Stop Ignoring Your Body’s Sick Signals

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I’m a busy woman and I’m constantly on the go in order to feel as productive as possible every minute of every day. But lately I’ve been feeling zapped of energy and I’ve lost my enthusiasm.  

Over the weekend, I came down with chills and a fever.

I didn’t think I was sleep deprived but I guess I was because I slept over 20 hours in a 48 hour period!

It was all I could do, but it felt so good to be able to sleep.

I was running a fever so I worried that it would get worse before it got better, but by the second day, I was feeling significantly better.

Being Sick was an Excuse for Me

We’re in Georgia and it’s been rainy and gloomy over here for some time.  This past weekend though, it was bright and sunny.

But here I was so sick and tired in bed sleeping instead of enjoying the day outside.

The truth is that this has happened many times before.  Everyone else is enjoying the sunny bright weather, living their lives while I’m sick in bed.

But this past weekend, I got some much needed rest so I enjoyed being able to sleep. 

However, if I had been healthy, I would not have allowed myself to lay in bed all day. I would have created an impossible to do list I couldn’t complete.  

So to have the excuse to sleep was well needed.  

Listen to Your Body’s Signals

I realized I needed to be sick in order to let myself feel Iike I could rest.  So was this my body’s way of helping me see that I needed a break?  

Many times we ignore the subtle messages that our bodies send us to let us know something is wrong. I know I do this, many times thinking I can toughen up and make myself stronger.

I realized over the weekend that I want to be nicer to myself.

I’m going to make a conscious effort to take time for self care and not feel guilty about it.

Be Grateful for the Present

One of my favorite teachers, Wayne Dyer, reminds me that the past has already happened and the future is promised to no one, so all we have is here and now.  

I don’t know about you but I forget this crucial nugget for living my life to the fullest. 

So many of us live our lives in the past, not realizing that we’re creating more of the same.

When I was diagnosed with Lupus 20 years ago, I thought that I would be broken forever.  Four flare ups and many health scares later, I know my body is  resilient.  

So when I’m healthy, I take my health for granted. Only when I’m sick is when I realize what a blessing being healthy is.

So if you are enjoying your health today, be grateful today and enjoy the here and now.

If you’re going through a flare, trust in your body’s resiliency.  

What’s Keeping You Stuck in the Sick Cycle?

We are all healthy until we are not.  We have one thing in common: we have Lupus to remind us to be grateful for our health.  

If you’re stuck recreating your past and don’t feel like you can rise above and create the life you want, we can help.

Our Lupus Health Revolution program aims to help you uncover the subconscious thoughts and/or feelings you have that are causing you to create more of the same.

The results in your life are always validation of your thoughts, so if you don’t like your results, we need to work on changing your thoughts.

We only open enrollment for Lupus Health Revolution twice a year and it is currently closed.

However you can sign up to be on our waitlist where you’ll receive information on this program as well as early enrollment access.

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Thank you so much for listening and I hope this message resonated with you.

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Talk to you soon.

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