Power of Meditation for Autoimmunity

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Hey everyone, I hope you had a great week! Thanks for stopping by to read this blog. I value your time, and it means the world to me that you are giving me your time. With the recent events, I’ve been thinking a lot about my own self care.  I have a tendency to be obsessive in my work and can’t stop when I need to. So, I’ve been struggling with silencing my mind for quietness. I’ve been craving silence in my life and have been thinking about the power of meditation for autoimmunity.

I’ve began incorporating a meditation schedule for myself to “quiet” my mind and gain clarity.  As counterintuitive as it is, I found that it’s really making a huge impact in my life. I wanted to make sure to share the physiological benefit of the practice with you.  

I can just tell you to meditate, but I know that if you understand why you should meditate and the benefits that it’ll deliver, you’ll be more likely to commit.

Distractions Among Us

There are over 400 articles on the healing benefits of meditation in the scientific journal.  But because we live in a noisy world, we resist the silence in lieu of the distractions from the alerts that come from our magical smart devices that most of us own. They are highly addictive devices, created with the intent by high level marketers to take our attention away.

As we live in this world with autoimmunity, we must learn ways to direct our mind and get clear and focused within to stop being distracted.

Let me start by saying that the kingdom of heaven is within you, not outside of you.  But our focus is so much on what’s outside of us. We get busy seeking things, wealth, relationships, etc to try to feel better.  But knowing that we all possess an all knowing wisdom deep within us, we must go inward for guidance. Even Socrates said “Know thyself,” which provides the greatest wisdom not dictated by other people’s agenda but in search for your own.  

The power of meditation for autoimmunity comes when the mind settles down, the body settles down, stress goes away, and we gain equanimity within.  

Our brain, mind and body are not separate entities, they are an extension of ourselves.  Only when our mind settles, our physiology can settle. The practice of meditation is like a reset everyday that provides the mind to reset.

Silencing Our Minds

Much like our computers, if are brains are doing too many tasks they’ll freeze, right?  You have to then close out of all programs and reboot.  Yet we put so much demand on our brains, and they end up looping.

Sleeping and meditation are different.  Many of you wake up tired due to your underlying condition.  But a 20-minute meditation can have you feeling revived and better.

Think of a honey bee around you buzzing.  It buzzes when it’s looking for the nectar. But when it finds the nectar, it settles and it’s completely quiet, taking in the nectar. Our mind is the same way.  When we go deep within to find stillness and quiet, we become clear in who we are.  

We are miracles, and once you get in touch with this, you’ll never be the same.  

When we obtain inner joy we can live out the outer joy without being shaken by the world circumstances.  You become very clear about your why. I share this because when we are struck with autoimmunity our minds go haywire.  

In the erratic state of your mind, healing is impossible no matter what intervention you apply to your life.  So let’s talk about an easy technique that can transcend your mind to affect your physiology in a deep way.  

Practicing Meditation for Autoimmunity

Please know that your mind is already craving this. There is strong power of meditation for autoimmunity. I’ve done every kind of meditation, and if you find guided meditations work for you, keep doing what you’re doing.  I’m beyond the guided meditation because I find that my mind is so distracted lately that I need more tuning in and quietness to not deter my attention.  

A mantra that has no meaning is helpful for you. Let’s use OHm…..focus on the word and set your timer for 5 minutes for 5 days, 10 minutes for another 5 days and work up to 20 minutes twice a day.

I use an app called Insight Timer, and it’s available for iPhones and Android phones. The timer with water sounds is my favorite to keep my mind quiet and focused.  

I highly recommend that you do this first thing when you wake up so that you can be set for the day ahead.  I’ll be doing it 20 minutes, twice a day with you, so please write below and let me know that you’re committing.

Let me know if this helps you.  Also, did you know you can work with me as your personal health coach incorporating nutrition, mindset, meditation, functional medicine and more?  If you are in need of a focused plan and service that will keep you on track to reverse your autoimmunity, please reach out to us and email [email protected] to schedule a free consult to see if it’s the right fit for you. To learn more about me, visit my About page here.

Now is time to get ahead and actually put everything you know into action. I can help you do exactly that.  Thanks so much for reading, and see you all soon.  

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