, supplements, etc.  But in truth, nothing holistically helped.  

Helping Myself to Recovery

I had to learn to sit with uncertainty.  I’ve seen conventional doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, herbalists, massage therapists, etc during this time. I must say that unless you as the patient have a clear understanding of what help you are seeking, the practitioners are limited in their ability to truly understand your needs.

This has been a frustrating journey to say the least.  I’ve had to temporarily give up hot yoga for a short time. I am currently eager to get back and begin to practice on my own.  But truth be told, it was the first time in my life that I felt I didn’t have enough energy. It pained me so much that it kept me from being able to do what I was used to doing.

This is why I realized just how much I took my health for granted.  I’ve been sick many times before. I’ve forgotten how it truly feels when your freedom is taken away. The freedom to the complete inability to do what you used to be able to do without a second thought.  

My Life Purpose as a Practitioner

As I mentioned I’m in the process of recovery and as I reflect on the past year and look into the future, I know one thing for sure.  Life is way too short to fret on the small stuff.  My commitment is stronger than ever to live the best life until I expire helping as many of you as possible to find strength when you think you don’t have any more to give, and truly learn to feel what you need to feel to metabolize the toxins out of your body.

Focus on being present in the moment vs busy doing all the things is the shift that I’ll be making for the future.  I have a very different outlook on healing that takes a drastically different approach utilizing our unique method, the Alkaline Method which integrates four essential elements that are missing in just about every field in medicine and holistic wellness.  

They are:

  1.  Inner Awakening
  2. Outer Manifestation
  3. Modern Medicine
  4. Ancient Wisdom

Thank you so much for reading this blog. I want you to have the most wonderful holidays. If you’re traveling with your family, please stay safe. I would love to get your feedback. So leave us a review. You may also subscribe to our Podcast on either iTunes or Spotify. and YouTube Channel. It really means a lot to me.

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