Should You Really Be Taking Statins?

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Pain and Statins

I have lots of patients coming to see me to relieve muscle and joint pain.  While in some cases it can be an isolated “structural” issue where the bone to bone alignment may be off or simply dealing with a concrete issue such as a herniated disc in the Lumbar Spine.  Many times, the pain takes a systematic presentation.

What I mean by that is that the pain is more “diffused” to all over the body similar to “FIBROMYALGIA”.

Truth about Statins

Statins are presumably the most profitable medications produced by the Big Pharma Cartel. A report from the National Center for Health Statistics claims that 50% of men age 65-74, and nearly 40% of women over the age of 75 take a statin medication. A 2011 study found over 32 million Americans were taking a statin drug. If that many people are prescribed a drug, one would assume that the drug is effective at treating or preventing something.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 50% of men age 65-74, and nearly 40% of women over the age of 75 take statin medications.

According to another study in 2011, an estimated 32 million Americans were taking a statin drug. With so many people prescribed this drug, you would think it’s results are beneficial.

So how effective are Statins?

Not effective at all!

The statin medications fail to prevent calcification of the artery (atherosclerosis) in 99% of patents that are taking them.

Objective medical measure to measure its effectiveness is by assessing how much calcium is deposited in the coronary arteries.

Such test is typically done with a computerized tomography (CT) scan as its the gold standard in detecting atherosclerosis before symptoms manifest. (1)

According to the Cleveland Clinic, higher the coronary artery calcium score, the more at risk the patient has for heart attack.

In a recent 5 year study reported by the American College of Cardiology (2), subjects who took statins for 5 years had a 2 fold increase in coronary artery calcification progression as compared to those who took a placebo drug.  

Statins worsened progression of plaque in the arteries.

You may wonder, but aren’t statins prescribed to lower one’s risk of heart attack?  This is precisely why I’ve been touting that we have a BROKEN medical system.

Statin drugs are failing to prevent heart attacks and have minimal benefit while the side effects are insurmountable.  Yet, they are being prescribed like candy in this country.

My patients get berated by their doctor if they question their statin therapy.  What the doctors say was supposed to be the right thing?  WRONG.

If statins do anything, they lower risk in approximately 1% of individuals who take them.  It’s just not justified in mass prescribing this toxic medication that can lead to a severe secondary condition.

Side Effects of Statins

Side effects of Statins include muscle aches, pains, neuropathy, and even cancer.  Not only that, there’s a cost issue, it’s expensive!

Remember I talked about the BROKEN MEDICAL SYSTEM?

Even though statins are not the primary medications for Lupus or any Autoimmune condition, it does make a point.

It’s a perfect example of a medication that is bankrupting our medical care.  There is a countless number of medications that have the similar effect of the statins.

Always question the medications and understand that it’s not a long term solution to the problem.

That’s why I advocate short term supplementation with herbals and supplements to help your body improve Cholesterol, prevent Diabetes, decrease pain, and improve energy to mention a few that can be accomplished.

But the most important is your lifestyle.  Think of what you do every day that can have an impact on your health?

It starts with your food, daily exercise, stress, and getting enough sleep.  We have all the answers but it’s human to make things more complicated than simple.  We’ve got to get back to simple, healthy life because it’s so easy.

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