Resetting Your Body From Sickness to Health

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Hey everyone. Hope you are all well. Today I wanted to talk to you about resetting your body from sickness to health. Everything that you do, like the act of eating, meditating, exercising, sleeping or spending time with loved ones, is all dependent on your mind.  The thoughts that you think trigger your feelings. And everything in holistic, functional, integrative or alternative medicine promotes the “do.”

I used to believe that as long as I “do,” I should get the results. But all I got were tons and tons of supplements, herbals and tests with no clear cut answers other than temporary results.  Unless we address the whole picture, something in the system will cause yet another dysfunction.  But we must start with the operating system.  The operation system is what controls our whole body. So to address the downstream effects of the culprit of the situation is monkey business.

Taking the Big Picture Approach

Even if you don’t choose to work with us, you have all the things you need to drastically alter the way you feel.  But understand that you must take a big picture approach by doing all the things and being mindful of your thoughts and feelings. This is all so that you can choose the right foods for your body and have enough inspiration to move to help your body heal.

Or body has all it needs to heal. We just have to provide it what it needs, energetically, biochemically and physically.

I’ve designed our program to provide you with a clear-cut blueprint of exactly what you should “do.”  But I’ve also layered the information to teach you that even more important than “doing,” we must be busy “being” healthy.  So that is can be a comprehensive “experience” to know what, why and how to be, feel and do.  

When we are subject to the symptoms or flares of autoimmunity, we revert back to the lowest level thinking to perpetuate the negative effects of our disease or symptoms. This is the limbic brain in action, which is the lowest level of non-thinking. This can get us in a crazy hamster wheel of misery.

From a young age, we were indoctrinated into believing what authority figures told us. So when the doctors tell us the prognosis of our autoimmunity and we find that they don’t really have answers for us, we are left with a fork in the road.  

To clearly understand that health is our responsibility.  And managing sickness is theirs.  

Health as Our Responsibility

From this place, we began to focus on elevating our thinking to be empowered. All so that we can do the things necessary to be able to embody health again.  This is the only option that will FREE us from the shackles of our condition.

We have “uncovered” the toxins all around us that are causing inflammatory responses in our bodies.  We have discussed the toxins in the foods and the lifestyle toxins, which are the underpinnings of our condition. In addition, we have spoken about environmental plastics, anything from plastics to store foods, cleaning agents, detergents and skincare products. I’ve also talked about ANTS, the automatic negative thoughts that keep us from doing. They keep anxious, fearful and frustrated. 

Everything I’ve discussed was for you to experience what happens when you address all the things. Like the foods that you eat, movement to promote detoxification and meditation to help you to think differently.

Thinking is the lowest level of consciousness.  Because our thinking is so conditioned from our past experiences, our thoughts are habitual. We tend to “react” vs “proact.”

I emphasize the importance of taking your power back by creating a inner healthcare system. You do this by working on the inner pillars of your being. All so that you can emerge as an invincible being who can dance with the outer pillars and achieve freedom and success in all that you do.

Elevating Your Thinking

I have shared how important alignment is in creating your health.  Alignment in knowing exactly where you are anchored and aligned. All so that you can be true to your core values, but that we don’t typically live our lives this way.  We live by default, letting life “happen,” living at the mercy of the life that unfolds.

You may grasp some parts of my message, but I’ve covered a lot of ground.  So if you are overwhelmed with all the information and don’t know, that’s when you need to focus on going back to the beginner’s mind and trust your intuition and wisdom.  

So how you deal with this overwhelm is to neutralize your thinking.  To elevate your thinking, it’s not as easy as adapting a new thought and get on your way.  In order to change your programming, you must use what we call thought ladder.  

Rather than go from “autoimmunity can’t be cured” to “autoimmunity can be cured,” you must to to the next level. Think “I have autoimmunity,” then to “I can live with autoimmunity,” to “I can do everything I can to reverse autoimmunity” to “I can help myself to be cured of autoimmunity.  “

By adapting a new way of thinking to help you move forward is the only way to begin resetting your body from sickness to health. Otherwise, the moment you step away and get entrenched in your life, your mind will revert right back the way things were.  You’ll get habituated and a year from now, you’ll have more meds, secondary symptoms and be in worst condition if you let autoimmunity play out.  

An Opportunity to Be a Rebel

I truly believe that autoimmunity presents an opportunity for growth and evolution. All to ultimately be set free by elevating your thinking, being empowered to do all the things that you can do to help your health and becoming the embodiment of health and success in your own life.

It’s the fork in the road, and I invited you to come with me so that I can coach you and hold you accountable. I will provide you with the tools that you need to constantly up level yourself. In addition to a strong support system to make you invincible against autoimmunity.

If you’re here reading this, it’s not by chance. Something about my message has resonated with you. I believe in divine interventions, and you are exactly where you are supposed to be.  Today is the day you can begin resetting your body from sickness to health.

Work With Me

We know you are sick of listening to all the “experts” telling you exactly what you need to do. Know that they share only one dimension of the whole picture.  Whether it’s the focus on supplements, diet, testing, hormones, exercise, mindfulness, whatever, they only provide you with one dimension of their tactics. Don’t buy into their dogma.

Remember, we need the whole body approach. Because we are not parts and pieces, we exist as a whole being. Until you see yourself as the director of your health, you will only spin getting marginal results for the rest of your life.

The cost of sickcare is so much more expensive. It all takes time. The time lost on living your life, time away from the ability to work, time it takes to receive sick care. All in addition to the hospital and emergency visits, the pain and anguish from receiving sickcare, the cost of sickcare and all the meds. This all takes lots of resources and time that you can’t take back.  I urge you to trust your body’s ability to heal itself if given all the faculties to do so.  It requires you as the director of your life to step into power and create health by elevating your identity. Be empowered to do everything you can to help your body heal to embody health and wellness.

Start living your life, free yourself from the shackles of your mind and this condition.  

Rise up and be fearlessly brave. Feel confident in yourself, and do all that you can do. STOP giving your power away to the system. 

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