Self Love is Antidote to Self Loathing

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No matter where you are in your autoimmune journey, whether you’re super sick in super pain and going through a lot of things with organ issues, you can absolutely empower yourselves to heal yourself. In fact, that is the best way. Today I want to share with you that self love is the ultimate antidote to autoimmunity because we get so hung up on so many things that life has to throw.

One premise and one common thread that I see in all the patients with autoimmunity is that it’s a lack of self-worth. 

As a result of that, you disregard and neglect yourself. While you’re busy pleasing everybody else, you become last on the list of people you should prioritize. Until you no longer honor your feelings in lieu of somebody else because you think everybody else’s opinions, answers and judgements are more important than your own. 

The Number One Ingredient

In that cycle, we can’t help but to betray ourselves and to improve our lives by pleasing other people. Then as we live our lives that way (unknowingly), we develop shame and guilt around ourselves.

We perpetually disconnect from our true power and our authentic self that we forget how miraculously created we are, the connection that we have with our body, the power that we have to inherently heal; we forget our gifts to the world, our purpose by which we’re here.

Hence, autoimmunity allows us to look at those two things to really understand what our role is. In order for us to achieve anything, the number one ingredient is self love. 

How Do We Cultivate Self Love?

Self love is all about YOU. You can’t just say “I love myself” and be it.

Instead, you really have to look at your patterns and go into your beliefs about your identity. You also have to like looking at and tuning into the miserable cycles.

I know, you do something begrudgingly for somebody just because they asked, not knowing whether you can say yes or no. You have the right and the power to say yay or nay. Oftentimes we say yes, because we don’t want to have conflict. We don’t want to hurt other people.  Therefore, we put no boundaries around ourselves. 

There’s a lot of needs that we did not meet when we were little, those days when we were being brought up as little children.

Maybe you had abusive or neglectful parents who were emotionally immature. Parents who were unavailable or who just didn’t care. Whatever the case might be, it’s not our job to take responsibility for what they didn’t do for us.

What we can do is to just go with the result that we have today. Giving our power away to them because they made us this way is very disempowering. 

What Self Love Is All About

Hence, I want you to think about the meaning and purpose of what happened in the past. 

Self love is all about understanding that your life right here and now is not a result of anybody else’s.

We have to start looking at ourselves as the solution and answers from our questions within. We need to take full responsibility for why we are the way we are and why our lives look the way they do.

It really is the best thing if you have everything already planned out. But what are you going to do about it if you are neglected? 

What counts is what you do from here on out. 

Now, what you do is largely dependent. Oftentimes, based on the past patterns of what you’ve been exposed to, you can’t help but to bring that to the present. So you keep producing what you experienced, not knowing that that’s exactly what you’re manifesting. 

There’s a lot of meta context here for you to uncover, and that’s the work we do in the Alkaline Method Transformation for Autoimmunity. We are diving deeper into the issues of autoimmunity, not at the surface level of “you eat this”, “you take that”, “if you do this and you do anything I say, you’ll be good”.

No, it’s all about empowering YOU from within. It’s almost lighting up the internal guidance system that you’ve always had and you start to wake up to that.

The Four Elements of the Alkaline Method Transformation

1. Inner Awakening

Reflect upon yourself. Be aware of the fundamentals that really make up who you are. Know all the beliefs that you question and what our minds want to recreate and reprogram. Being who you want to be today is all that’s about. However, you have to do the internal work of where you come from.

Why do you do the things that you do? Why do you believe in the things that you believe in? Those are things that you want to question and not blindly take it for what it is. It is possible that you’re here right now because you’re not satisfied; we have autoimmunity and something’s dysfunctional so we have to get to the bottom of it, rather than looking for experts to solve our problems. If you pay attention to what they’re doing, you can see that they try to do things for good outcomes. But it’s not the true solution because it’s still addressing the symptoms of the problem. It can only be marginally better, but not deeply better since we’re not addressing the foundation.

You are the driving force of this. So, unless you take full responsibility for your life and for yourself and cultivate self love, nothing matters.

2. Outer Manifestation

You have to understand whatever you’re thinking and feeling because that’s what you’re manifesting in your life. For example, if you keep worrying about the worst case possible scenario, it will happen because it manifested in your life. On the other hand, think about the best case scenario, then guess what you’re going to manifest; that’s what you’re going to get.

What you think about is what you’re creating in your life. That’s why you’re such a powerful creator of your own life. The thing that we do within the program is to really teach you how to navigate your powers so that you can step into them again. Also, we aim to make you feel empowered and to heal as opposed to being disempowered. 

3. Modern Medicine

We hear so much about “the research of this and that”, “this and that kind of diet” — they do not matter, unless it works for you. What matters is how much you embrace it and feel good about it, because our duty in life is to feel joy, happiness, and do those restrictive things that your doctors recommend. That’s proven to work for autoimmunity  — you blindly follow, not really having your heart in it.

Then, you dread and get scared of the foods because you really want to defend your limitations by saying “I am dairy free”, “I’m vegan”, “I must be this or that”. You eventually start to judge other people. There’s a lot of polarizing ideas, concepts and beliefs around food. But food is so much more than just carbohydrates. It’s more than protein and fats; it’s more than macronutrients and micronutrients.

When you feel like you are in the moment and you really tap into your inner guidance system to understand what your body needs, tune into the only body and only home you’ll ever own wholeheartedly. That’s what we do through the three pillars of the modern medicine element of the Alkaline Methodology, which is the third element. It includes your stress and how it affects your physiology. Also, your gut and how in return affects and drives up the immune response to affect your physiology. I do it in a simplified manner so that you know the workings of your body and your mind.

4. Ancient Wisdom

The Meaning of YOGA

Y stands for Your, O stands for Opportunity, G stands for Growth, and A stands for Awareness. Yoga serves as a sanctuary. How you show up on the mat is really exemplary to how you show up in life. With that, I want you to be really truthful with yourself. Yoga also serves as sort of a mirror to your life in terms of connecting the mind, body through the breath. It doesn’t have to be hard through difficult poses where you have to be bendy and flexy. You can be yourself on the yoga mat. We teach a different form of yoga when it gets difficult. How you respond when it gets easy gives us a rehearsal for life and how we tune in and subconsciously without really intending to do so. It has an overflow effect into all other aspects of your life. That’s why I love yoga as a part of the Alkaline Methodology. 

How Helpful Meditation Is

Without silencing your mind chatter, you won’t really know what your inner guidance system is telling you. So I teach you how to set up the navigation system from within to be receptive to your mind and with your soul.

I believe that there is a specific way to be whole again, on the inside. 

Hence, we have to show up and meditate and quiet our minds. It’s a practice that we cultivate together to ultimately bring you back to self love.

Focus On Your Energy

Energy is shock rides, meridians, and the traditional Chinese medicine and Chakra within the yoga realm of understanding. While all of these are different words, they all have the same context for most of the religious and spiritual teachings.

We focus on our energy in order to understand how it is driven in the body because the two most common things that autoimmune patients complain about is pain and fatigue. They’ll wonder if we’re exhausted being ourselves. So part of us, the old self needs to learn to die in order for the new self to be reborn. 

The Process of Transformation

Change is hard. You’re going to need somebody like me, who’s been down the path to expect all the things and all the obstacles along your path so you can have a very clear understanding.

I really want to focus on understanding your CVF. Your Clarity, Vision, and Focus for your life and your health. Without that, the navigation system will put thoughts in your mind such as “you’ll never get there”. 

But again, the focus of today is all about cultivating self love. 

Win The War

Where in your life today are you making decisions void of self love? 

Chances are you’re doing that all day long in the foods that you consume and put into your body, the thoughts that you think over and over again, not recognizing the relationships that you have, especially the toxic ones — is what I’m talking about. 

The fast foods and bad foods that you put into your mouth; that’s out of succumbing to your desires, your cravings, which only means that the love is not there for you. I unveil all these things so that you can be fully responsible for your health.

It is super important for you to turn this autoimmunity around because autoimmunity will bite you in the back if you let it.

I want you to win the war.

Winning the war means you have to be really focused on what your body needs because that brings you back to self love. 

How you do that is a process. It’s a journey. It’s a choice that you make.

What’s Your Choice?

Make that choice today because your health and your life really counts on it!

Remember, it’s an investment that you can be making for yourself. It changes everything. 

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I only want committed, serious and focused individuals who are wanting so much more out of life than what they’re getting right now. So if you’re into that, go ahead and find me over there and I’ll see you there soon. Bye for now!

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