Shift From Sickness to Health

 The cycle of sickness can keep us stuck in our ways. Stop the cycle of sickness, pain, and suffering for good, and start shifting towards optimal health.


Attachment To Pain And Suffering Is What Keeps You Sick And Scared

Fear is the ultimate parasite when it comes to creating health and longevity. And it’s really what causes autoimmune conditions to worsen. But did you know that you may be subconsciously attached to pain and suffering so much so that you are completely blinded by your tendencies? It’s time to reveal your attachments so that you can finally detach and free yourself from unnecessary pain and suffering once and for all.

Length: 15 minutes

Habit Of Being Your Sick Self Is The Root Cause of Your Autoimmunity

The very thing that keeps you stuck in the cycle of pain and suffering is so blinding to you that you keep perpetuating what you don’t see. The Alkaline Method™ allows you to explore the hidden habits that you are attached to so that you become aware of your tendencies and can begin to move towards your personal healing journey.

Length: 17 minutes

Why You Are Slowly Dying

Your autoimmunity was likely triggered when you were very young. In fact, you can probably think back to a pivotal time in your life where you experienced trauma. For as long as you can remember, that’s really the day when your symptoms began. Unless you get to the core reason, you’ll never be fully healed.

Length: 21 minutes

Hindsight 2020

The year 2020 threw a curveball for many of us. Despite what happened, we can totally pivot in the direction that we want to go to create the life and health that we want. The biggest takeaway for me that I want to share with you is that the best relationship you can have and cultivate is with yourself. I want you to work on cultivating self-love, self-regard, and self-acceptance. 

Length: 11 minutes

Placebo Effect For Autoimmunity

The mind can have a powerful influence on the body. If we can create a placebo effect, we can amplify it to really give our minds the credit that they deserve. So, that means you and I, as we go through and live our lives, can trick our minds into believing that something that we’re doing can create this sort of healing effect in our body.

Length: 13 minutes

Your Commitment to Your Blueprint for Success

The more we let ourselves down, the more we cut away at our self-confidence.  When our confidence in ourselves diminishes, it’s hard to accomplish anything. Reflect on your tendencies and commit to your goals.  Because whether you’re committed to your wellness or illness, you’re committed to something.  So which is it? 

Length: 10 minutes

Creating New Habits

Everything we do, everything we have, and everything that we are is a result of habit.  Habit is a powerful force in each of our lives that we need to uncover in order to make worthwhile transformations or changes in our lives. It’s important to remember that you are not your habits.  Habits are something that we have complete control over.

Length: 22 minutes

Create Neutrality: Reset Your Body From Sickness to Health

The neutral zone is where we reset our body and mind to be in alignment with the results we seek. Learn to how you can set yourself up for long term success in health and life.

Length: 50 minutes

Transforming Your Health Requires an Inside-Out Approach

Many of us think of health as an afterthought. Health is a natural state of being for most of us.  We bring attention to our health only when it creates an inconvenience in our lives. This means that our natural state of being is in health.  But too many of today live sub-optimally and marginally and have adapted to the new normal. 

Length: 23 minutes

Uncovering Your ANTs – Automatic Negative Thoughts

Research has shown that the reptilian brain (primal brain) likes predictability. It is invested in knowing and certainty. Doing nothing rewards our brain by preventing it from the anxiety of making a choice. Even if it’s not producing favorable results, it provides you with short-term relief, even if you forgo the long-term gain. This is the peril of our tendencies.

Length: 1 hour 15 minutes

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