Stress + Gut Dysfunction, and How They Relate to Autoimmunity

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Hey everybody. This is Dr. Connie. Today, I want to introduce and invite you to join me in the Alkaline Method™ for Autoimmunity Healing Circle. And also, if you have not done so already, you know how grateful I would be if you subscribe to our YouTube channel, Dr. Connie Jeon and Mind Your Health Podcast, on Spotify and iTunes.

The Alkaline Method™ for Autoimmunity Healing Circle

The other thing that I want to talk to you about is that we have the Alkaline Method™ Empowered Healing Circle. It’s a program that I created. It’s a membership where I provide you with all the things you need to equip your mind and body to heal from the inside out from autoimmunity truly. There is no program like it out there. Most of the programs focus on a particular way of eating, recommending supplements, and all those things.

But I know firsthand in living with my autoimmunity, specifically lupus, that was intractable at times, like impossible to deal with as far as the symptoms. So I know that it takes a lot more than medication, supplements, and dietary changes. It requires you to go deeper.

What’s inside the Cirle

The Alkaline Method™ Empowered Healing Circle is a membership-based program. See how you enjoy that program because we provide you with it three times a week. You get to join me for meditation and healing yoga to address all types of needs that you might have and improve your flexibility and strength, both physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s the only program in its field to tie and integrate all aspects of healing for you. So, today I want to talk to you about and break down the stress gut dysfunction, and autoimmunity.

Because at the end of the day, autoimmunity is the result. Yet, most of us focus on this outcome versus addressing the root cause. Today, I want to help you to understand the culprit of autoimmunity, and you’ll learn how we’ve been harboring immunity for years before it manifests as a full-blown disease in the conventional medical model. We’ve all heard that stress is the culprit to many of our diseases.

Results of Stress

How is this related to autoimmunity? We care to the extent that we can understand the relevant. So let me explain stress can be many different things. We live in a stressful world right now with so much fear and confusion regarding the current pandemic. It can be bullying, both big and small. It can be a petty fight with a boyfriend, verbal or physical abuse, divorce, sickness, move, life is full of stresses. But rather than learning to embrace such stressors, some of us resist, react, and distract ourselves with behaviors that don’t help our bodies.
It was ultimately leading to something like autoimmunity.

So stress over time can become very toxic. When stress becomes overwhelming, it affects our gut lining. How is that? You might ask when we are under stress. We have our hormones that become disruptive, including our hypothalamus in our brain pituitary and our adrenal glands that can essentially alter all the hormones in the body, including our cortisol, sex hormones, and even thyroid.

Consequences of Stress

But often, the medical system may address the symptoms rather than get to the root cause. When we address the symptoms only, we tend to perpetuate the underlying issue that triggers our immune response. So stress affects the permeability of our gut lining. We know this through the vagal nerve. The sympathetic autonomic nervous system. That’s divided into sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. And many of you have heard of the popular term leaky gut or gut permeability. And this is how that’s linked.

This is why many autoimmune patients have food sensitivities and are scared to eat, and have gut issues, including SIBO. Most holistic and functional medicine or even nutritionists will tell you to take away the food. But state the food sensitivity tests, where you’re down to like five foods you can eat. I’ve been there for many, many years. It doesn’t work. The whole goal is to be able to fix yourself and enjoy all things life has to offer, including all the foods you want to eat. When gut permeability increases, we tend to have an overabundant amount of toxins entering our bodies. And this is typical, it builds over time, and it can create a backup of toxins that our immune system cannot clear out. Then it becomes a problem.

Imagine it’s much like the plumbing system in your home. When we have a backup of plumbing, we have problems on our hands. You and I both know this is when the toilets won’t flush. As a result, we may have smells and mess, like the symptoms in our bodies, that get our attention.

When we have toxins coming in at an alarming rate, our immune defense begins to lose its battle. It gets weaker and weaker and weaker. Our immune system is good at clearing all the debris from our immune response. Still, when we’re not adequately clear the immune complexes from our body, our immune system begins to mistake our tissue as toxins and turns against us. Hence the term autoimmunity destroys our cells. I often say that autoimmunity is an intolerance to ourselves. And in essence, it is why, because many of us live with the belief that we’re not good enough.

You are Self Empowered Healer

Self-worth struggles are so much to a point where we create chronic stress in our bodies. How is that? When we don’t feel good about ourselves, we habitually think negative thoughts, which create negative feelings, which drive negative behaviors to create unwanted results. And unless we fix the source of our stress, we can never fully heal. So when patients ask how to reverse our autoimmunity, I usually say that we must be self-empowered to heal, which is why I created the Alkaline Method™ for Autoimmunity.

There’s nobody else that can heal for you. It’s your body to elicit that healing ability. It’s the methodology and framework that I created to take you on a self-empowered healing journey. And it requires your inner awakening, outer manifestation, modern medicine, and ancient wisdom yin to the yang package.

Then the step-by-step process takes you on your self healing journey. That’s what it entails. So next time you struggle with symptoms of autoimmunity, or you’ve just received diagnose. Please understand that autoimmunity is a catalyst for the ultimate healing transformation. It’s an opportunity. We can always turn our obstacles into opportunities. And that’s the perspective shift that’s required for you to heal from not only from autoimmunity but a host of other diseases as well. It’s a methodology inspired by my vision to end all unnecessary suffering in the world and change our healthcare for the new generation.

Join Us

Are you interested in working with me? As I mentioned at the beginning of our blog, you can work with me through our Alkaline Method™ for Autoimmunity Healing Circle. And I want to take the time to tell you to thank you so much for reading my blog. I can’t tell you how much I am grateful for our community and all the people in it who have self-empowered capabilities and are committed to their healing.

You can subscribe to my podcast, on iTunes and Spotify, share my podcast. So it’s a good message to spread the goodness and find me at Dr. Connie Jeon on Instagram dropped by direct message me to say hello, and I hope to see you soon. Thank you so much.

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