The Roadmap Towards Optimal Health That You’ve Been Looking For

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Hi everyone, Dr. Connie here.

It’s mind boggling how fast paced our lives are today.  There’s so much happening in real time and so much is biding for our attention that it’s no wonder we’re so confused!

Studies show that there’s a tremendous amount of energy consumption when trying to understand something.

When our brains are confused, it loses interest and goes about repeating the habits that we’ve established, simply because that’s easier.

That’s why we have difficulties when it comes to changing our behavior.

I’m talking about gaining optimal health, and more specifically, healthy eating.  As you know, everyone who is someone is giving out health advice.

All the information out there has become so overwhelming that even I get frustrated and confused.

Research shows that we have a limit of 200 decisions we can make per day. After that, our brains shut off and our decision making becomes poor.

To be clear, a decision is everything from what to wear, shoes, jewelry, to what to eat for breakfast, lunch, snack, which route to take to work, to go workout or not, to pick up the phone or not, check social media or not, and then choosing which newsfeed to click on.

We haven’t even gotten to emails, and responding to or filing those emails.  Decision making goes on and on.

It’s likely that by about 12 noon each day, we’ve already reached max capacity for decisions made.

I have lots of patients complaining of lack of energy and brain fog.  I’m not sure anymore if this is due to digital dementia or unhealthy foods.

It’s likely both.

But the point is that too much information bombards us everyday, and when we have to navigate complex information, like health and nutrition, it’s easier to do nothing because we’ve become paralyzed by too much information.

So we’ve got the perfect solution that’ll provide you with a CLEAR roadmap to “destination health.”

For those of you who struggle with Lupus and want a clear cut solution on exactly how to reverse Lupus, for a limited time for just $9.99 per month, you can regain your health and life back. Click here to read more about our Reverse Lupus membership.

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So whatever your issues are, please join me in taking charge and gaining optimal health.

We don’t need another confusing program or a diet book. We need a clear and simple roadmap to regain our health.

It’s worked for thousands of my patients and myself, and it’ll work for you.

I sincerely hope you’ll join me in creating health.

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Hope to see you on the inside.

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