Probiotics for Lupus

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Probiotics for Lupus

Most people know that they should take probiotics, but often I find that they don’t’ understand why it’s so much more important for us Lupus patients.

We have what’s called a mucosal layer in our tummy.  And this gut mucosa is the largest and the most active immune regulator in our body.   This is because it’s the first line of defense to the toxins. If you have an autoimmune condition, then you can bet that you have a compromise in this immune protection.

Think of it like a swarm of mosquitos that are outside and you have no barrier, such as the window or a screen so all those mosquitos enter your home and now they feed on you.  You have absolutely nothing you can do about this exposure other than manually swat them down one by one.

In this example, he mosquitos exemplify the toxins and the screen as the probiotics.

Why is probiotic so important?

Probiotics for Lupus is important because it all starts in our gut.  We need healthy, good bacteria in our gut to protect us from getting defeated by the toxins that EVERYONE is exposed to.  When we breathe, eat, and apply (makeup and skincare) toxins every day.

It’s in our foods, in the air, and in our skin care products.

That’s why good quality probiotic that contains “active” strains of the beneficial bacteria is so essential to begin to guard against the perpetuating toxic exposure that keeps our immune system on overdrive.

Gut is our second brain

Also, the probiotics help to absorb essential micro nutrients that our body desperately needs to function.  Often, with Lupus, we are bombarded with the bad toxins so much so that over time, we become depleted in not only the good bacteria but the nutrients.

This is mainly because we’re not able to absorb as well without a good balance of bacteria in our gut, “leaky gut”.

Gut Feeling

We’ve all had a “gut feeling” when we meet a new person or when a new circumstance arises and you don’t feel right about it.  This is because our gut is connected to our brain as it helps to produce and balance neurotransmitters which are chemical messengers that control our mood and behavior.

But it’s far more than that.  Our gut gets a tremendous amount of circuits through our nerves from our brain and it’s constantly monitored and balanced.  To add it that,  it affects our hormones like thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal glands.

When our immune system is broken, as is with Lupus,  rather than looking to suppress the immune system as a treatment (medications), it makes more sense to support our gut to begin to work better.

Gut Issues

Many secondary symptoms that we also have is the gut issues.  They come in many forms, gas, bloating, discomfort, and loose stools.

Do you have food particles in your feces?  Is it loose?  Does it float up to the top?

These are all indicators that you have a gut bacterial imbalance (dysbiosis).  Some conditions, as a result, are Celiac Disease, food sensitivities or intolerance, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Ulcerative Colitis.

We often dismiss them as a different issue or condition, but our body works as a WHOLE, not in parts so it’s important to address them together by providing the building blocks for a healthy body in conjunction with medical treatments.

So if you’ve got Lupus, you’ve got gut issues so how do you fix it?

Fix Lupus Gut Issues

  1.  Take good quality probiotics.  When I say good quality, I mean “active” cultures of micro organisms in the tablet.  It’s important to know that because supplements are not monitored or regulated by the FDA and can contain contaminated cultures, fillers, and inactive cultures.  Basically, you don’t know what’s in them.
  2. Eat lots of vegetables and moderate fruits.  They not only contain micro nutrients but also contain lots of fiber that help to prime our gut with prebiotics that will help to allow for healthy growth of the probiotics above.

Remember, while it’s important to receive “sick care” from our doctors, it’s more important to be empowered and apply “health care” for yourself.

Hope this helps, as always, please like, share, subscribe and comment, would love to get your feedback.

Talk soon.



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