Autoimmune Healing Yoga


Most holistic treatments are focused on the doing vs the being

I help Type A, ambitious, and committed autoimmune patients reverse their disease holistically, so that you can create a successful life without limits. 


You’re the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. We’re not about providing you with “support”. We provide you with accountability and tough love to get you mentally, emotionally, and physically strong so you not only survive, but thrive!

Your mindset is the most important key

to successfully thrive despite AUTOIMMUNITY

Refuse to be DEFINED by your condition.  Don’t give power away to autoimmunity, but decide to take charge over your health and life.

If you think you can, or if you think you can’t, you are right.  Believe you can and get busy HEALING.

Autoimmunity is a wake up call to fix what’s not right about your lifestyle, so reassess your habits and change them.

Conventional Medicine assumes autoimmunity is incurable and focuses on “treating” the “disease”.  They are not focused on health and healing.

Your autoimmune condition can be the stepping stone to becoming the best version of YOU.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  Believe you’re getting stronger.

You must adapt a fierce mindset to win with autoimmunity and commit to your heath recovery.

You must stay stronger than autoimmunity, so do everything you can to get stronger everyday.

Lupus Rebel provides holistic, alternative solutions for autoimmune patients to help you HEAL.


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We tend to allow people to be in our lives who really do not serve us at all. Doing this causes us stress, pain, and suffering that could easily be avoided. If this sounds like you, you should work to create strong, health boundaries in your life. You must be really hyper-vigilant about putting yourself at the top priority, guarding yourself, and questioning your love for yourself and anything you’re tolerating. ...

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When living with a victim mindset, we feel that the circumstances and stressors in our life are out of our control. Until you recognize and take full responsibility over your life, you’ll never have full control over whatever it is you want to create in your life, both in your life and health. Transformation, not just incremental change, is necessary to regain control over your life. ...

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We often fear the thought of shedding our identity as we know it, but think of it as shedding your identity to become better. Like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. The good news is that your identity has an opportunity to be reshaped and recreated. This is the good news. You have the opportunity to shed your victim mindset and start living like an empowered rebel. ...

17 3

I shared this poem from a book I'm reading called Living with Intention by Mary Anne Radmacher during this week's podcast. This poem hit home for me, because it helps us remember that we hold the power within ourselves. You have the power to choose how you respond to the circumstances of your life and to decide to let go of what no longer serves you.
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We may not have direct control over the circumstances life throws at us, but our responses and feelings towards these circumstances are completely in our control. We have the power within us to really respond to circumstances and make it mean whatever it is that's going to mean for us. We always have the choice of whether we are going to see our circumstances from a place of something that will serve us vs. something that will strike fear in ourselves. The choice is your's. ...

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You’ve been so conditioned all your life to be what the world needs you to be, so much so that others’ truths take priority over your own. In this week's episode of Mind Your Health, Dr. Connie emphasizes that realizing that you've been living a lie is the first step on the path towards self healing and a healthy lifestyle. Click the link in our bio to listen to the episode, subscribe to Mind Your Health, and leave a review! ...

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As humans, we are not one-dimensional. We have many layers that make us who we are. You have the physical layer, which is where the systems are falling apart. But, that’s all because of our emotional, mental, social, and spiritual health, which have been degrading for a long time. It's not realistic to be treated solely through the lens of the physical, when the true inner healing must come from deep within. ...

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Have you listened to this week's episode of Mind Your Health? Dr. Connie seeks to reveal the subconscious attachment to suffering and fear that may be perpetuating your sickness. To listen to the episode and subscribe to the show, click the link in our bio! ...

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If we let it, fear infiltrates every aspect of our lives. From our health, to our relationships, to our wealth, fear is a parasite. Fear affects our relationship with ourselves and our health most of all. It makes us not want to help ourselves anymore. We must recognize and work to eliminate fear as a controlling factor over our lives. ...

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What is fear? Fear is our perception of false experiences as being real. What I always say about fear is that, at the end of the day, fear has a parasite effect on our health. Fear, along with other negative feelings you may be harboring, are making you sick. It is crucial that you recognize this and start managing your fear so that you can reclaim your power over your own health. ...

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We subconsciously harbor negative feelings and fear deep inside of us, which are the root causes of our sickness and suffering. It's time to reveal your attachment so that you can finally detach and free yourself from the unnecessary pain and suffering, once and for all. That way, you can put yourself on the path toward self healing. ...

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We must expand our minds to the possibilities of what our health and lives can look like. If we're always just kind of existing in the status quo, that's where we'll be. The challenge is to shift our thoughts and see what we once viewed as impossible as possible.

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Fear is the ultimate parasite when it comes to creating health and longevity. In this week's episode of Mind Your Health, Dr. Connie stresses our need to recognize the attachments to fear we may be holding on to so that we can work towards ending our unnecessary suffering by detaching from them. To listen to the episode, click the link in our bio and subscribe to Mind Your Health on iTunes! ...

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When you shift your mindset from a disempowered, sick patient to an empowered, health rebel, you will be able to take back your inner power. Healing is an inside job and your health is your responsibility. It is up to you to figure out exactly what you’re perpetuating daily, not recognizing that you’re the one perpetuating your sick cycle. ...

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Suffering is the easiest path for us. It's the path of least resistance, and it is something we've habituated after years of recurring negative thoughts and beliefs. It's almost as if we've become addicted to sickness. To think about uprooting, recreating the life we want, and getting rid of all the symptoms, it all seems unfathomable. It’s actually very much a possibility, but it can’t happen until you believe that to be true. Healing cannot happen until you believe it can happen. ...

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Changes in our lives are inevitable. Change is hard and it comes in different forms. When we come to realize that our identity and the belief system that we are holding onto, change becomes necessary. Our cycle of negative thoughts repeats day in and day out, making these thoughts habits. It is time to recognize them and do the inner work to change them and start healing.

If this message resonates with you, check out last week's episode of Mind Your Health! Click the link in our bio to listen on iTunes!

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True healing will never occur if we do not look deeper at the feelings and beliefs we are attached to. The problem is that in your identity and the beliefs you hold, it’s almost always those beliefs about yourself that are negative. We struggle with self loathing, disregard, and disrespect, but we don't realize that these feelings are perpetuating our condition. You must question these beliefs and work to create new, positive thoughts about yourself. ...

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We tend to think that the work we do outside of us is what will relieve us of our symptoms. However, true healing can never be achieved unless you stop and take a look at who you are on the inside. What perpetuating thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are you holding onto that keep you sick? You must keep in mind that healing can only happen from the inside out. ...

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It becomes a habit for us to seek answers and healing outside of ourselves. We think that the doctor, physical therapist, nutritionist, etc. that we see will give us the answers to finally be cured. Too many of you are stuck in this learned identity and habituate this suffering cycle over and over again. How do I know? I'm a patient, just like you. You must start looking inward, rather than outward, in order to heal. ...

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In this week's episode of the Mind Your Health podcast, Dr. Connie dives deeper into the first element of the Alkaline Method™ and explains the importance of becoming aware of your deeply held beliefs and deciding whether or not they are serving you. 🎙 Click the link in our bio to listen to the full episode and subscribe to the show! ...

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