ONE Essential Ingredient for Healing That Most Autoimmune Patients Are Missing

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Many autoimmune patients are busy implementing various strategies and techniques to improve their autoimmune symptoms. But they fail to address the most important KEY ingredient in their healing. This ingredient is themselves. At the foundation, without self empowerment, no program, strategy, or technique will be sustainable. It will only deliver marginal results. Why? Relying on other programs in this way inherently causes “dependency”.

Without self empowerment, all efforts towards healing will ultimately be futile.

In this blog, I will answer why YOU are the main ingredient essential for successful healing.

Seeking for Answers

When overwhelmed with symptoms of autoimmunity, most of us seek answers from the outside of us. We all want something “tangible”, something we can implement and do right away. For some of us, it’s medications, while for others it’s the diet or supplements and/or massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc.

In most cases, the inflammation that drives our autoimmune symptoms typically causes pain all over the body. We all have varying degrees and intensity of pain. 

The experience of pain can sometimes be debilitating or minor aches and pains.

No matter the severity of your symptoms, it’s important to remember that the quick fix approach is typically the kind of medications that tend to “mask” the symptoms vs getting to the root of the issue.  

Desire for Self-Mastery

So what exactly is the root cause?

There are many theories on the cause.  In conventional medicine, the culprit is considered idiopathic, which means they have no idea.  

In holistic medicine, there are many root causes which include: dysbiosis, gut permeability, toxic exposure (air, food, mold, chemicals), diet, lifestyle, stress, etc.

They both try to address the symptoms but they forget the most obvious and practical ingredient to your wellness and health.

It’s YOU. How you respond to life, with all its joy and pain, trauma, relationships, finances, career, etc. — all contribute to your autoimmunity.

While you can “follow” a prescribed diet and take medications or supplements, you’ll only find yourself wasting time or only marginally better at best. Unless you address the root cause issue that’s perpetuating the symptoms of autoimmunity.

The truth is that most of us don’t know how to take care of our bodies. We tend to look outside of ourselves for recommendations and prescriptions based on theory or other’s experience.  

Unless you are able to master your own mind and body, it doesn’t really matter what you implement or apply into your life. It will only provide you with marginal results.

YOU Are The Perfect Ingredient

Most of us are “conditioned” to believe, think, and feel a certain way.  But that certain way was never something that you chose for yourself.

You’ve adapted and applied whatever was believed to be appropriate for you, while never considering your own options.

The choice was already made and you were swayed by the ways of the world. Why does this matter to you? Because the key ingredient that you’re missing is YOU when it comes to healing from your autoimmunity.

Most autoimmune patients including myself believe the solutions are outside of ourselves. We often dismiss the struggles and obstacles that stem out of our lives that involve our close relationships, finances, and our health.

The Sick Care System

Imagine your house is flooded. Every time it floods the house, you keep busy sweeping up the flooded water only to find the floors are flooded over and over again. Over time, you realize there are damages all around you unless you fix the leak somewhere that is creating the problem. Finally you search within the house for a leak and seal the leak and you don’t have a problem anymore.

The act of sweeping up the flood is the band aid approach of medications, diet, and supplements. We must address the source of the issue and for us it ‘s not always so obvious.

Whenever we have symptoms, we are conditioned to believe we should go to the doctors to fix them. That’s the social norm and that’s just what we do without a question.

Many of you are likely nodding your heads yes. But let me ask you, how do you know if your Doctor knows how to fix you?

They don’t know the struggles in your life, the frequent fights with your spouse, the frustration you face with your parents or children, the impatience and anxiety that you feel at work, and how you are still mourning the loss of self since having symptoms of autoimmunity.

In fact, they don’t ask you such questions. They are hyper focused on the symptoms and what the solution for that symptom might be. The very structure of the system is by design focused on solving for your symptoms as it perpetuates your need as this creates demand for their services which increases profitability.

Take This Ingredient of Advice

Sick patients are profit centers for the sick care system. In fact, it’s misleading to call it healthcare. All physicians are taught pathology and disease in medical school, they are not taught health and wellness. Why? That’s not what they do. They are professionals that treat disease and illness.

The best advice I can give you from living with autoimmunity for over 22 years and treating autoimmune patients for over two decades is that you must focus on YOU.  You must work towards health by aligning yourself with the truth of who you are and find yourself.

Something that we do is not the reason why so many of us suffer with mental stress such as anxiety and depression. When we live a lie, we can’t expect good health.

Psychosomatic effect is real. 

This is where your mental health affects your physiology. Your body has the ultimate pharmacy that can produce the necessary chemicals that you need at all times in perfect amounts.  

It’s when we disrupt the harmony within by living a lie that our body begins to decline. When such decline happens, as I said, we seek answers from outside of us which further creates an imbalance.

Be The Best Ingredient For Yourself

I hope you are seeing how everything is connected.

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That’s all for this blog! Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Bye for now!

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