Safe Movement for Lupus Patients to Maintain Mobility

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Lupus Blog | 2 comments

For those of us with an autoimmune condition, we need to exercise safely as to not cause catabolism, or break down of muscles. 

When exercise intensity reaches a person’s threshold tolerance, the benefits diminish due to increased inflammation that can cause minor setbacks.

This was the case for me personally when going through a flare, or just before and after the flare.

The aches and pains are a normal part of living with an autoimmune condition, but this shouldn’t be the reason why you don’t move.

Movement Decreases Aches and Pains

Muscles are the largest organ in the body and we commonly take them for granted.  

When the body is inflamed, the muscles and joints tighten to guard themselves.  The best thing for this “tightened” state is to gently move the inflammatory chemicals out of those areas and allow the body to metabolize and detoxify.

Too often, due to pain, Lupus or other autoimmune patients are reluctant to move. But it’s particularly important to engage in safe movement especially during those times of pain.

Safe Movement is Anti-Inflammatory

If not used, our muscles can atrophy or shrink fast.  When our muscles are weak, they cannot effectively protect our joints from injury.  

Our bodies are designed to move so it’s best to keep moving your joints to retain muscle integrity, decrease inflammation, improve mobility, strength, and balance, and decrease pain.

So today I want you to join me for a safe movement therapy incorporating Yoga and Pilates. You’ll learn to “activate” your muscles and move in a safe way to help your body heal.

Click HERE to follow along with me. The movement section begins at 1:44.

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