Alkaline Method™ for Autoimmunity Success Story: Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

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Leesher had a lot of fear and anxiety in her life, and it was contributing to and perpetuating her autoimmunity. This session is about Autoimmune Health Transformation Success Story: Overcoming Fear and Anxiety. She had tried many holistic and conventional treatments for her autoimmunity but was only getting marginal results.

Through the Alkaline Method for Autoimmunity, by integrating everything she was previously doing into a comprehensive approach AND learning to BE who she needed to be to heal, rather than just DO what she had already been doing, Leesher was finally able to achieve the healing transformation she was seeking.

“ Connie” –  Hello, Leesher. I’ve had the opportunity of witnessing one of my favorite people in the world truly transform. But, Leesher, while we were getting ready for this session, I told you that you’ve always been one of those people that was, or has been, on this road for a long time. It didn’t take me long to persuade you to take on this mission. There has always been a part of you that is always looking for solutions. And I’m sure you’re aware of this.

I want you to share your journey with the people who signed up for this goal around to learn more about the retreat that maybe don’t know anything about inner healing. Explain how this program has pulled it all together in a way that you were able to actually break through the barriers.

Leesher”-I believe I had been on this journey for a long time, possibly 15 to 20 years. I’m just looking for answers. Trying various approaches, such as acupuncture, yoga, meditation, medication, cycle analysis, and other nameless avenues. I believed that in this program. I completed the trials twice because I wanted to be sure. So I took the seven-day challenge twice. I believe what resonated with me is that they’re all connected. I’d tried all of these things on my own, had some success, and then fallen back into my old habits of the old methods. I just felt like, “OK, that didn’t work.”

This program took everything that I had done for 15 to 20 years and rolled it into one program. It showed they’re all related and it made sense. The reason I wasn’t getting the momentum or the movement that I wanted is I didn’t understand how they were interconnected and how that interconnectedness related to me,  my life, and my illness.

“Connie”- I know you were suffering from a lot of medical experts who were pushing you or trying to nudge you into medicating for hypertension for all of your autoimmune issues. And I’m sure it didn’t work out for you.

“Leesher”- Yes, because I was suffering from thyroid problems and hypertension at the time. I was dealing with weight gain, weight loss, digestive disorders, and elimination problems. Then there are the medications. At one point, I believe I was taking as many as ten to twelve medications on a daily basis. So my entire day revolved around a pharmaceutical regimen. Then there were the side effects of those pills, for which the treatment was to take more medication.

We got to the point where I had two doctors who agreed that, yes, I had a lot of problems, but I was on way too much medication. As a result, we began the process of removing medications at that moment. It’s like everything else; there’s no guarantee that you won’t die as a result of releasing, so we’re going to put it out there. Also, because I didn’t understand yoga at the time, that was my introduction to it.

But that specific physician, she kept telling me, you’ve had a lot going on. She said you’re textbook healthy in terms of labs and findings and everything else. Although there is nothing wrong with you, I am aware that you are sick. So she was my first exposure to things other than traditional medicine. You need to go to yoga, she said. As a result, I began practicing yoga. I made a commitment to yoga, perhaps ten or twelve years ago. And I practiced it religiously. I couldn’t figure out why it was there. I couldn’t give up since she told me I had to leave. So it must be necessary for it to be present. And I kept going. Because I need structure and this is what you told me I needed to do.

As a result, I felt I was benefiting, but I didn’t comprehend what those benefits were because I didn’t know why I was there. But the commitment, the discipline that’s showing up in the movement, was clearly helpful from a flared aspect. It was definitely helping me from a mental standpoint, but I didn’t see the connection. I was just following along and waiting for someone to tell me what to do. She was the one who told me what to do, so I went ahead and did it.

“Connie”-  You’re a classic doer, but you didn’t know how to be the person you’re supposed to be. I’m sure there was a lot of frustration. When I first met you, I was terrified. You were cooped up in the house because you were afraid of driving. Without getting into the details, there was a lot of previous stuff that you were living from that hampered you living in the present moment, freeing you from doing whatever you wanted to do. 

Tell me about your experience and what you’re able to do now versus what you couldn’t do before. Also, if you could just tell them how you feel about it in general, that would be fantastic.

“Leesher” –  Okay. It’s obviously a fight. I recognized I have a lot of anxiety and fear. Part of it stemmed from the disease because I’ve been sick since I was three years old. And part of it has to do with the fact that I’m only now discovering my lack of confidence in my own talents. So, one of the things I worked on with you in this program was digesting emotions, getting to a point of understanding fear and its foundation.

I believe one of the things that struck me the most is your explanation that this fear is a sensation. And it’s as if we’re terrified of having the feeling, yet nothing will actually happen except for you to be uncomfortable. As a result, I began presenting myself with small challenges.

Of course, we’d gone through the killing meditations and Workshop of the Mind and all that, but even within those tools, I was treating it as my safe place. So I worked on envisioning some of the things I wanted to do but was hesitant to do, and I did them for myself in my home conference, in a meditated kind of setting.

I need to know all the consequences, so I’d make up several scenarios for myself. What are your plans if this occurs? What will you do if everything else fails? I put that to use in my practice driving. It wasn’t just driving for me; it was specific things like driving on highways or driving in construction zones or when there were no shoulders on the road because I felt trapped in my head.

I won’t be able to make a pit stop. So I utilize the tools we discussed to visualize and offer myself options. Then I schedule dates and times when I could go out when there isn’t a lot of traffic, give myself plenty of time. So you’re removing some of the barriers and anxiety before you go in, but did it make me nervous?  Yes, but it was extremely liberating if I felt like it strengthened my courage to be able to go out and accomplish those things. I’d want to make up places to go just to be out doing it because I hadn’t done it in a long time. I was just glad to have that freedom back.

“Connie”- How do you explain it to the people that are reading this blog, and thinking, “Leesher looks so healthy. She is a stunning woman. What role does her fear of driving play in her autoimmunity? Does this have to do with anything? What is the connection between all of this?” Discuss your way of life and how much anxiety, blood pressure, and other physiological consequences you were experiencing.

Leesher”- As you have said throughout the program is that you’re basically sick of yourself from an autoimmune standpoint. So, returning to the point I was making without my physician at the time. I was taking two different blood pressure medications twice a day at one point. My blood pressure was staying the same. It was still raised since my diet was bland. I was getting rid of things left and right. Also, it’s backward. So that was the real reason she suggested I attend yoga.

Everything was pointing to me, my ideas, my actions, and the things I’m doing that are escalating the situation. So when I first realized that I’m making myself sick, I didn’t believe it. There’s something wrong with me and sometimes we’re not smart enough to notice. But, on the other hand, I believe it’s terrifying since it’s now just me. I’m at a loss on what to do about myself.

What can I do if I can’t leave? I can’t just leave myself there on the side of the road. So that’s what prompted me to keep looking. And when I found this program, it was all about completing daily rituals like writing, brain dumps, and meditations, so that I could truly think about what I was thinking and how it was making me feel. The whole paradigm change is that we’re now reversing it.

What do you have to do to reverse these thoughts? I’m sure that was difficult for me because no one wakes up believing they’re thinking negatively or that what they’re thinking or feeling is incorrect. 

It’s just not, and it’s not good. It’s constant, so even if you get up and say, “OK, I know it’s me, I know I’m doing it,” it’s one of those things. You have to start telling yourself that tomorrow, and the next day. So, in response to your question about how it affected me then versus now, it was pre-COVID when I decided to participate in this program, which I did.

So I brought in my doctors and everyone else since we were all stumped as to what I should do next. But I’m at the stage where my blood pressure medications have been lowered to just one. We’re still working on decreasing off even that one, which is at a very low level. At this time, I am not taking thyroid or rheumatoid arthritis medicine. We’re looking at them as if they’re in remission.

I also never had to go in for my cholesterol medication. From a digestive standpoint, all of those things are normal. I’m not going back to GI. They’re basically saying, “we hope to never see you again”, except for maybe your five-year colonoscopy. But we really need everyone to understand how significant our thoughts and feelings are, and how much of an influence they have on us.

“Connie”- Leesher if you could say a few words to our friends in the group, we have over 2,500 people who have signed up from all around the world. Some of them are undecided. They have no idea who I am. My strategy is completely new. They’re hoping for a diet, or a supplement, or anything tangible. And you’re aware of how I keep you free of constraints. What would you say to these people if you were in their shoes? Can you share to urge them to say it’s an investment if they’re on the fence about the program? It is not an outlay of funds. You’ll regain your independence.

“Leesher”– It is a legal investment. I have to add, if you’re on the fence, ask yourself why; I was on the fence for a financial reason, and it was a huge one. So, as you say, you have to look at it as an investment, but I would urge them to ask themselves why they’re on the fence. What’s stopping you from replying? The next thing I’d say is, “How exhausted are you with your current life?”

If you say no, what you’re really saying is “Yes, I want to keep going like I am right now.” You have to try something new to get something new. Finally, I’d ask if you’re as committed to being healthy as you are to being sick. And if you can answer those three questions, whatever they are, you’ve got the answers.

“Connie”- Yeah. So, is it safe to state that you now feel you live in hope, full courage, and full knowledge that the worst thing that can happen to you is about to happen? How do you feel now that you’ve gotten your own back?

“Leesher”– Yes, I do. I’ll claim I’m still working on my courage. I won’t say I’m always gaining bravery and confidence, but I am aware that I don’t seek cures from doctors or anyone else. I also got the impression that when I go in, they are different from me because they have noticed the change in me. So I know from the Facebook group that when people comment about feeling insulted or whatever when they go to their doctors, it’s because they’ve given away their power every day. So, once you go in and say, “Hey, this is a partnership,” you know what to expect.

I’m asking for your medical expertise, with the understanding that the decisions and options are still yours to make, and that everything that happens is still up to you. Because, at the end of the day, we all go to the doctor when we’re sick, and I want to have a doctor on my side.

I’m not mad with my doctor, but she’d be the first to admit that we argue frequently. I may because she’ll tell me, “OK, all I can do is counsel you.” And I’d like to express my gratitude. That is all there is to it. But I believe we are looking for a savior. And it’s just instilled in us from the time we were small and went to the doctor to get the shot and the lollipop counter thing. Doctors Don’t Heal You, Only You Can Heal Yourself

We’re on the hunt for an answer. When we don’t obtain the answer in one place, we go on to the next. And we have no idea that we are the common denominator throughout that journey. We’re the ones who have to keep running. I’ve probably got the largest hit, and I’ve had it with my cardiologists since day one.

I met him about a month ago and he said to me, “I never imagined we’d go this far.” I said “No, me either. We met because of an emergency.” Then he was persuaded that all he had to do was keep pushing medications. And I was certain that if this isn’t working, I’m not going to keep taking it. I believe we have to establish that confidence in ourselves at some point, that this doesn’t work without us, that you can’t just show up and not ask questions, that you can’t just be a passive participant.

“Connie”- In your own healing journey.

“Leesher”- Yes. You must, and if you do not, you will receive what you already have.

“Connie”- Yes. It’s the same old story. Year after year, you deteriorate.

Thank you so much, Leesher. You know how much I adore you, and she’s still doing yoga and meditation in our program after all these years. She stepped down, yet she is still growing and evolving.

We maintain in touch, and I just wanted to use this time and opportunity to express my gratitude for allowing me to experience such a beautiful metamorphosis. As a result, it’s been a huge help to me. Thank you also for taking the time out of your day to do this. I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon for yoga or meditation, and please make sure to be on time.

“Leesher”- All right. Thank you!

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