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With Dr. Connie Jeon

I help Type A, ambitious, and committed autoimmune patients reverse their disease holistically, so that you can create a successful life without limits. 


You’re the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. We’re not about providing you with “support”. We provide you with accountability and tough love to get you mentally, emotionally, and physically strong so you not only survive, but thrive!

Your mindset is the most important key

to successfully thrive despite AUTOIMMUNITY

Refuse to be DEFINED by your condition.  Don’t give power away to autoimmunity, but decide to take charge over your health and life.

If you think you can, or if you think you can’t, you are right.  Believe you can and get busy HEALING.

Autoimmunity is a wake up call to fix what’s not right about your lifestyle, so reassess your habits and change them.

Conventional Medicine assumes autoimmunity is incurable and focuses on “treating” the “disease”.  They are not focused on health and healing.

Your autoimmune condition can be the stepping stone to becoming the best version of YOU.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  Believe you’re getting stronger.

You must adapt a fierce mindset to win with autoimmunity and commit to your heath recovery.

You must stay stronger than autoimmunity, so do everything you can to get stronger everyday.

Lupus Rebel provides holistic, alternative solutions for autoimmune patients to help you HEAL.


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There’s so much focus on what NOT to eat, so much so that many of you have become scared of food. That is not the point. We believe focusing on the positive, by finding things that you love to eat, from the list of foods that you are able to eat, is a much better way to live your life. 
So the next time you find yourself thinking about what foods you can’t have, shift your attention towards the things that you can have. This simple psychological hack will have you feeling so much better about your healing journey. And yes, it’s as simple as that.

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Food usually isn’t the problem. The problem is our physiological condition. We have a weakened immune and digestive system that tends to have a decreased tolerance for toxins in foods. This raises sensitivity against the foods that we normally eat.
So rather than chasing the problem, focus on tuning in to learn how to use the internal gauge we all possess to better assess which foods “feel” good in our body vs which foods create sickness in our body. We are all getting these signals. Stop ignoring them.

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This week’s podcast is all about the hidden toxins that are in our every day foods. They just might be what is triggering and exacerbating your autoimmunity. Click the link in our bio under “Subscribe to Our Podcast...” to listen to the full episode and learn more about those foods! ...

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Food is often demonized, but it’s really not the food that's the problem. It’s more about your relationship with food that determines the toxicity impact of that food.
Too often in the name of healing, patients are taught to be scared of certain foods, but perpetuating this fear of food only adds to the inflammatory effect and the anxiety that the patient already has.
Healing is in deciding which foods you want to include in your life, as well as knowing which foods you don’t want to include. And that choice is ultimately yours to make. Don’t let other people define what you should or should not eat.

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In regards to choosing foods to eat, think simple, not complex. Choose foods that mother nature made vs man made foods (foods that come from the Earth and not processed foods).
Choose to cook your meals; it’s often easier than you think and cheaper.
Eat what’s in season. Choose organic when possible.
Hydrate by drinking half your body weight in oz of water per day.
Avoid gluten and dairy when possible. These are offenders to autoimmunity.
These guidelines should provide you with a good starting plan that can be refined over time. Learn to trust your body, and let it tell you what it needs and what it doesn’t need.

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COVID numbers are increasing. You must safeguard yourself from the perils of this pandemic by strengthening your immune system and being vigilant about hygiene. Here are some essential health tips:

1. Wash your hands regularly for a minimum of 20 seconds.
2. Wear a mask when out in public.
3. Get ample rest each night; 8 hours is ideal.
4. Stay hydrated; drink at least 1/2 your body weight in oz of water daily.
5. Take necessary supplements proven to help you: Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D with K2, Melatonin, Probiotics and Multivitamin.

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We are so grateful for all of you and our opportunity to serve you. We will continue to commit to providing the most effective health and wellness tips that will help you achieve your health goals. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! ...

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It’s human tendency to opt for the path of least resistance. We are drawn to what’s easy and convenient, not realizing that what’s easy right now will result in difficulty when we get older. It’s so much more liberating to take full responsibility for all things that you make happen in life. This includes doing the things that may be hard now in order to have an easier life later. Because at the end of the day, your future self will thank you for what you do right now. OR your future self will resent you for what you don’t do right now. ...

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Ever feel lost and that you've moved away from who you truly want to be? This week's podcast episode is aligning with your values and your commitment to your blueprint for success. To listen to Dr. Connie's full podcast episode, click the link in our bio under "Subscribe to Our Podcast..."
Are you just surviving with your autoimmune condition, or are you truly living your best life? Click the first link in our bio to learn more about our Autoimmune Health Transformation and how you can reverse your autoimmunity.

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How you do anything is how you do everything. Don’t live in a trance of mediocrity - you were meant for more and it’s when you rise up and recognize your full potential that you begin a new path towards self healing, self growth, and self evolution.
Don’t give into complacency; you’re on a race to heal against autoimmunity, and it takes endurance and resilience to win this game.

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As we transition into the colder months, we will be utilizing the furnace more. Make sure to check and change out your filters and/or clean them. Also consider an air purifier to clean the air in your home. We highly recommend using humidifiers in your bedroom to prevent significant drying from the heat. ...

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This week we’ve been hosting an Overcoming Autoimmunity 7 Day Detox Challenge in our free Facebook group. We are providing 7 days of meal plans, meditations, and movement to enhance your body’s ability to detoxify, which will optimize its ability to heal. It’s not too late to sign up, click the link in our bio to register and get started today. ...

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Because habits can either make or break us, it’s important to keep in mind what we repeatedly do, day in and day out. Because habits are conditioned and automatic, we are often blinded by them unless we choose to bring them to our awareness.
Because habits can be such a powerful way to create the results we want, as well as what we don’t want in life, let’s be deliberate about choosing the best habits that will serve our health. If you maintain healthy habits everyday, you’ll be guaranteed to produce healthy results.

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Everything you do and have is because you are in the habit of doing it. In this week’s podcast episode, Dr. Connie discusses the role of our habits in our lives and how to create new habits. To listen to the full episode, click the link in our bio under “Subscribe to Our Podcast...” ...

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There are times when we need medication in our lives and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But when you take medications, it’s important to know the long term implications of their effects on your body.
Our Functional Yoga Medicine approach to autoimmunity allows us to protect and guard our bodies to help them regenerate and reset themselves. By providing our bodies with necessary nourishment and healing modalities, we can move towards rebalance and re establishing health at the cellular level. That’s really what our Functional Yoga Medicine approach does.
Want to learn more? Click the link in our bio to join our Tribe of Autoimmune Health Rebels group.

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Most of us have habits that have become the default programming that’s running our lives. Often, these habits are the ones that are breaking us because they are causing us to create negative results in our lives, and yet our failure to clearly see what they are leads us to perpetuate living suboptimal lives.
But the good news is we can change our habits by reprogramming our minds, changing what we do, and repeating this with intention to set new habits that serve our greater good. Don’t overthink it, choose a different habit that will lead you to the goal that you want and implement it. The more you choose the new habit, the easier it will become until eventually the new habit becomes automatic for you.

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