Do You Want to Reverse Your Lupus?

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Hi everyone!

It’s a frenzied time.  It’s inevitable that everything is upside down right now as we prepare to end the year and start a new one.

I actually like this time of the year.  It allows me to reflect, regroup and begin to think about my progress this past year. I also think about setting new goals for the coming year.

I’ve learned through trial and error that unless you set clear, specific, and achievable goals, your mind will blow them off.

Slowing down enough to sit quietly and set goals seems like a lofty goal itself these days.

It’s because our environments, both at work and home, have changed drastically in the past few decades.

We are unfocused, scattered, constantly fighting, or welcoming distractions all the time.

Did you know that an average mobile phone user checks their phone 155 times a day?

They focus for 7 minutes before changing tasks or browsers.  It’s like the canary in the coal mine, and it’s not going to get any better.

And to add to this, the number one complaint in my office is lack of focus, brain fog, and fatigue.  Is it our underlying illness or is this a common state of being across the board?

Digital Dementia is a real diagnosis today.

The problem for those of us really seeking to solve our health concern is that we are bombarded with too much information.

We like to learn new things about our condition, but we don’t take action because consuming the information takes so much energy.

By the time you’re done learning, you are as confused if not more, so what does your brain do?  It shuts off and does nothing!

I want you to think about creating health as a sport.  Let’s talk basketball for a minute.  If you wanted to play basketball like Lebron James, you can’t read about the sport and just expect to be a world class basketball player immediately, right?

It’s in practicing the skills everyday that you learn the nuances and master the muscle memory to become the best at it.

The secret is in “doing”, not “thinking”.

I mention this because many of you who want to make some drastic health changes understand the need to, but when it comes down to it, most of you are paralyzed from information overload.

Knowledge never helps anyone. It’s “applied” knowledge and putting that knowledge to practice through trial and error that you learn to transform your life, one step at a time.

Another key ingredient is to understand where you are in the spectrum of learning.  We want to aim to get to a point where any desirable behavior becomes a habit.

The 4 Key Phases to Learning

  1. Unconscious Incompetence: Whatever you’re doing is wrong, but you don’t know that you’re doing it wrong so you keep doing it that way
  2. Conscious Incompetence: You are now aware of your lack of skill and the need to master such skill
  3. Conscious Competence:  You are now consciously able to perform the skill, but it takes much mental focus and attention
  4. Unconscious Competence:  This is the optimal state where you don’t have to think about the skill, and you get it right every time because your body and mind are so in sync that it becomes automatic

Key is to focus on getting started, take action, then continue with a coach until it becomes so easy that you can do it in your sleep.

With many of my patients that struggle with chronic illnesses like Lupus, I always assess where they are in their readiness for change and level of learning described above.

5 Stages of Behavioral Change

According to the Transtheoretical Model, there are 5 stages of behavioral change.

  1. Pre-contemplation:  You are unaware of the problem and how your current behavior is affecting the outcome of your current situation
  2. Contemplation:  You realize that your current behavior is in part playing a role in your negative health outcome and you begin to understand that you must change your behavior habits to have a positive outcome
  3. Preparation:  You decide to change and begin to acquire the ingredients and supplies necessary to get ready to embark on the change
  4. Action:  This is where you actively engage in the specific actions that will allow you to achieve your goals
  5. Maintenance:  You continue to stay on track by doing the minimal actions that’s required to maintain your health

The problem is when doing it alone, we eventually run out of self motivation and we stop taking action.  Come on, we’ve all experienced this.

This is what inspired me to create a program that is not only affordable, but one that filters out all the “noise” and provides you with step by step ways to reverse your autoimmune condition and regain control over your health once and for all.

What is the Reverse Lupus Membership?

Living with Lupus is like climbing Mt. Everest.  It’s a steep climb with lots of variables.  As someone who’s lived with Lupus for over 19 years, I know what it takes to get through some of the rough terrains.

Would you rather take advice on how to climb Mt. Everest from someone who’s climbed it themself or would you take advice from someone who’s read and studied the rough terrains but doesn’t really know where, when and how to climb?

To me, the latter are your doctors.  They are great at giving us medications to help our symptoms, but they don’t really understand what’s required to actually spring back from disease.

Most of them don’t practice health themselves and they don’t really understand that our lifestyle and habits matter.

I’ve learned that in order to defy the odds and actively control the damage from toxic meds, you’ve got to hustle and get busy creating health for yourself.

You have to adopt the rebel mindset and do what works, making a personal commitment to fight for your own health and most importantly, take responsibility.

So this program is only for those of you who are really seeking a clear cut, step by step roadmap and support to reverse your disease or reboot your health.

I’ve created a membership program designed to hack failure by setting you up for success, using valid science to ensure compliance.

Accountability:  Research proves that social pressure elevates discipline.  We have certified coaches that will keep you on track via a phone app that we provide.

For us, status quo is not acceptable and we keep you focused.  We also have a private Facebook group for those serious about getting well and are determined to get there; a no BS support group only for those on the same path, which we use to continuously push each other forward.

Journal platform:  Where you’ll be able to log all your exercises, eating, symptoms, weight, and feelings to track your progress.

Alkaline Diet Plan:  Step by step, quick start guide that includes everything you need to get started, including your grocery shopping list, recipes, kitchen set up, gadgets, etc.

Once a week you’ll cook with me, from the comfort of my kitchen, some of my favorite recipes, and also learn cool finds, hacks, and ideas that you can implement in your own kitchen.

There will be monthly webinars with me in which we review specific issues you all are experiencing and specific recommendations.

Members receive 20% off of all supplements from our vendors that will be worth over $50 per month in value.

Your membership will also include specific exercise videos focused on improving posture, strength, flexibility, stability, balance, and tone, while decreasing pain, and increasing energy.

These exercises will be delivered to you in a specific sequence that will get you proven results.

You will receive all this for a limited time for $9.99/ month and after we have 200 active members we will increase the price to $14.99/month.

So I encourage you to sign up while you can.  This program will go live 1/1/2018.

Please sign up here today to secure your spot.

As always, I encourage you to share, subscribe, leave comments.  Talk soon.

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