Shifting from Sickness to Health Requires You to Reveal your Values

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Hi everyone! Today we will be talking about how the results in your life and health are a direct reflection of the values you hold. The values you hold in your life are likely not your own. They were learned and indoctrinated in you by your environment.

Your Values

We hold a challenge from weeks ago. What we found collectively was that the “values” that they say they hold, their health is not necessarily the case when you really get down to understanding what values are.

Values are a person’s principles or standards of behavior. One’s judgment of what’s important in life. And I get this because I lived from this place for so long. I would tell everybody that I value my health, but my behaviors and whatever I did in my life, didn’t reflect that I put health as my top priority. There’s an inherent bias within every one of us to expect our bodies to behave and be healthy. It’s like we have this default setting to take a back seat and expect it to take care of itself.

So today, our topic is about shifting from sickness to health and how that requires you revealing your own hidden values. What values are you operating from?

The Underlying Root of Human Suffering

As an entrepreneur, I have a lot of coaches that I work with within masterminds and different programs to learn how to better manage my business. One of the topics that were asked was what are my values. And on those work that I do, it really hits home. As you guys know, in my Alkaline Method™, we have the four essential elements to the puzzle pieces, the fragmented puzzle pieces to make you cool.

I have a lot of courses and I have many different mentors in my life, both in business and in health, as well as a practitioner. I can tell you three central things. It all has the same denominator, which is, our relationship with ourselves largely determines our relationship with our health. Our relationship with ourselves determines our relationship with our business or our wealth, as well as our relationship with other people.

These matter because this is the underlying root of all human suffering to create a trigger in our lives emotionally and mentally, to make choices in our lives, perpetual aiding, sometimes things that perpetuate our sickness. And in fact, this is exactly the reason why we are where we are. We are our thoughts, which then trigger feelings, feelings, then drive our behaviors or some choices that we make in our lives to create the result in our lives.

Determining What to Value

As we talk about the values, my mentor asked me in my business when I was struggling many, many years ago. He said, “what are some of your values?” And you know what, money wasn’t in one of my values. I say that my business is important that I needed to value my money, but I didn’t value it. Money didn’t really live as a standard by which why I did things.

My relationship with my money was so poor because growing up as an immigrant, I was always ingrained by my parents. How money is hard to come by. Money is evil. Money is something that makes you greedy and money is something that you don’t want. It’s almost like a negative to say you want money.

But as a business owner, I found that if I don’t have money, I can’t pay my employees. If I don’t have money, then I can’t take care of my kids. If I don’t have money, I can’t pay for my healthcare. So all these things came to surface to recognize, “if I don’t value the money, how do I expect to succeed in my business?”

Knowing the Right Reason

Same thing was true in my health. I said, I valued health in my life. My behaviors and everything did line up with me, valuing my health, but it was all for the wrong reasons. I truly didn’t value my own health in the name of health. I would cook stuff for other people in my family. But when it came down to cooking for myself, I couldn’t. I didn’t realize that I sacrificed my own health for other people.

It came full circle. When I was lying in my hospital, I came to realize, if I don’t value my own health, it’s going to negatively impact my kids. I do not want them to live a life without their healthy mother. So, I had to make a choice and really start to value myself. It’s only when I valued myself enough to recognize, then I can extend the valuing of health for my own benefit, with no guilt or shame around that.

Prioritizing Yourself Is, and Will Never Be A Bad Thing

I’ve had many calls this week with many of you and many of you get stuck on the cost. But, it’s all about why you can’t.

The main theme comes down to the lack of self-worth that we hold for each other or with ourselves so much so that we shy away from doing the things that’s going to take us to another level.

Even if we know that, we also what it requires. We’re not willing to invest in the time and the money for ourselves, because we think other people needed a lot more. Especially if you’re a mom, if you’re a wife, there’s a lot of guilt and shame around asking for money, especially if you are not working or you’re not the breadwinner.

They’d much rather get their nails done week by week, month by month, but they wouldn’t pay for things that would really help them to really feel better and reverse their symptoms. This is something that I want to kind of bring to your awareness, because this is a blind side to many of us, right The results in your life and health are a direct reflection of the values that you actually hold in your life.

It Should Start Within You

Sometimes, the values you hold in your life are likely not your own. They were learned and indoctrinated by your environment, caretakers and maybe formed you from an early age. It’s time to learn how you can reveal your current adopted values so that you can find out your true core values to shift from sickness to health once and for all.

The way I define autoimmunity in my program is that autoimmunity is an intolerance to our own selves. It’s like your body’s been sending you signals, and it’s been screaming at you through the symptoms, but you know what we do when things go wrong, it’s as if we have no responsibility over that. And we go to the doctor, take care of this what’s happening. When the only person who has full command and control over your own faculties is yourself is your central nervous system.

The Control is in YOU

If you truly understood neuroscience, psychology and how your physiology works in your body to create the thoughts and the feelings, and the choices that you make through the behaviors and the results that you create. Our thoughts and our feelings really can create a physiological effect in our body, sick or health. That control is within all of us. It doesn’t make sense to me that we go to the doctors when things go wrong on the inside, expecting them to figure it out.

Many of you walk around super frustrated because there are specialists after specialists. They can’t figure out exactly what’s wrong with you. And exactly what happens is they wait until things get so bad that it comes up on your serology, which is your testing. That’s why I need you to really look at your tendencies to deny your body because of what your beliefs are, your underlying beliefs and the values that you hold, or the lack there of is really at the root cause of your auto-immunity.

Accept Yourself For Who You Are

I mentioned this before and I will say it again. Self betrayal is a thing. When we’re self betraying, we don’t love and accept ourselves for who we are. We’re betraying ourselves in all kinds of ways, both big and small, doing things in advertently to hurt ourselves — sometimes consciously, sometimes subconsciously.

I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that there are many women like that because they feel so bad about themselves and their confidence is wavering all the time that they punish themselves. As a weight loss expert, being a registered dietician in the medical nutrition therapy community, I learned that a lot of women, whether it be anorexia, bulimia or overeating or overindulging, whatever you want to call it, it’s highly psychological. There is a self punishing aspect to dieting and holding yourself to a standard that the world set for you for us to look a certain way, to be a certain way as a mom, as a woman, a certain size, the numbers, the scale, or your clothing size, or your pants size shoe size, or whatever you want to call it.

It’s like there is a portrayal for us to be a certain way. And if we don’t measure up to that external ruler, then it’s almost like we don’t recognize that we have the wrong ruler by which we measure our self-worth.

Saving You From Self-Betrayal

The truth is that every single one of you is a hundred and hundred and 10%, 200% worthy of love, and you are completely lovable and you’re unique and you’re special. It doesn’t matter how you feel. You subject yourself to the feelings and your feelings will deny you. And your feelings will take you further down this self-betrayal. which is what I want to save you from through the use of our Alkaline Method with its four respective pillars.

Today we’re really talking about the core values. It’s really the subconscious values that you hold your self to be that you live your life, playing out the results in your life. And the evidence is real.

The Value You Must Hold

The value that you hold for your own self in the Inner Awakening element of the Alkaline Method. It’s really the third pillar in the first element of the Alkaline Method that we must shift from adapted values by which we live our lives to really the core values that we want to value.

We have to have a north star — a clear vision for how we want to live our lives. What does health look like for us? So, I really want you to get deeper with yourself and get real with yourselves. I want you to look in the mirror and ask hard questions to bring up your self-worth. Because if I know anything about each and every one of you is that you lack self worth. You always wait to be chosen. You don’t choose yourselves. That lack is so pervasive in all things that you do, that if you’re completely blindsided by it, you’re no longer the martyr of your life.

Long ago, I’ve had to learn the hard way. If my kids didn’t have a healthy mind, and if I couldn’t be a healthy mom for them, It’s because of me. So to avoid that, it required me to relook and shift my mindset, my subconscious values. I lived from self-loathing and ill confidence, and always not measuring up, always, never feeling good enough.

The Victim Mindset and the Rebel Mindset

I had a tendency to physiologically tannish myself, and that no longer holds true for me. I have to make a really conscious decision every single day to shift my priorities, to make sure that I make my priorities and I live by my values. But you know, nobody really teaches us how to look at what your values are. Where are you living from. Who are you being every single day. Are you a victim or are you a rebel?

You can be victim, living a life of a victim, by letting life happen to you. Or you can choose to be responsible rebel to know exactly what you want to create and get busy doing that for yourself. Life is measured. We all are going to transition, meaning there’s going to be a time where we all leave this earth. And this vessel, this physicality that we own will no longer be in our possession. We’re all going to go in that same direction.

Live your life to the fullest. You’re worth it. You’re worth everything. Stop being a martyr. Stop sacrificing yourself for other people. Don’t be a people pleaser anymore! Learn to know who you are on the deep inside, and that’s at the root of your autoimmunity.

Once you find your core, you can truly heal from the inside out. You’ll be healed mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, to where you are being every day. Life with a vision by which you live your life. (The second element, Outer Manifestation.)

The State of Wellbeing

Your values become super focused and clear so that when you apply the third element of the Alkaline Method which is the Modern Medicine. Functional medicine, nutrition, whatever the supplements, when you apply that it becomes icing on the cake, then you molecularly change for the better, towards direction of healing to ultimately applying the fourth element of the Alkaline Method, which is Ancient Wisdom. We never defy mother nature. We abide by the natural laws. And by default, the natural law.

The way you were made is that you’re one of a kind, you’re a hundred percent lovable and you’re so worthy. You’re so unique. You’re so special. But most importantly, in a default state timeless wisdom, peace element of the Alkaline Method is for you to know that by default, your body strives to be in a state of wellbeing.

The Purpose of Alkaline Method

If you are sick with auto-immunity, you’ve crossed the line, you’ve crossed the threshold, you stopped living your life and you stop listening to your own body. It’s almost like that self betrayals, self-loathing. Then, when something breaks loose, what do we is we go run to the doctor to figure that out, but it’s wrong. That’s really the secret to our work in the Alkaline Method for Autoimmunity and all the services that I offer.

The deep purpose for why I do what I do is I want to end all unnecessary, unconscious autoimmune sufferer mindset of the patients, because we live so much of it in our victimhood.

My goal is to get you out of that shift your mind and out of that victim state towards a healthier state so that you can take full responsibility and fully realize the fact that healing is an inside job, and that you are your own self-empowered healer.

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