What are the Stages of Lupus?

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I’ve been blogging weekly for 19 months now and have learned a few things about most of you.

There are many of you who live to understand the disease, but are in fear of what the consequences may mean.

Too many of us fall prey to living in FEAR of how Lupus will affect our lives.

When I was first diagnosed, I was confused, frustrated, scared, and depressed.  My life took a drastic turn from perfectly planned and in control to chaos, unpredictability and disability.

No one could have prepared me for such an emotional roller coaster.

For me after the first ride, I realized I was in full control over how I would feel going forward.

So rather than being prey to Lupus, I decided I would dictate how my ride would go.

Stages of Lupus

It’s important to recognize different stages of Lupus to determine what the best holistic treatment options may be for you.

There are four main stages.

Stage I

“I may have Lupus.”

You have various symptoms that you are struggling with and are going from doctor to doctor to figure out what’s causing them.

You know you’re not well, but no one seems to have the answers.

Stage II

“I just got diagnosed with Lupus.”

After months or years of struggling with symptoms, you just found out that you have Lupus.

Stage III

“I am going through an active flare.”

This can be a scary time. The symptoms can range from high protein in urine, pain all over, rashes, to hair loss.

State IV

“I’ve lived with Lupus for a while and am looking for ways to maintain my condition.”

We have different needs at different stages with Lupus.

However, we at Lupus Rebel believe we should always be doing our part to heal our body.

We’ve created many resources for you over the years, but we’ve put together a Lupus Rebel Healing Bootcamp to better serve your needs.

So depending on where you are in your Lupus journey, please sign up for the Lupus Rebel Healing Bootcamp appropriate for your stage.

Click here to sign up.

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