Understanding Why You Have Autoimmunity Is the First Step in Shifting Towards Self Empowered Healer

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Today’s topic is super important, it’s all about transforming into a Self-Empowered Healer. I think it’s one that you and I, and everybody else in this world really needs to consider. Because the foundational identity that we all show up to life with, and how you hold yourself as that identity, is largely based on your past and conditioning.

Our Identity Dictates Our Outcome With Autoimmunity

For autoimmune patients, the identity that you hold largely dictates your reactiveness to your autoimmunity. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about the things that you “do” to heal when it comes to becoming a Self-Empowered Healer. Instead, it’s your inner identity that actually dictates and perpetuates your autoimmune cycle.

We should aim to become Self-Empowered Healers from the inside out, which is all ultimately what you want. This is because you don’t want a quick-fix bandaid approach to your autoimmunity. You and I both know, we need far more than just superficial approaches. 

The ebbs and flows of living with autoimmunity are real. Flares, life circumstances, and stress happens. We must address this at the foundational level. This means looking at the identity that we hold and considering where it’s coming from first, before tackling the superficial things.

My Victim Identity

I want you to always think about the yin to the yang. It’s the things that doctors don’t talk about.

It’s all the things that we tend to overlook in lieu of something that we can tangibly touch and feel. A lot of the time, the perpetuating factors are very much prevalent in our lives. And you and I are all navigating them every single day. 

For example, I was in a very toxic relationship; it was just one of those marriages. It wasn’t until I realized the identity that I was holding for myself was this victim mentality. I inherently just assumed that everybody should understand how I feel – that I am somehow handicapped because of my autoimmunity. 

Some of my thoughts included how I was more tired than most people, weaker, and incapable of doing certain things. I expected my family to understand me without expressing what I needed. I’ve never been sick in my life. It was an adjustment for me to realize “Oh my gosh! I have to live my life as a sick person”. I didn’t know what that looked like when I was younger; when I was diagnosed over 21 years ago. Now I have a solid understanding from the experience of the ups and downs and the ebbs and flows of living with autoimmunity. 

Becoming a Self Empowered Healer

I can speak to the experience in retrospect. When I really look at my cycles of life, the identity that I held was that of a victim: everybody should tailor to me, woe is me, I’m broken, etc. This identity I held was the very thing that was keeping me sick and stuck. It wasn’t until I lifted this identity that I was able to start healing.

I realize now I’m not a victim. Actually, I’m a Self-Empowered Healer, and I can heal myself. I thoroughly worked for the last decade of my life on reprogramming my identity in a way that allowed me to really step into my power, despite the fact that I don’t always know where things are going to go. There’s a lot of uncertainty in life. However, I’m able to better respond and meet my challenges with more wisdom. Also, I’m able to live from a place of empowerment rather than a place of brokenness and victimhood.

It’s Not About What You Do, It’s About Who You’re Being

If you don’t know what it’s like to be sick, it’s really hard for you to experience what that’s like. The defeats that you feel, the hopelessness, the fear, and the anxiety. With all the things that come up, your brain will go and dramatize all of the things and come up with the worst-case scenario. It kind of goes into this headspin and it’s like this hamster wheel that you can’t get off of.

I know this so well, and I used to think I was crazy. Actually, some doctors think we are crazy because of all the things we go through. 

Biochemically, all your thoughts create vibrational frequencies in the body to affect our neuroendocrinological system, which affects everything else physiologically. Everything is tangible.

Go and ask yourselves, how are you showing up? Who do you believe you are as a result of autoimmunity? Do you believe you’re a victim, who’s broken and sick? Is that the identity you hold every day?

Being sick, broken, and a victim, you’re not in a position of power to help yourself. You’re in a position of dependency, waiting for the savior. Waiting for the answers. Waiting for things to happen to you versus you making things happen. 

When you work from a place of power and empowerment, you start to be fully responsible and you stop leaking your power. With everything that happens in life, take it with a grain of salt knowing that you’ve got your own back. You don’t need anybody else. You take doctor’s opinions, experts’ opinions, all the things that you read and tailor them to whatever feels in alignment with you.

Transformation is Necessary for Healing

Your inner compass now becomes the driving force for everything that you do. Autoimmunity is typically known as intolerance to self. However, in our Autoimmune Health Transformation Program, I talk about how autoimmunity is an opportunity. It’s a catalyst for transformation. Think about how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. That transformative process allows a caterpillar that crawls to turn into a beautiful butterfly that flies and has beautiful wings. Now the butterfly has liberation to do whatever it wants. 

This transformation is absolutely available to you. I didn’t know it for a long time. Now, I no longer live in fear and I recognize the interpretation that is not true about myself. The interpretations I make about my life and my circumstances are something that I really need to recheck and reflect upon. 

Importance of Metabolizing Our Feelings

The assumptions and interpretations that I make are going to set the trajectory for how I react or respond. I talk and teach a lot about this to my autoimmune patients. This is so much more important than dictating to them what they need to “do”. I go beneath the surface to give them the navigation tools to better manage their minds, to connect their mind to their body, to feel intuitive, and to learn what feelings are. 

Learn to metabolize your feelings. Because our feelings are important because they drive the action we take. Therefore our feelings can serve us or harm us. We do this every single day. We’re constantly making choices and interpretations. It’s as simple as a snap of a finger to let go of the interpretations that are not serving you and make better interpretations that serve us in the direction that we want to go.

You Are a Self-Empowered Healer

I have been studying quantum physics, psychology, nutritional science, physical medicine, functional medicine, yoga, and energy medicine. Everything from the East to the West. And I’ve compiled my work to connect the dots between all these disciplines. Nobody does this. Everybody stays in their lane and they have blinders on. They only want to see what they want to see. 

I just want to open up the possibility that you are the only one who can heal yourself from the inside. You have self-empowered healing. Once this realization switch turns on, all the other things you deploy to help you, whether it be functional medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, holistic medicine, medications, will amplify your results. But unless that switches on, nothing you do superficially, no matter how good or sustainable it may be, it’ll only be marginalized. You’ll only get a partial impact.

The Realization of Your Capabilities

The real work is in you managing your mind to step into your power. Stop leaking your power and fully evolve into an identity that serves you. Because you, as the creator, get to create the life, health, and relationships you want.

Our relationship with ourselves dictates largely our relationship with our health, our finances, and other people. These three important things (health, wealth, relationships) are the driving factors in our human life. Life is short. I can’t believe 21 years have gone with me living in autoimmunity. Times were hard, but the experiences have allowed me to show up with you, to inspire, to motivate, and to help you to see the greater good. My work isn’t about fixing or reversing autoimmunity.

It’s about stopping the unnecessary suffering that we bring into this world. It’s about shifting the false sense of limiting beliefs that hold us stuck in limited identities of being broken, causing us to live in fear.

My mentor Jim Fortin says, “Fear is the idleness of will.” This is his favorite quote and I truly believe fear is a parasite to autoimmunity. I lived in fear for so long that I don’t want any one of you to subject yourself to living in fear.

It’s time for us to step into our power and recognize that we are the Self-Empowered Healers. That’s the ultimate goal. I want to give you the tools for life so that you can heal yourselves rather than being dependent on others, programs, supplements, or diets and waiting for the next best thing to help you. These things only heal you from the outside when really, healing is an inside job. Always remember that, and you can become a Self-Empowered Healer.

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