Pain is difficulty to follow with Lupus.  Typically, pain originates from the overall systemic inflammation during times of flares.  Common sites of pain are in your joints (hands, knees, hips, etc), various muscles, and headaches are common for us Lupies.

Common treatment for pain are the anti-inflammatory medications such as NSAIDS (Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs), narcotics, and corticosteroids.

However, these medications are very toxic to our bodies and while they may provide temporary relief, it’s not the long term solution.


Lupies also have Another Autoimmune Condition

1 in 3 Lupus patients also have another Autoimmune Condition and 50% had relative with Lupus.


Lupies also have Fibromyalgia

30% of Lupus patients also have Fibromyalgia which also causes widespread pain.


Lupies Complain of Pain

65% of Lupus patients list chronic pain as the most difficult aspect of living with Lupus.


Acupuncture is a holistic technique that originated from Traditional Chinese Medicine where a fine point needle is used on the body to enhance the flow of energy through energy channels called “Qi”.

The premise of Acupuncture is that illness stems from the blocked Qi through the meridian points.  When the energy blockages are freed, then body will begin to heal.

As a reference, in Western Medicine, plaque in our arteries blocks the blood flow and causes a stroke and/or heart attack.  Westernized medicine provides patients with blood thinners to thin the blood to allow for proper circulation.  However, in my opinion, the root cause of the risk still exists in the patient as the plaque is still there.  Better strategy for healing the patient would be to first help remove the reason for plaque build up in the artery.

In my experience, acupuncture was helpful mainly for my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for a short time.  I found that not all acupuncturists are the same.  I’ve found some more knowledgeable and skilled than others so I would recommend you do your research.  Visit this site again as I gather the top practitioners and share with you who you should try based on where you are.


Physical Therapy

I guess I’m a bit biased here because I am a physical therapist.  To be honest, my treatments are very helpful and that’s from my experience with treating other patients with Lupus and various other aches and pains.

I typically would start with a structural assessment to get to the core dysfunctions in the ROM, stability, strength, and flexibility.  Then based on the findings, I would set the bone alignments, address the weak links, and the trigger areas that are perpetuating the pain.

Then, I would proceed with trigger point Dry Needling, Craniosacral Therapy, Manual Therapy, or Electro Trigger Point Stimulation Therapy to address the pain.

Next, I would educate you on what your core structural dysfunctions are and how you’re perpetuating the pain.  Then we will work on a therapeutic exercise regimen that may be infused with Yoga, Pilates, or Qi Gong, based on what is best for you.

Most of my patients get well, however, if they have a systemic inflammation like Lupus, then it’s a bit more complex. 

Gut Restoration

You all know how strongly I feel about leaky gut as the root cause of our inflammation and Lupus.

Inflammation will trigger a cascade of inflammatory processes that will cause all types of pain.  Pain in the joints, muscles, bones, and even headaches.  The best way to reduce pain is to restore the gut by building the barrier against the toxins and eating lots of vegetables and fruits to ensure you get all the nutrients necessary for detox and elimination.

Truth is that because we have leaky gut, it takes time to heal and we need a bit more than food because if you’re anything like me, I am impatient when Lupus strikes.  I want to get better pronto!  So if this is you, I’ve created an Alkaline Detox Protocol that works wonders, check it out here.  You can expect to decrease pain, increase energy, lose weight, and think more clearly.


Lupus Yoga

Whenever I was in lots of pain, I did not let it defeat me.  Instead, I’d practice yoga.  I started out with Bikram yoga which is practiced in a heated room of about 100 degrees so yes it’s a tough way to practice yoga.  I was an avid follower of a studio near me for over 4 years and when I flared into Lupus Nephritis (kidney lupus), I needed to yet again go for a kidney biopsy and then of course another course of chemo therapy.

I was not in a good place and the studio owner, Jenny, was her name was a Russian woman who completely lacked compassion and empathy.  I liked her fine until then as I loved my practice.  We had a falling out at this time as she was bullying me in class as I was going through this terrible time which lead me to leave her studio.  I was livid as many events and confrontations lead up to this.

I then decided to pursue my own training as I needed a challenge to keep my mind off the potential dangers of my relapse.

All this to say that I’ve seen, met, and personally experienced the healing benefits of yoga.  I believe if it wasn’t for yoga, I would not be as fit or functional as I am today.  So I encourage you, I have a you tube channel where you can find lots of videos where I teach you to move efficiently and safely.  Hope to see you here.


Lupus Meditation

Of all the meds that we take, prednisone was one that caused me to have rapid heart rate, jitters, and was as anxious and impatient than I am naturally.  And let me tell you, I am an obsessive, compulsive perfectionist that never stop.  This med gets me to go even faster and my family will attest to the fact that I become annoying on steroids!

It does take the pain away though and while that’s nice, I’m not keen on the side effects that affect my physical attributes like weight gain, anxiety, insomnia and moon face.

So the topic of meditation.  Learning to meditate was the hardest of all to swallow.  As more research validated the positive impact on stress and anxiety, both of which I am prone, I was resistant because I was too busy to quiet my mind.  🙂

But boy once I started, I’ve never looked back.  Now I can have power and control over all my faculties including my pain receptors.  So what are you waiting for?  Join me on Lupus meditation, more to come on my you tube channel here.  


Want to connect with me to get a personalized program tailored for you?

While I offer lots of videos and health tips online, many patients do prefer to work with me one on one to create a health program specific for you.  If you want to work with me, please contact me below.

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